Status Update, November Goals, Next Two Years-Long Term Plan

This post will cover all the translation project schedules from Siege in Fog to Les Interpretes to To Our Youth That is Fading Away to Fleeting Midsummer to When A Snail Falls in Love (which was requested, really). I want to add an international forum to the site, and also this post will cover my own schedule for the rest of the year and the next two years (or at least until…June 2018?) We’ll see.  Continue reading

Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter 1


Hey guys, like and comment! Since I was like the living dead for the past two weeks from staying up late I’ll have to see if it’s all been worth it. I do so much for you guys!! >_< Lol.

I really have fallen in love with Fei Wo Si Cun’s prose and diction but we’ll have to see how many other people like it too❤ Still don’t feel like I brought out her beautiful language…which by the way, would anyone like to volunteer for editor if I translate more? Haha, do help out with mistakes as I did this late late at night. Now it’s time to reclaim my sleep!

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Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 5.2

Sorry for the long wait! I’m going to go on hiatus for this book (Fleeting Midsummer ONLY) because I want to get some things cleared up here on my site and complete some translations, begin some others, finish those, before I begin this book again. If some of you guys who were reading this book from the beginning recall, I initially picked up this book as a teaser so there was not really any set schedule or anything. Well after I finish things here, that will change. Plus, I will hopefully be able to post a whole chapter instead of half of it!! Hopefully my hiatus will only be a few weeks to a month… Anyways, I will suggest to later readers now, to not start reading the translation until I start up my set posting schedule. Otherwise… you’re in for a long wait. Sorry to the ppl who stuck with this novel from the beginning >_<

Of course, I will update a little throughout this hiatus, for you guys, but it won’t be weekly like before.  Continue reading

When A Snail Loves New Trailer, Stills, GIFS w/ the same helping of fluffiness from Memory Lost!

3 sweet days until the two dramas come out! I’ve attached more stills and GIFS because (the last post had no spaaace). If any photos disappear after I post this I will really vomit blood!!!!! >_<

Ok now it’s back to translating… Lol.  Continue reading

Hunan’s 2017 Early Drama Official List and the Golden Eagle Awards~~

Guess it’s time to write another post up! Hunan recently released a list of dramas coming out in 2017 and the Golden Eagle actor awards is still hot in China. I should have posted this earlier…but…

This post also acts as a preview to some of my upcoming features (as I only post features when first trailers/teasers come out).

And of course, with more dramas comes more adaptations (due to that Chinese trend). Thus, with every drama I have included a link to Shushengbar, the ebook, the Baidu, and more! Only 3-5 of the dramas below were actually original…#creativity.

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Les Interpretes Status Update

Haha did you like where I left off temp?

Well that’s the end of all my stockpiled chaps guys. At this point, I have finished 1/2 of Chapter 53 soo maybe I can post Chaps 53, 54, and 55 today.

Thanks for excusing my grammatical and other errors in the ten chapters that I posted today…most of them were done late at night. Lol. I would have tried to get out more…but…my computer has kinda gotten taken away.

Haha I’ll try to post more today, if I get my computer back.

But here’s for hoping.🙂

If I don’t get to posting them today, you’ll probably have three freebie chapters over this week (and that is…if I get my computer back (again))