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COMPLETE: Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student) by Broken Brain



Status: Ongoing

Verdict: A humorous, light and fluffy read for a rainy day

Other Recommendations:

Comments: Yeah…I know the cover looks boring but believe me, this book could be anything but boring!

The story follows a fluffy university student who somehow gets into Peking University, one of the best universities in China! Upon entry, her mother gives her three instructions:

(1) Don’t get kicked out!

(2) Lose weight

(3) Find a university boyfriend.

Well we can all guess how the third one turns out as she follows to pursue the guy she is madly in love with, Xiao Xi. Meanwhile, the top student and her classmate from her hometown, Fang Yu Ke, has got his eye on her, but for a girl with low EQ (who thinks she has a high EQ) how will things turn out?

COMPLETE: Les Interpretes by Miao Juan




Verdict: A slice of life where the OTP overcomes obstacles to be together

Other Recommendations:

Comments: A very realistic story about the challenges of life as well as the tenacity of love, persisting through many obstacles as it finally wins out in the end. Qiao Fei, a student from a poor background meets Cheng Jia Yang, the interpreter one can only dream of. They fall in love, but their background keeps them apart. In the end, overcoming many obstacles creates for a stronger relationship and eventually, a happy ending.

Siege in Fog (Color of Night) by Fei Wo Si Cun

fei-wo-si-cun_color-of-nightStatus: Ongoing

Verdict: Dark, angsty romance

Other Recommendations: Song in the Clouds by Tong Hua

Comments: Qin Sang and Yi Lian Kai are forced to marry each other, Yi Lian Kai being the typical playboy, making Qin Sang detest him. But when Yi Lian Kai’s feelings for her come to light, how will she accept it? And will it be too late when she finally does decide to face it?


Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me by Jin Xiamo


Status: Ongoing

Verdict: Passionate romance

Other recommendations:

Comments: Why Should You Read MDDKM? ~From newbienoona~
1. The novel is much better than the show.
2. The love/hate relationship between Chuxia and Qilu is hilarious and painful.
3. The novel is a reverse-harem compared to the straight-up romance featured on the show.
4. Did I say, “More kisses” in the novel?
5. The chapters are short and sort of choppy but it is reminiscent of conversations/life as a teen.

UPCOMING: Pristine Darkness by Ding Mo


Status: Upcoming

Verdict: If you like criminal mystery romance novels, you will DEFINITELY like this intense thriller!

Other recommendations: When a Snail Falls in Love, Love me if you Dare

Comments: This is the SEQUEL to Love me if you Dare or He is Coming, Close your Eyes


The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol by Ya Ba Ye

Status: Ongoing

Verdict: Innocent, pure university romance

Other Recommendations: Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student) by Broken Brain

Comments: The kind of university romance that will steal your breath away with its innocence and cute romance. The female lead is extremely unique in her own way, with a crush on the male lead, one of the few geniuses who can ace tests without studying. As their romance plays out, how far will this novel go to melt your heart as you reminisce on your years in uni, or hope for a magical Rong Si in your own life?

To Our Youth that is Fading Away by Xin Yi Wu

to-our_30d5d8ebf72063d99176a8f105465ae8For the continuation of the series please go here. I will also be linking to AppleSlices’s chappies in my Table of Contents.

Status: Picked up by AppleSlices

Verdict: Slice of life with a great protag 😛

Other Recommendations: Best of Us (With You) by Ba Yue Chang An, Let Me Look At You by Xin Yi Wu

Comments: Zheng Wei is a girl who won’t give up on what she wants. When Lin Jing, her childhood friend left, she turned to Chen Xiao Zheng, one of the top students at university, but also one of the students with the poorest backgrounds. After pursuing Chen Xiao Zheng for so many years, she has finally opened up his heart, but it turns out, he leaves too. Many years later, when Zheng Wei finally meets Lin Jing and Chen Xiao Zheng again, how will she respond to her emotional turmoil? And who will she finally choose?

Zheng Wei is the most unique protagonist I have ever seen! She dares to get mad and also pour out her feelings! The author does a great job of writing the novel, in depicting everyone’s feelings and portraying beautiful angst as well as light humorous fluffy moments throughout.

When A Snail Falls in Love by Ding Mo

61sStatus: Ongoing

Verdict: A cute cute story with a great OTP while solving crime mysteries.

Other Recommendations: My Dear Archimedes by Jiu Yue Xi, Love Me If You Dare by Ding Mo

Comments: Xu Xu is a high level crime analyst who has a very low EQ. Ji Bai on the other hand, is the head of the Violent Crime Department and is very “manly”. For such a cute snail (slow to react) who doesn’t even know she’s being pursued, how will their love blossom? Follow the great OTP as they strengthen their relationship and as they solve the most compelling mysteries at the same time.


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