Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 13.3

Announcement: Real Life has come a-knocking so starting in July, I’ll have to go back to updates on Wednesdays. Wherever possible, I’ll try to post on Sundays but for the foreseeable future, please think of Sunday’s updates as a bonus, rather than a regular post. If it’s an exciting chapter like Ch. 13, then I’ll definitely try to post twice a week. I understand there’ll be disappointment but Sunday postings were after all a new addition to the original schedule. I hope for your understanding! 💙

This instalment turned out to be a bit longer than I had expected. Finally! We get a look at her… I rather like how they made Min Hongyu quite a glamour puss in the drama.

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When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 61.2

This chapter is…graphic. Yao Meng >_<

For my poor PG-13’ers, I’ve censored the chapter and added a light summary for you guys that is in plain black text. For everyone else, when you get to the “PG-13 BEGIN” start highlighting the white space with your cursor to read the PG-13 content.

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The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol|男神暗恋日记

Male God Chapter 17

Tranzgeek: This post will be updated with the latest updates! I’ve edited this post a bit, but there may be more editing to come!

Minodayz: So nice that the foursome are back to hanging about and exams results are out. Wonder what surprises that would bring, along with figuring out what choices in subject pathways. A few friends are blushing more, someone has found an interesting challenge, another is going to have a personal tutor, an Avenger surfaces, alas..would we ever figure out LEQ’s thought processes! Wink wink! lol!

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The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol|男神暗恋日记

Male God Chapter 16

Tranzgeek: All righty, here’s your next chapter. I’m just going to go ahead and post all three chapters today for this week as I am having a bit of family issues. Next week, I’ll try to stick to the schedule and perhaps some bonus updates if time will allow! 🙂

Minodayz: will our foursome unite again? Who will bring our rogue LEQ back into the fold? Ahhhh….making up is such fun with our foursome. Really glad it didn’t drag on.

RS sure is causing lots of blushing again for someone, those warm fuzzies….

(Minodayz, “you had me a milk tea!” lol)  We get a little more RS as he is starting to show a little more of his “i can break the rules coz I’m cool” lol because of who I am attitude! (love it)  Lol – bad boy huh!?! – even I’m melting!!! Or should I say blushing!!!

LEQ LEQ, could you get anymore adorable!!!


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Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 13.1

Like Chapter 6, Chapter 13 is one where many surprising secrets are revealed.

Who’s the mystery man? Who saw it coming? I know I didn’t the first time 😂 but there were cluuuuuuues…🔍

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Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 12.3

Update about the drama: it seems it may be aired on 25 June 2017 on a site called Tencent Video (腾讯视频) for Tencent members only. However, some fans are saying the link on the site was removed although it was available initially. So, make of that what you will. That’s all we know for now. Let’s hope for the best at any rate!

No scene is really wasted in this novel. 🤓
Yi Liankai makes some rather witty remarks while Yao Yuping is the bearer of unwelcome news.

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