Learn Chinese (3)- Top 7 Phrases For Greetings/Departures

Right! So back to some more Chinese learning! Haha I had no time to post this over the weekend so may as well do it now! Many thanks to marri for making all our Quizlet tools that will be used well!

I didn’t really touch on any of the traditional things for this first tutorial. Later though, perhaps I’ll add it on to each tutorial.

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Les Interpretes Chapter 61

Did he or did he not…marry? Many plot twists from the very unlikeable Wen Xiao Hua. At the same time…she redeems herself after this.

Btw guys did you know Les Interpretes 2 is coming out? It’ll be called The Negotiator and will feature a different love story (with pretty much the same plot) played by Yang Mi as the professional interpreter/negotiator and Huang Zi Tao as the rich guy.

Actually, the sequel to the novel is different. It features the same story but in Cheng Jia Ming’s point of view (gawwwsh if I had known about this I would have translated that story instead because Jia Ming is so much more interesting)

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Siege in Fog Chapter 3.2


This chapter is action-packed! Lol. I owe a lot to miumiu for translating 9/14 pages of this entire chapter. Thank you so much for helping me balance my translation/school workload (as I’m currently supposed to be working on three novels at a time). Please thank her for her hard work and the time she put into her translations!

We finally delve into the relationship between Qin Sang and all the other characters, but as for what these relationships will result in, only time will tell. We can see that despite himself, Yi Lian Kai has chosen to release Pan Jian Chi for Qin Sang, which goes to show just how much he’ll do for her, no matter how much he ignores her or tries to pretend that she doesn’t piss him off as much as she does. Qin Sang acknowledges that Pan Jian Chi has another identity, and also acknowledges that her friend may have had some kind of a relationship going with him at some point. Qin Sang seems tough, as someone who has grown to adapt to her circumstances, but we don’t know how much she has suffered to become the person she is today- whether that be under Pan Jian Chi’s hands or Yi Lian Kai’s hands.

It seems that Qin Sang’s romance life is not going great, but we don’t know why she doesn’t grasp  opportunities for her own happiness. The only happiness/hope she has in her life is the new character who has appeared- Pan Jian Chi. However, much of his character stays hidden and aloof, especially when compared to the other characters whom we already know at least a little about. Pan Jian Chi just seems to screams ‘dangerous territory’ at the moment, especially how he purposefully distances himself from everyone besides Qin Sang. We don’t know his relationship with Yi Lian Kai as of yet, but we can assume it has something to do with Qin Sang based off of her reaction. On the other hand, Qin Sang’s reactions, needs a lot more gauging. Her character usually acts contradictory to what she really feels in the situation, but Pan Jian Chi just messes with her emotions, despite not actually do anything which may consequently mess up some other thing if Qin Sang isn’t careful.

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When a Snail falls in love Chapter 48.2

Hey guys! Happy (early) Valentines day!

It’s still Monday on my side of the planet so this chappie is still on time hehe.

Here’s more Ji Bai and Xu Xu! As to when your intimate scenes are coming…they should be in the next chapter posted lol. Sizzle sizzle.

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Siege in Fog Chapter 3.1

Please welcome miumiu who has joined on as an editor! Woohoo!

Also, we have decided to post chapters in terms of plot arcs. So here’s your other plot arc for today!

Depending on the arc, we might post half a chapter at a time or multiple chapters or a full chapter…just depends on where we decide to stop it 🙂

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Learn Chinese (2): The General Basics on Chinese Characters

One more post on the generics of Chinese characters and we’ll get started with all our vocab! Lol just hang with me one more post! This post will cover radicals, stroke order, pictographs, and traditional vs. simplified Chinese. Nothing that hard and it’s quite a bit of overview and history 😛

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When A Snail Falls In Love Chapter 47.2

Sorry for the slight delay in posting this chapter. I [midasz]  have been very busy with life.

Happy Chinese New Year!! I hope everyone is enjoying their time with their family and friends during this time of the year.

Without further ado, let’s continue with the story.
Enjoy ^^

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