A chance encounter.

Heroes and beauties emerge as the world is in chaos, just as it is picturesque. For a short time, animosity is remembered once more, stemming from the current state of a country, against the dim light of the night and swelling water.

An imprisoned student is held within the confines of the status of the third wife of the Young Master. To seize the position of being first, the Yi brothers and family massacre each other. A Chinese student studies abroad at a Japanese military officer school. An gaudy prostitute, whose name is scattered faraway. A powerful family setting up an independent regime in the form of an army…..

A scene that seems like an ordinary pursuit and rescue will take all of these people and link them together.

For the sake of their different objectives, they will contend with each other at each other’s sides, as they pull wool over other people’s eyes. Under their “masks”, they conceal desire and their true identity that they are incapable of conveying to others.

Surreptitiously assassinating and coercing through any and all means behind someone else’s back, through their power and influence, are the different ways by which they play these games, and it is also their fight for wealth and riches for their own interest.

As for the immense conspiracy, it has already been covering their surroundings quietly, like one giant net …..

They are merely in a desolate era, under the power of the country. But when faced with the righteousness of a country, can love still play a role?

//The glossary DOES contain spoilers! Please also note that it is continuously updated~~

Main Characters:

Yi Lian Kai (易连恺 ): The third son of Yi Ji Pei, an apprentice of Mr. Fan, married to Qin Sang. Also known as Lan Po. Born from a concubine.

Qin Sang (秦桑): The daughter of a high official, and Yi Lian Kai’s wife.

Pan Jian Chi (潘箭迟 ): An exchange student who studied abroad at a Japanese military school who becomes the second-in-command of the Jiangzuo Alliance. He becomes Yi Lian Kai’s right hand man after Adjutant Song is killed. His old name was Li Wang Ping.

The Yi Family:

Yi Ji Pei (易继培 ): The leader of the Jiangzuo, the head of the Yi household, and the father of all of the Yi brothers.

Yi Lian Yi (易连怡 ): The oldest son of Yi Ji Pei. He is disabled and confined to a wheelchair.

Yi Lian Shen (易连慎): With the Jiangzuo, he is Yi Ji Pei’s second son.

Yi Shou Chen (易绶城 ): Yi Ji Pei’s 6th brother. He would be the uncle of all the Yi sons.

Women & Children in the Yi Family:

Mu Rong Qian: Yi Lian Yi’s wife. Murong Feng’s sister.

Yan Yun (燕云): Yi Lian Shen’s wife. Fan Zhi Heng’s daughter.

Xiaorong: Yi Ji Pei’s daughter that he had with his 6th concubine.

Other People Associated with the Yi Family:

Huai Xiu (淮秀 ): A palace servant in the past dynasty. She is Yi Ji Pei’s confidante and follower.

Li Zhong Nian (李重年 ): Warrior and general who is intertwined with the Yi family more than one might expect.

Adjutant Song: Yi Lian Kai’s old right hand man.

Min Hong Yu (闵红玉): A prostitute associated with Yi Lian Kai.

People Associated with Qin Sang:

Qin Wei Sheng (秦厚生 ): Qin Sang’s father, a government official.

Deng Yu Lin: Qin Sang’s best friend

The Murong Family:

Mu Rong Chen (慕容宸): The Northern Ninth District Provincial Governor

Mu Rong Feng (慕容沣 ): Son of the Northern Ninth District Provincial Governor. He is the sixth sibling in his family and is also known as Liu Shao. He is the Chengzhou warlord and marshal.

The Gao Family & People Associated With Them:

Gao Shao Xuan (高绍轩 ): Interested in Qin Sang. Son of the Gao Provincial Military Governor

Wu Feng Hua: Gao Shao Xuan’s best friend


(The second, third, fourth, etc. is all based off of oldest to youngest. Second brother is the second oldest, third brother is the third oldest, etc. Depending on who’s doing the calling, their titles can be different.)

Dage (大哥): Big brother

Lao Er (老二): Second brother

Er Di (二弟): Second younger brother

Er Ge (二哥): Second older brother

Laosan (老三): Third brother

Sandi (三弟): Third younger brother

Dasao (大嫂): Eldest sister-in-law

San meimei (三妹妹): Third younger sister


Changye/Chengye (昌业):A Jiangzuo strategic town

Zoysia Pungens: The mountain that Yi Lian Kai and Qin Sang are on in Chapters 1-3. It is also referred to as Zhi Mountain.

Fu Yuan: Where the jail that Pan Jian Chi was imprisoned in is located.


Qipao: A type of Chinese gown that is typically worn by upper class women.

Jiangzuo: A powerful military organization under the leadership of the Yi family. The inheritance of this organization is part of what the Yi sons are fighting for.