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Overturning the World Chapters 1-2

We meet the 2nd Qing Shi today! (If anyone is confused please comment, and another reader who understands or I will reply!)

Yun Cheng holds so many secrets and so much experience behind his weary and somewhat-old vise. There’s so much to understand about the situation, and everything begins now! 🙂

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Short Stories

Overturning the World Prologue

We come to the start of our next story that was unlocked via the volare event! I love the author’s prose and extent of emotion in this story. The way she unlocks sweet things within the angst just makes everything feel more real.

Anyways, this is just an insight into how the story will progress. If you died when you read Daybreak, it would probably be best…to prepare more tissues. ❤

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Volarenovels Event Unlocked Short Story #2! | Overturning the World

Aiyaa it’s not like I’m trying to overwhelm my precious readers with so much angst ;~; I’m sad too okay? 😛

This is the second story that was unlocked from the Volarenovels Special Event! There is one remaining Jiu Lu Fei Xiang short story that has yet to be unlocked, and there are three stories from another short story collection that you can also unlock in the future! You can check out the synoposises under the Short Stories tab, or under the “Romance is in the Air Short Story Collection” page.

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Short Stories

Daybreak Chapter 9

Prepare your hearts my readers! No matter how you think it’ll end, it’s best to be prepared either way ❤

My next short story from the volare event will be releasing tomorrow! Please look forward to it! 🙂 Here’s the introduction to that story~ Overturning the World will also be an ancient story! Please support! 🙂

Also please be looking out for the next meraki event where you’ll be able to unlock more short stories ❤ And join us on discord, for further announcements and so that you’ll be able to talk more with me and some of the other translators! We’d love to get to know you.

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Daybreak Chapters 7-8

For the first time, Yu Yao realizes just how much Tian Xiao loves her, and for the first time, their relationship meets separation, something that will forever change both of them as they continue to grow without each other.

Look forward to the finale tomorrow! 🙂

And of course, join us on discord 😛

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Short Stories

Daybreak Chapters 5 and 6

I think someone’s heart is melting… huehue ❤ Tian Xiao is such a child. It’s almost funny to think about an adult seeing the world for the first time, and Tian Xiao really doesn’t disappoint because of his initial innocence and the different hardships he’s also been exposed to from an extremely young age. Please enjoy! ;3

Join us on discorddddd ❤

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Short Stories

Daybreak Chapters 1-2

Hey guys, new short story unlocked from the volarenovels event! Congratulations to everyone who participated. To recap, you guys unlocked two short stories in total, and the chapters from this short story will be released part by part until the end! Then, I’ll release your next short story!

Join us on discord to fangirl about this short story! And don’t forget to look out for more events that will unlock MOAR short stories just like this! 🙂

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Volarenovels Event Unlocked Short Story #1 | Daybreak

Heyo guys! This is the first short story that you’ve unlocked from the volarenovels event!

Please enjoy another wonderful short story by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang! 🙂

Don’t forget to look out for future events that will allow you to unlock other amazing short stories! 🙂

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Short Stories

Ten Years are not that Far Chapters 5 and 6

Well, this wraps up Ten Years are not that Far! I know Chapter 5 is painful to read, so I combined chapters 5 and 6~ The ending is so simple, yet beautiful, and I really can’t help but love the author more and more! ❤

If you enjoyed this short story, find out how you can unlock more short stories just like this, here! Also, be sure to check out the short stories already out by the same author!

Image copyright unintended, but I really couldn’t find the owner of the pic, besides from Pinterest.

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