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Honeysuckle Chapters 9-10

End of this short story! My words about the ending are at the end~ I think I really enjoyed this short more than Daybreak because it had a lot more substance to it and a lot more real feels. Check out more short stories by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang if you haven’t already! (I’ve basically translated all of the untranslated short stories by her to date lol). Also, you can check out some amazing novels like Perfect Fiancee and a recently completed short story, Young Miss, the Master isn’t Home, if you’re into that kind of thing xD.

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Short Stories

Honeysuckle Chapters 7-8

Last arc! 🙂 Cherish the sweet moments with all you’ve got! I think a lot of you know how this will end by now. I’ll have a few words about the ending in my next post so make sure you tune in tomorrow!

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Short Stories

Honeysuckle Chapters 5-6

The secrets! The chemistry that’s slowly forming! There’s so much to look forward to in this update! 🙂 I won’t say much so that you can just get ahead to reading haha.

Also random note but after this update, you can definitely tell if Honeysuckle took place before or after Peach Demon. I guess the author probably just wrote the story after she wrote Peach Demon since she references Peach Demon in the story synopsis and not the other way around~

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Short Stories

Young Miss, the Master isn’t Home Chapter 6

Finally! The last chapter! First and foremost, this serves as an apology for releasing the Honeysuckle chapters late, but y’know it was life and my editor’s life that was super busy. Also go check out the short story, Honeysuckle (last short story on the page) if you haven’t already! It will wrap up in the next three days, with daily releases so that’s a good short story to start checking up on!

And also, here’s just to wrap some things up since I know a lot of you have been waiting~ After this, I’ll be releasing the other short stories somewhat slowly and randomly so look out for those! Hopefully I can start on some new short story translations soon!


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Short Stories

Honeysuckle Chapter 4

New arc! This arc is called The Crown Prince of Chen and a lot of secrets and mysteries will be revealed! Good news for y’all, I’ve finished translating and Ely has finished editing the entire short story! We can do daily releases from today on (as long as WordPress works)! I’m looking at some other short stories for now, but yes, we will try to finish this story up on WordPress by the end of August (see I still stuck to my goal haha).

I’m going to try to release in a way where you can get different feels depending on where you decide to stop reading, which is why you’re only getting one chapter in this update. Let’s just head straight for the action! Ren Dong is amazing and Gui Yan is just the little derpy money man haha.

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Short Stories

Young Miss, the Master is Home Chapter 5

It’s another obnoxious chapter, but at least find solace in the fact that she realizes someone likes her by the next and last chapter. I’m sorry, but Ceng Yan’s nose is pathetic.

Also PLOT TWIST THAT WE ALL KNEW WAS COMING~ Otherwise, why would Ceng Yan be so brazen about his feelings instead of trying to suppress them like a typical “I can’t love you but I love you” troupe 🙄 –> Literally me rn.

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Short Stories

Young Miss, the Master isn’t Home Chapter 4

Surprise! \o/

Just a weird random note, but second sister Ceng is actually younger than Ceng Li; it’s just that it would make second sister Ceng’s name too long so I never mentioned it. Just keep this in mind when you read this chapter because some developments are happening!

Also honestly I am speechless. Not to be Miss Obvious but this gal is so freaking dense. I feel so bad for Ceng Yan but honestly if he has the heart to fall in love with someone like this, he is kinda just getting what’s coming to him. It all comes in a package in these troupes.

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Short Stories

Honeysuckle (Enduring the Winter) Chapters 2-3

Welp this probably doesn’t come as a surprise but I have indeed changed the title of this short story. What was originally known as Enduring the Winter is now Honeysuckle. For the readers who realize this change and read this blurb, please help the confused readers below! 🙂

Sorry about such a long wait! Hopefully I can get out the rest of the chapters by the end of August because I really don’t want to drag this on as much as the rest of you guys~

I SHIP IT. Gui YanXRen Dong. I love Gui Yan so much ❤ He’s so derpy lolz. Ren Dong is literally exactly like the female MC from Daybreak. The feels are coming backkkk~

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Short Stories

Honeysuckle (Enduring the Winter) Chapter 1

Okay soo I kinda forgot to post this >~> oops. But anyways, the rest of the chapters will come out as I finish translating them~ Would you guys rather have short one chapter posts or posts with two chapters in them? I really thought I finished TLing Chapter 2 but apparently not, so I’m just going to post Chapter 1 beforehand even though there’s not much meat in it <~<. So don’t judge the story too early on! Also, there are three story arcs which I will list before each chapter~

Also! If you haven’t already, please make sure you read Peach Demon as it will give you some context into the setting of this story since this story takes place in the same universe and is actually the story of the Crown Prince of the Chen Nation from Peach Demon~ There are  a few references to the characters in Peach Demon! The synopsis for Peach Demon should be the first one on this page!

Female MC really reminds me of the female MC from Daybreak~~ Hopefully things doesn’t turn out the same way with our OTP in this story, but it’s a little early to really tell!

One more note: I’m thinking about renaming this short story to Honeysuckle, but I guess it’ll mainly depend on the developments of the story, so don’t be too surprised if the title does end up changing! It probably will change FYI

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