Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 12.2

Announcement April 2018

Hello there, readers! With kind permission from Tranzgeek, I will be moving those chapters that I’ve translated over to my own blog. The chapters will follow the new chaptering so do expect some changes in terms of the chapter numbers (as talked about previously). To simplify the process, links here will point to the Contents Page at my blog.

Thank you for your likes, comments and support all this time and do drop by hiding in plain sight if you have time!

12 (translator and editor)

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12 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Chapter 12.2”

  1. I honestly cannot help but smile throughout the whole chapter. 12 thank you once again for your hardwork. This chapter made me squeal with delight. I hope that they are more chapters like this.


    1. 😂😘 Haha! I’m really happy to hear you squealed with delight, Feb! So cute! Yeah, it was rather a time-consuming chapter but very interesting! More flirty moments? Ermmm…. 🤐 😝


  2. So freaking cute!!! Yi Lankai, Yi Lankai…WO AI NI!!! LOL!
    This was such a beautiful chapter! swoons Thank you 12 for your hard work!


  3. Yeeeeees! Their interaction is what I’ve been waiting for!!!!
    Thank you 12 for your never ending enthusiasm and hardwork!! ❤ 😘
    Looking forward to Wednesday instalment 🙂


        1. Thank you for the news! 😀 So I heard! Thought it was just a rumour but guess it’s true. Also heard it will only be shown on the internet for now… 🤔

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you 12 for this chapter!
    – Words arent enough for me to express my gratitude for this chapter it was like the famous scene between the wolf and the sheep does QS realise by her behaviour she is just putting oil on fire but well we know that there’s still a snake around
    – I am so curious about what YLK wanted from QS is it going to be mentioned ?


    1. 😂 Haha! I have to say, I’m not familiar with the reference but can guess who would be the big bad wolf.
      Cough cough you know, she’s about to have her bath then go to bed so….. But it’s always implied in the novel, rather than being screamed from the rooftops. 😁


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