Reposting WITHOUT Consent?

Let me just start off by saying…I’m a little upset. Unless you don’t want to see us stop posting, you better not post our content without credits. If we see ANYTHING else posted without credits and/or without consent, it is highly probably that we will STOP posting.

Perhaps I should just make it clear that ALL content on this site is copyrighted, whether it be our novel translations, our drama synopsises, or my english subs on YouTube. Thus, you should be crediting the right people and you should NOT be reposting full chapters that rightfully belong on this site.

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When A Snail Falls in Love Chapter 42.1


We’ve decided on updating one chapter per week. Chapters will be split up into two parts. We plan to update every Monday. The rest of the chapter may be posted as a bonus on Thursday/Friday, but of course, it depends on the circumstances.

Also, I am helping my friend, Nuttie recruit translators for My Glamorous Time by Ding Mo. Anyone can help out! Even if you only know a little Chinese, she needs all the help she can get! For more inquiries contact!

Ready for the continuation of the case? Please thank your translators, editors, and proofreaders who proudly present the next chapter to you! :3

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Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 6

Hello guys!

I’m finally “back”. The end of November was a terrible time to come back since finals are coming up. Yay. Lol I was going for a “dramatic evil flair” when I posted this exactly before the end of November.

More info on schedule and posting will come out after the translation spree held by volaretranslations (which I am participating in!).

Even though I didn’t exactly finish everything up as I previously thought I would, it was nice to “catch up” (which I put in quotation marks because I didn’t really finish anything smacks head)

Lin Lin is still adjusting to school, just as she tries her best to combat Ru Ting. Lol. I have to wonder though…is Ru Ting actually vying after Fang Yu Ke?

Here’s your much awaited chapter! Btw I have new editor(s) who will be introduced next time~

When A Snail Falls in Love Chapter 41.2

Against all odds, three more translators have joined the team! *cheers* Updates may still be slow as transitioning takes time but everything is going pretty well! I’ve also come up with a new way of organizing the chapters :3

If you haven’t checked out the “Schedule” page yet, be sure to check it out. Although most of the content thusfar is tentative, I’ll be elaborating more on it after I come back from finals😛

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Translation Schedule Poll

Since many of you guys are so anxious for different translation projects I have a few propositions for my new translation schedule. You can vote~

I am still recruiting. As long as you know a little Chinese and you are passionate about C-Novels or really digging deeper into the language, please sign up! I can help you along the way and we can work together. No commitment required at all!

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Les Interprètes Chapter 58.2

Will anyone respond for my call to help? No commitment necessary at all!

The 2nd part of this chapter was a lot shorter so I got time. *scurries off to do HW* Lol. Anyways, it looks like Zheng Wei from To Our Youth That is Fading Away isn’t the only one going on blind dates😛

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Status Update

Sorry guys, no update the next few days.

I failed to take into account the fact that I would be all over Princess Weiyoung this week. I’m involved with A Virtual Voyage, a (very prestigious) drama group so unless you see a miracle in which I revive full of energy tomorrow, ready to translate, nothing will be coming out. Today, I was recapping furiously, thus neglecting my HW so tomorrow is my makeup day. Lol. Noice. If you want some Princess Weiyoung recaps, you can find them here: I’ve recapped until Episode 3 but it’ll be a while until it’s all posted.

My energy level is dipping low because I have literally been a zombie for the past week. I’ve undergone a huge academic raise the past week so I’m happy. Unfortunately it cost me my sleep so I’ll be the walking dead until I make that up.

Anyways, hope to update LI soon and start on WASFIL. Are there any kind souls who would be willing to help out (if there’s any chance)? I would personally like some more hands on board for translating because I’m having trouble keeping up with the workload both academically and translation wise. Thanks for all your support and your patience! Many thanks to all lurkers, regular commenters, and regular likers. I love you guys and hope you guys stick with me throughout this tumultous journey.

Signing off for now.


Les Interprètes Chapter 58.1

Just 10 more chapters to go guys. The chaps are getting longer and longer as we go so…that’s fun. Hoping to post 1.5 more chapters by the end of this weekend, if not more. Qiao Fei still has a lot on her shoulders. I can understand the boundaries between them but at the same time…guysssss are you going to get together or what?

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Les Interprètes Chapter 57.2

Cheng Jia Ming and Qiao Fei bond over some food. Cheng Jia Ming has the worst backstory!! Can’t say why I like him so much in the novel but he seems to be the only one who is actually rebelling against his parents even if he can’t do anything. Step it up Cheng Jia Yang!

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