Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 5.2

What a horrible thing to come home to! Luckily Yi Lian Kai didn’t go back with Qin Sang (and let’s just keep hoping for that badass rescue while we’re at it even though Yi Lian Kai got pretty mad beforehand) >-<.

Yi Lian Shen is introduced in this chapter as a shrewd person who will do whatever he needs to do. It feels everyone is dangerous in this novel LOL

By the way, let me know if there is a need for a glossary of all the characters and their positions, and I can type one up 🙂

 photo Fog 123.jpg
Yi Lian Shen~

Chapter 5.2

Announcement April 2018

Hello there, readers! With kind permission from Tranzgeek, I will be moving those chapters that I’ve translated over to my own blog. The chapters will follow the new chaptering so do expect some changes in terms of the chapter numbers (as talked about previously). To simplify the process, links here will point to the Contents Page at my blog.

Thank you for your likes, comments and support all this time and do drop by hiding in plain sight if you have time!

12 (translator and editor)

Translated by 12

Edited by Tranzgeek

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11 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Chapter 5.2”

  1. thank you for this chapter and that’s what i call a way to end a chapter it was perfect everyone thinks of shin sang as frail but now… i hope she wont get herself hurt by this because if it happens no one would know how LYK would react

    love you ❤


  2. is that Yi Lian Shen in pic
    Yi men are sure a handsome bunch!! 😍
    and of course corrupted. holding women and children prisoners with armed guards. 😬
    I hope Yi Liankai can redeem himself and rescue his wife ( after she slaps him )
    I can’t wait to know what will happen next.
    Thank you 12 and Tranzgeek. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah i do hope you’d put a glossary of the characters and their positions, as I tend to get confused a lot 😂 Anyways, great chapter. The translation and the grammar keeps on improving and improving. Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into this.


      1. …that’s what I’m talking about too. Have you never heard of a drama adaptation that is adapted from a book? I’m saying that given the trend of how dramas adaptations have been like recently there will probably be differences.


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