Siege in Fog (Color of Night)

Author: Fei Wo Cun Si

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Translated by Tranzgeek

Synopsis: The third son of a powerful and affluent family, Yi Lian Kai insisted on marrying Qin Sang the moment he set his eyes on her and tried ways and means to make her his wife. Much to Qin Sang’s displeased, even though she already had someone she likes (Li Wang Ping), she unwillingly agreed to the marriage without love. Yi Lian Kai is a well known player with dreadful temper and always seems to not take things seriously which lead to a bad impression for Qin Sang.

Hence Qin Sang remains nonchalant towards Yi Lian Kai and detested him no matter how much he love her which lead to some misunderstanding. Two years later, Li Wang Ping reappeared with a new identity as Pan Jian Chi and became the new assistant to Yi Lian Kai much to Qin Sang’s shock. During a time of war and chaos, Qin Sang goes through ups and downs with Yi Lian Kai and came to realize another side of him which she never know exists. Will Qin Sang ever comprehend who her true love is and will it be too late by the time she realize it?

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Additional Comments: The book’s main focal point is ‘Encounter’

Note: We do not update the table of contents every time we post a chapter. Also, chapters are split based on story arcs.


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Special “It Seems That The Past Has Caused Us To Misunderstand Each Other”