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Young Miss, the Master is Home Chapter 5

It’s another obnoxious chapter, but at least find solace in the fact that she realizes someone likes her by the next and last chapter. I’m sorry, but Ceng Yan’s nose is pathetic.

Also PLOT TWIST THAT WE ALL KNEW WAS COMING~ Otherwise, why would Ceng Yan be so brazen about his feelings instead of trying to suppress them like a typical “I can’t love you but I love you” troupe 🙄 –> Literally me rn.

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Young Miss, the Master isn’t Home Chapter 4

Surprise! \o/

Just a weird random note, but second sister Ceng is actually younger than Ceng Li; it’s just that it would make second sister Ceng’s name too long so I never mentioned it. Just keep this in mind when you read this chapter because some developments are happening!

Also honestly I am speechless. Not to be Miss Obvious but this gal is so freaking dense. I feel so bad for Ceng Yan but honestly if he has the heart to fall in love with someone like this, he is kinda just getting what’s coming to him. It all comes in a package in these troupes.

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Honeysuckle (Enduring the Winter) Chapters 2-3

Welp this probably doesn’t come as a surprise but I have indeed changed the title of this short story. What was originally known as Enduring the Winter is now Honeysuckle. For the readers who realize this change and read this blurb, please help the confused readers below! 🙂

Sorry about such a long wait! Hopefully I can get out the rest of the chapters by the end of August because I really don’t want to drag this on as much as the rest of you guys~

I SHIP IT. Gui YanXRen Dong. I love Gui Yan so much ❤ He’s so derpy lolz. Ren Dong is literally exactly like the female MC from Daybreak. The feels are coming backkkk~

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Honeysuckle (Enduring the Winter) Chapter 1

Okay soo I kinda forgot to post this >~> oops. But anyways, the rest of the chapters will come out as I finish translating them~ Would you guys rather have short one chapter posts or posts with two chapters in them? I really thought I finished TLing Chapter 2 but apparently not, so I’m just going to post Chapter 1 beforehand even though there’s not much meat in it <~<. So don’t judge the story too early on! Also, there are three story arcs which I will list before each chapter~

Also! If you haven’t already, please make sure you read Peach Demon as it will give you some context into the setting of this story since this story takes place in the same universe and is actually the story of the Crown Prince of the Chen Nation from Peach Demon~ There are  a few references to the characters in Peach Demon! The synopsis for Peach Demon should be the first one on this page!

Female MC really reminds me of the female MC from Daybreak~~ Hopefully things doesn’t turn out the same way with our OTP in this story, but it’s a little early to really tell!

One more note: I’m thinking about renaming this short story to Honeysuckle, but I guess it’ll mainly depend on the developments of the story, so don’t be too surprised if the title does end up changing! It probably will change FYI

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Young Miss, the Master is Home Chapter 2.2

Alrighty, here’s the next part in Young Miss! I know that this isn’t a full chapter so I’m going to post the full Chapter 3 tomorrow~ It’s partly a bonus for participating in the short story quiz wheeeeee and it’s partly to make up for the fact that this is only a half chapter~

Ceng Li is a little…dense. All I can say lol. Also her brother really shows up at the best moments hehe. This short story honestly doesn’t have me that hooked because it’s just way too silly and the chapters are just so long and full of dialogue~ I do not understand why this is the longest short story in the Romance is in the Air collection lol.

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In my Lifetime I will only Gamble on You Chapter 2.2

Here’s your reward from the special event!

If someone could be kind enough as to help me go through all the Next Chapter links to make sure they’re all right that would be extremely appreciated!!

The end of this chapter was a little bittersweet as a reader who knows what’s going on COUGH COUGH the title COUGH COUGH. Lol.

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Young Miss, the Master Isn’t Home Chapter 2.1

Here we are with your participation award from the Roulette Event! To unlock more chapters, make sure you participate in the upcoming short story events! 🙂

Ceng Li has some really SAD moments and this whole chapter is practically just one whole derp moment. Her interactions with her bro tho are what I live for LOL. Thanks to Ely for editing another part of this (we complain about this so much because the MC is so crazy lol).

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In My Lifetime I Will Only Gamble on You Chapter 2.1

Amy translated the rest of the short story, so please thank her in the comments! It was her first time translating so she actually did a pretty good job.

Make sure you guys participate in the next Short Story Poll event to unlock another chapter of this and a chapter of hugging! 🙂

Honestly I love how close Fu Xiaoke and Xu Song are becoming so so much. This part was so sweet ❤ Also I know that I promised you guys a full chapter but then I actually looked at the second chapter and it was like 12 pages on google docs and there is no way I am going to go through all of that when I am so braindead from the last of my finals today, so here you guys are with half of the chapter~

Edit: Oh wait oops I meant to post this tomorrow with the coming of the new event but apparently I’m so braindead that I posted it subconsciously and realized it a few seconds a later so I guess you’re getting this early! I’ll link to the special event later~

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Young Miss, the Master isn’t Home Chapter 1

Hey guys! Thanks to Anks, you guys get the first chapter of three different short stories! Here’s the last chapter that you guys are getting today!

To see the synopsis of this story, as well as the other stories that Anks helped you guys unlock, go here! If you want to unlock more short stories/chapters of this short story, make sure you participate in the WASFIL fanfic event! 🙂

This reminds me a lot of…an ancient Fleeting Midsummer take, given our…very unique MC. If you’ve read FM you will REMEMBER the crazy Zhou Lin Lin for her weird metaphors and strange connections. Well brace yourselves because this main character is exactly the same in her crazy thoughts, except she might even crazier? It’s up to you guys to decide lol. All I know is that this was fun yet an absolute pain to translate (no thanks to you, Ceng Li).

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