Feature, Perfect Fiancé | 完美未婚夫

Perfect Fiancé | Teaser Introduction


Hey everyone! I’m Iris, a new translator to Meraki Translations! I’ve been lurking in the light novel scene for a while and decided to give back to the community through translating myself with interesting or fluffeh novels~ I currently translate Rebirth of the Ill-Fated Consort and now, this is our latest release! Drumrolls, please!

A few weeks ago, thanks to some translation I have been reading, I chanced upon this light novel translation teaser done by shainagtranslations. I’ve been excited to unveil this new series to all of you. ❤

It’s a super fluffy, adorable and funny story that will make you feel the warm fuzzy feelings in your heart. In anticipation of its first release, here’s a little teaser of Perfect Fiancé by Feng Duan Qing Yi Du~ 😀 I will be posting Chapter 1 and 2 soon to kickstart this novel, so I hope you give this novel and many of our other awesome novels much, much love. ❤

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First Half of My Life Teaser | Chapter 1

Hey all! I am so happy to introduce one of our new translators who has come along with us on meraki! PlumValley has brought us the first chapter of The First Half of My Life! Please enjoy her wonderful wonderful translating skillz and beautiful portrayal of this chapter, and also look out for her amazing translation project coming out this year! 🙂

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First Half of My Life Feature | Introduction

Heya all! Geeky here with another feature~ This feature was also brought to you by PlumValley, an amazing translator who will be bringing another novel to us in the upcoming months! 🙂 If this introduction got you interested, you can also read the first chapter of First Half of My Life, translated by PlumValley!

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A Love So Beautiful | Teaser Introduction


Heya guyssss! Some weeks ago I picked up a drama called A Love So Beautiful (致我们的小美好)~ It’s a super cute, fluffy, and hilarious campus drama that stars Hu Yitian and Shen Yue. BUT then…I stumbled upon the novel xD. The novel is even funnier than the drama according to someone I know, so here’s a little tease heh! I will be posting Chapter 1 in a few days haha. This drama definitely gave me Male God and Fleeting Midsummer vibes, so I would definitely recommend this to anyone who like those novels ❤ As far as I know, everyone needs a de-stresser and some cuteness overload once in awhile heh!

Good luck to those coping with finals and more intensive work before/during this holiday season! I believe in you guys ❤

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Siege in Fog (Color of Night) Feature

Fei Wo Si Cun_Color of Night

I really like the idea of the drama so far even though I may vomit blood while watching. I am toying with the idea of translating this novel sometime after So Young, for the next angsty novel read lol, because the author’s speech and diction is really very powerful. For those of you who want some of Fei Wo Cun Si’s work and and idea of (perhaps) what will make you vomit blood in the future….

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Ice Fantasy Feature

The book Ice Fantasy (幻城) by Guo Jing Ming has been adapted into a drama starring William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tian Yu and Zhang Meng.

Raws can be found here. There is an english translation but it has been taken down by the translator :(. Continue reading “Ice Fantasy Feature”


Sweet Sixteen Feature

If there are any errors please forgive me as it’s very late. The excerpt will give you an idea of what is to happen in the movie and Joo Won’s character is mentioned in the excerpt as well.

The movie based off of book Sweet Sixteen (夏有乔木 雅望天堂) by Zi Yue will be coming out on August 5. Han Geng plays the second male lead (again), with Kris Wu as main lead. Raws can be found here. The Eng Translation is available here. Continue reading “Sweet Sixteen Feature”


Border Town Prodigal Feature

The drama (not sure when it comes out exactly) stars leads Zhu Yi Long (Love in Three Lifetimes) and Viann Zhang (Romance of the Condor Heroes). It looks like a great wuxia and is in the Flying Dagger series. Continue reading “Border Town Prodigal Feature”


Stay With Me Feature

Hey guys,

My next feature will be on Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我). The adaptation is coming out in August, and it will be starring Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai. Anyone up for those leads…?

The book is a little weird…? Why do literally none of the names match up? Apparently, according to the summaries of the adaptations that are currently out, the female lead’s name is Li Wei Wei.

If you want to read the actual book (in Chinese), I found it here. All I have to say is that the first chapter is very crazy and the female lead seems even more crazy, badass, but mostly just illegal. Continue reading “Stay With Me Feature”