** Please note: Books are not listed in any order whatsoever; only ongoing novels are listed. To view our complete collection of ongoing novels, you can go here. To view our complete/dropped novels collection, you can go here.

Novel Status Schedule

Male God

Ongoing 2x a week; Tu, F

When A Snail Falls in Love

Almost complete 1x per week; F

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me

Ongoing 3x per week; M, W, F

The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort

Ongoing  2x per week; M, Th

Pristine Darkness

Ongoing Definite schedule will come out after WASFIL is complete.



10 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. Hi! I heard that the cdrama, A Love So Beautiful, is adapted from a novel caled Our Pure Little Beauty by Zhao Gan Gan. I hope you could check it out and consider translating it. More power to your team!


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