Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter 1


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Ma: Refers to an older female servant

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Chapter 1

Qin Sang was sick for the whole summer break. When she slowly got better, the weather also slowly became cooler and cooler. Because they got a new doctor, Zhu Ma was worried, and went to the streets to for her medicine herself, meanwhile bringing back a 兔儿爷, remembering many things from when she was little. Still spell bound, Zhu Ma accidentally ruined the medicine by burning it. Thus, she guarded the pot again while it boiled, taking some for Qin Sang to drink. When Qin Sang smelled the medicinal aroma, she frowned. Zhu Ma even coaxed her like a child: “Miss, I’ve tasted this medicine, it’s not bitter at all, really.”

It wasn’t the medicine wasn’t that was bitter, but her days that had been bitter for many months now. Zhu Ma was her only former person. When Qin Sang married, she originally brought four people, but later they scattered, and left. Now only Zhu Ma was left by her side. Qin Sang brushed away her intentions and took the bowl, drinking it completely, not feeling the bitterness at all. Zhu Ma immediately took the bowl and got a candied fruit plums to let her get rid of the residual bitterness on the tongue…… the plums had been sitting for too long, and were a little black. When it was in the mouth, it was too sweet to be soft. Throughout the months Qin Sang had been sick, numerous people, friends, and relatives had come to dispatch. Zhu Ma had noted all of them. Some of them were anxious to use their money, and used Qin Sang’s private seal and depositing money account book to go to the bank, getting money smoothly. The other household expenses like cooking oil and salt could all be maintained because the bill was paid on the three holidays of the year. Today, she saw Qin Sang looking better and couldn’t help but persuade: “It’s almost time to celebrate, a reunion of the family in the good days, for Lantern Festival, Miss……”

Qin Sang knew what she wanted to say and thus said: “Zhu Ma, rest for a bit, I am a little tired, and am going to sleep a bit more.” Zhu Ma took off the towel around her waist, wiped her eyes, and said: “When Madam passed away, I promised Madam that I would take care of Miss well. Even if Miss doesn’t think for herself, she should also think about Madam, under the nine springs. If Madam knew that Miss was suffering so much…… how uncomfortable……” Qin Sang hated it most when people brought up her mother_ _ especially in these type of situations. Zhu Ma was still rambling: “Uncle (TL: refers to Qin Sang’s father) does have a bad temper but that doesn’t mean his heart is bad……. If there wasn’t anyone creating trouble behind him, why would he be this way to Miss……” …… Qin Sang was really unwilling to listen to this talk and forced a smile: “Zhu Ma, I only just got better, why are you mentioning all this for?”…… Zhu Ma saw that Qin Sang didn’t have any pink on her lips. The doctor originally said that she had fallen ill from overworking. Only after eating so much medicine throughout these days, did Qin Sang regain some color.She was afraid Qin Sang’s body would relapse so she reluctantly said: “Today I grabbed some medicine. Miss, guess who I ran into?” Not waiting for Qin Sang to say anything, she told her, “I ran into Miss Deng. The one from school originally. Miss is great with Miss Deng!”

“Miss Deng still remembers me, she spoke with me for a while. She heard Miss was sick, and even wanted to come and see you……” Qin Sang could not restrain her uncomfortableness in her heart, only using her fingernails to scratch at that 兔爷儿’s colorful flag. One side was red, one side was green, another side was yellow…… the colorful flag fluttered in the wind…… she and her friends shouted slogans behind the banners….. The weather on that day was so clear, the sky so blue, so bright and clean like a glass mirror. And inside the mirror were large white clouds, flowering one by one, a winding snow white muslim kerchief. She and Deng Yu Lin walked until they became hot, putting the kerchief into their hands, dancing along to every syllable of their slogan, just like a banner. Later, Li Wan Ping saw them, even joking that they were raising the white flag…… it had already been two years. When she thought of what had happened in the past, she no longer felt pain in her soul, but felt a type of numbness. Just like when her mother had died, her father forced her to marry Yi Lian Kai. But it had only been a mere two years, the past days all blurred together like a different world. And she, had drank Meng Po Po’s soup at the No Avail Bridge [1] a long time ago, even her memories almost amounted to nothing, becoming something she could not find.

  • [1] Meng Po Po and the bridge: In ancient tales, one usually has to drink a forgetting soup before reincarnating. Meng Po Po is the one who hands out the soup and the bridge is the way to the ‘other side’.

As Qin Sang heard this, she became more and more uncomfortable. Simply, she was dead, but she couldn’t die at the same time, suffering hardship after hardship at the hands of dogs. Deng Yu Lin had helped her at that time, and had even stole money from her family for her. Qin Sang still remembered Deng Yu Lin’s warm palm, shoving the paper money and foreign money all in her hand, hard, such a big amount. Deng Yu Lin’s eyes were surprisingly bright, her black pupils watching her, anxiously saying: “Qin Sang go! Go abroad, go and be radiant and free!” Radiant and free…… but in the end she didn’t go. Now, she was in this sticky predicament, what face did she have to see her old friends again?

She didn’t want to speak further, only emitting an “en” sound. Zhu Ma busily served her upstairs, helping her spread the blankets, closing the curtains, allowing her to lie down to rest. Qin Sang had been sick for many months now, lying down often. The moment she lay down, she immediately fell asleep, tiredly closing her eyes.

She waited for Zhu Ma’s footstep “du du” sounds disappeared outside the door. Qin Sang then reopened her eyes. This room was still in the layout of the new house, the watery red thin silk mosquito net, billowing as if a strand of happiness still existed. On it, was embroidered a picture of 100 bats and 100 children, it was still the old-fashioned auspicious trick, thick and concentrated bright colored thread embroidery, clusters of clusters of flowers pressing down, almost as if it would crush the person underneath it. She looked at it for a long time until she felt dizzy. Qin Sang closed her eyes, seemingly on a boat, lightly shaking back and forth. The whole world was shaking slightly. This motion made her uneasy, making her feel a type of deep illusory weakness.

Qin Sang was worried that Deng Yu Lin would come to the door, but this matter could not be blamed on Zhu Ma.

At best, Zhu Ma only knew one or two points of the matters of the past. She only knew Miss Deng and her own Miss should improve their relationship [2]. As of today, her Miss had been sick, nauseous everyday at home, so she sincerely wished that Miss Deng would come visit her own Miss, accompany her, talk a little, relieve her boredom…… The helpless Qin Sang really didn’t want to see Deng Yu Lin. Whenever she thought of it everyday, her heart’s frustrations increased. It passed like this for three to four days, when Deng Yu Lin finally came. Zhu Ma was really happy, when she heard the porter inform that Miss Deng had come to visit. Thus, she personally went upstairs to tell Qin Sang. Qin Sang was helpless. She could only change her clothes and go out to meet the guests.

She hadn’t seen her for two years, but Deng Yu Lin hadn’t changed a lot; she had only cut her hair. The original blue garment had been changed in favor of a Western-style dress. It was only that, on the round face, there was a young lady’s childish nature. When she saw Qin Sang, she first laughed, revealing a mouthful of clean white orderly fine teeth, saying: “Oh, Qin Sang, you’ve gotten skinnier.” …… When Qin Sang her smile as lively as it had been in the past, her heart didn’t have any excitement. Ding Yu Lin had already grabbed her hand, said: “I haven’t seen you for a so many years, I have so many things to say to you.” …… Zhu Ma watched their appearances from the side, remembering that before the former Miss had married, this Miss Deng often came to their house, the two of them muttering, with endless affectionate words. So she prepared some fruit, dishes of light desserts, tea and water, quietly ordering all of the servants to leave, letting them talk.

Qin Sang lifted her spirits, asked Deng Yu Lin about her circumstances these past two years. It turned out Deng Yu Lin had went abroad two years ago, returning just three months ago. She didn’t think that she would meet Zhu Ma on the street that day. In the past, Deng Yu OLin had often visited the Qin Estate, so she knew Zhu Ma, asked of Qin Sang, and only then knew where she lived as of now. Deng Yu Lin brought up several classmates, some had went abroad to study, some had married their fiancees, and some had even joined the revolutionary army with their fiancees. Qin Sang was only silent. After speaking for a while, Deng Yu Lin straightened out her complexion, and said: “Qin Sang, this time I came, because I have something that I need your help with.”

Qin Sang saw that she suddenly became serious, and could not help but ask: “As of today, I am like a caged bird, how can I help you with anything?”

Deng Yu Lin laughed, but her eyes had a hint of sadness: “Besides you, no one else will help me.” It turned out, Deng Yu Lin had an older male cousin, who, because of others’s grudges, had been accused of being with the revolutionary army and was thus locked in prison, about to be judged soon. Deng Yu Lin came this time to find someone to clear things up, shifting major issues into trivial issues. After it changed into a trivial issue, then she would first bail out the person. Deng Yu Lin said: “My older cousin is a pampered son of a wealthy family. How would he collude with the revolutionaries? It’s only because of the pawn shop transfer issue he was involved with last year, with people ending up in resentment, that he would be framed. From a small age he has been spoiled and has never gone through any bitter times. If he is to be enclosed in the prison for a few more days, I’m only afraid my aunt will go crazy. Ever since my aunt was widowed at the age of 20, she only had my cousin, the only son. If there was no other way, I wouldn’t have come here to trouble you.”

Qin Sang still didn’t speak, Deng Yu Lin said more: “She can pay as much money as she needs, my aunt only has this one seedling. As long as people can protect him and take him out, she is willing to go bankrupt.” As she said this, she kept glancing at Qin Sang’s expression. She only saw Qin Sang furrow her eyebrows. After a long time did she say: “This matter, I will tell you the truth, hope is slim. You solemnly came for me, I shouldn’t decline. I’m only afraid I won’t be able to do it, and will delay your matters.”

Deng Yu Lin knew Qin Sang had always been assertive, and in accordance with her relationship with her, she would definitely agree. As of today, Qin Sang was married to the third nobleman in line for the inheritance from the Yi Family’s Jiangzuo commander, Yi Ji Pei. Deng Yu Lin had earlier gotten it clear. Yi Ji Pei’s eldest son broke his spine 10 years ago and was paralyzed, confined to bed. Yi Ji Pei placed high hopes on his second son, Yi Lian Shen, and as of now, after he had gotten older, he was more and more reliant on Yi Lian Shen, giving him many things to take care of. As for Yi Lian Kai, he was the youngest, and the son of a concubine so he didn’t usually participate in military or political matters. But as of now, all the Jiangzuo provinces were under the hands of the Yi Family. Although Yi Lian Kai had no authority, he had a high family status. As long as he said something, release was nothing but a matter of little effort. Deng Yu Lin didn’t expect Qin Sang to decline, and could not help but ask: “Is there anything difficult in completing this matter?”

Qin Sang’s heart was full of pain, but she was afraid Deng Yu Lin would misunderstand, so she only said: “Their family’s regulations, I should not worry about things outside.” Deng Yu Lin gave an ‘oh’. Qin Sang made up her mind and said, “But your cousin is just like my cousin. No matter what, I will definitely try it. If it fails then we can talk.”

Deng Yu Lin could not help but be pleasantly surprised, stood up to grasp Qin Sang’s hand, and said: “If there is anything difficult, don’t force anything.”

Qin Sang laughed. She said: “The matters of this world, will always be complex, otherwise, it will be unlikely to be hard, and no one will do it.”

Deng Yu Lin had not seen her for two years. Upon reunion, she only felt that this lively and charming classmate had become an old-fashioned, depressed young lady of the house in an instant. When she heard her words, her eyes sparkled and flashed, as if she was extremely determined. This hearty expression was quite like her former style. Deng Yu Lin was grateful, but also moved, grasping her hand, only lightly moving it back and forth. She only felt her fingers were cold, and she also clenched her own hand. Two thousand words were all in this single handshake and smile.

Even though things happened like this, after they sent Deng Yu Lin back, Qin Sang thought well. The second day, she ordered Zhu Ma to organize the luggage. Zhu Ma was still scratching her head. Seeing this, it didn’t seem like she was going to return to her mother’s house. Because ever since Mistress had passed away, after the three times she had perfunctorily returned to her parents’ house she had never stepped in the Qin House ever again. Thus, she couldn’t help but ask: “Miss, where are you going?”

Qin Sang sighed, warmly saying: “You do not always advise me. Take a step backwards into the boundless world.”

Only then did Zhu Ma understand where she was going to go. She couldn’t help but be happy. She took the key and urged people to open the loft on the Treasury, the boxes were opened, she picked some new clothes and the like, and organized the box. Then, she also sent people to arrange the car, over a busy half day, it could be considered properly arranged.

Qin Sang changed into a gown for going out. Initially, it was a piece of trimmed clothing from the springtime. She had been sick for the whole summer, and had thinned quite a bit, her waist gradually widening. The qipao [1] depicted a spring crepe, it used to be light and warm, but now there was only a few plum blossoms embroidered with silver thread, light shadows and sparse, like the material poured sparkling moonlight , a virtual cage on a human body. When Zhu Ma went in, she only saw her sitting under the windowsill. The window faced the south. At this moment, the sun came up from the west so only half of the light came in through the grid. That partition board created a boundless pattern, making the table seem like a book in which one would trace characters, grid by grid. She leaned against her elbow, her other hand on the table, slowly tracing the reflection on the table. A stroke, a drawing. The action was light and slow as if she was trying to write a word. She only had a wrinkled brow, making her look sick, even more haggard than usual. Zhu Ma could not help but advise: “Since you are going to Master’s house, and we are about to celebrate the holidays, is this dress a little too plain?”

  • [1] Qipao- Traditional Chinese gown.

Qin Sang turned, looked at the clothes on her body, casually saying: “It’ll just be this one.”

Zhu Ma knew her own house’s miss. After she had her own idea, she wouldn’t listen to anyone else and could only say: “The car is prepared, when does Miss want to go?” Qin Sang said: “Now is good.” After a while, she said, “You should still stay at home and watch over the house, I’ll bring Han Ma.”

Zhu Ma agreed and went to go find Han Ma. On the other hand, a few other Ma’s were helping Qin Sang carry her items, sending them onto the car. Zhu Ma still worried, thinking of her Master (TL: Aka Yi Lian Kai) and the Miss arguing to a deadlock. The Miss got sick, Master didn’t even come see her at all. Their couple relationship had cooled to now, and as someone by her side, her heart could not stand it. She was only afraid, after Miss went there, if in some more words, she and Master began to fight again, what could she do. But of course, she couldn’t say these things to Miss’s face, plus, Miss had already finally willing to wrong herself. She could only hope that these two people could overcome the grudge, and be as good as ever.   (TL: Master is aka Yi Lian Kai)

That Yi Lian Kai had went to Zhi Mountain ever since the Dragon Boat Festival for the summer. The north side of Cheng Ye city had a towering green mountain. At the foot of the mountain was a river that passed through it, torrents twisting and turning, as it went south and into the Yong Jiang. The two great rivers made the huge city, Cheng Ye caught in the middle. In the blazing sun, the vapor would come up. The steaming Cheng Ye and the millions in the urban landscape would become prone to the heat. Thus, everyone who was wealthy in Cheng Ye would most of the time go to Zhi Mountain to their villas. Every summer, when the city had a rich atmosphere, they would go to the mountain for the summer, until MidAutumn Festival, would they go down the mountain and back to the city.

Zhi Mountain was only 200 miles away from Cheng Ye. But because every year, many wealthy dignitaries went up the mountain, the path was paved with an excellent asphalt road. The car whistled for hours. Qin Sang didn’t bring many luggages, so there were only two cars with them. Along the winding asphalt road, they made many twists and turns to get to the top of the mountain.

The Yi Family controlled the Jiang Zuo military. Even though the yamen were located far from the estate, Cheng Ye was a strategic town for the Jiangzuo, so a large number of troops were stationed there. Yi Lian Kai didn’t participate in the army, Cheng Ye’s warlord, Gao Pei De was Yi Ji Pei’s henchman for a long time, so he naturally favored the Yi Family’s third son. Thus, Yi Lian Kai’s villa on Zhi Mountain, had a good location, covering an extremely wide expanse of land, dominating the mountain on the top. The asphalt road gradually deepened. As it neared the afternoon, the weather became dismal and gloomy. From far away one could only see a sentry in front, anxiously moving back and forth with a rifle strapped onto his back. This area was where all the military and political figures resided in the summer so it was not strange to see sentries about. Before they reached the barbed wire, the car stopped, and someone went out from the car to deal with the sentry.

When the sentry heard that it was the Yi Family’s third young lady of the house, he busily opened the wooden bars covered in barbed wire and let the car through. The car continued on for a while,  turning onto another trail. Really, it was also an asphalt road, the two cars travelling side by side. On one side of the road was the green mountains, the other side was the stream. Under the sunset, the golden pale inclined sun shone on the stream, sparkling water against the rugged rocks, flowing aimlessly. The sky had a lilac glow, light blue mountains illuminated against it, as if it were a famous painter’s landscape; the scenery was extremely beautiful.

The driver was very familiar with the way, he knew that there was no other way to get to the villa, and that this path kept going to the Yi Family’s villa. Because the day was getting late, the trees began to shade the path ahead of them, the sky becoming increasingly dull, so the car with just enough horsepower to get to the top was startled by a sudden silhouette and bright flash, as a horse immediately rushed out. The rider did not expect that there would be a car on the path, and tightened the reins, overcome by surprise. But that horse just had to be startled by the snowy glow of the car lights. When the reins were pulled, it could not help but emit long cries. When the people stood up, they were almost crushed by the person on the horse, who was falling.

The driver had already braked. The young woman originally riding the horse was overcome with fright, and could not help but use her hand to wipe at her forehead, as if she was about to cry. At this time, a noise bursted in the forest, and many horses came out. The sky was already dark, surrounded by the trees, one could only see the people wearing uniforms from the army, surrounding that young woman. Someone hopped off of his horse, seizing the reins. There were even people who rushed at the car yelling: “You scared our horses. If a person were to be crushed, would you be able to afford it?” A person came out from behind them, carefully looking at the lisence plate, his face changing, saying: “This is not the car from our house?” The driver had originally been startled, but as of now he was snappish. He stuck out his head from the car window and said: “Who is the person in charge? The young lady of the house is on the car!”

By yelling like this, everyone immediately quieted, only to hear the wind blowing through the woods, rustling, as well as the small insects sounding in the grass. These people were extremely embarrassed and could only dismount. The leader was Yi Lian Kai’s closest lackey, Adjutant Song. He walked to the car after he got off the horse, respectful in the line of ceremony, his hand descending towards Qin Sang. Qin Sang didn’t want publicity at all, and she knew these people usually followed Yi Lian Kai, always lawless. Seeing the circumstances, she only nodded her head, asking: “Is he on the mountain?”

She was very polite towards the people around Yi Lian Kai, but rarely called Yi Lian Kai by his courtesy name. Even though Adjutant Song still stood there, unmoving, his head spun around quickly. He knew Yi Lian Kai had not returned for many months. Today, this young lady of the house came up to the mountain; he did not know what to do. Even though the Yi Family was a civilised family, but they had established a seat in the government, so they had very extreme rules. When Adjutant Song heard the main question, he didn’t care answer. He stole a glance at Qin Sang’s complexion, seeing that she seemed quite calm, he thus said: “The master* went to the lake to fish until June, but he should have returned by now.

  • *Sorry but I am unfamiliar with nationalist/republic addresses. I translated 公子爷 to master because I don’t know how someone with many merits would address the “Master of the House”. At the same time, “master” just makes him sound like a servant. This guy always makes me run into issues as how to translate how he refers to himself in the presence of ppl with more authority!! Anyone have any ideas? If not, the (*) is a clear indication that someone with merits (not a servant) is addressing someone higher up.

Qin Sang nodded, lifted her head to look at the light that was not far away, and said: “Let’s go.”

At this time, the villa was very close. The car would reach the iron gate in a moment. The other villas on Zhi Mountain were all Western style, the Yi family manor was no exception. It was originally designed by foreigners, and had the typical Southern style from the U.S. The white towering columns, big marble flowers curled in stone, ebony doors and windows which drew uncompromising attention to it, under the trees’s shade, bringing out its deep beauty. In front of the villa was a circular fountain pond. The car went along the gurgling water of the fountain and stopped in the rain below. Adjutant Song particularly curried favor, personally rushing up to help QIn Sang open the car door. Qin Sang knew that they had always been sneaky, and as of now, Adjutant Song contrived to do such a thing; she did not know what he had a guilty conscience over. Thus, she only said: “Go in and notify. Tell him I have come.”

Adjutant Song had long been ordered to quickly go back, to first report. As of now, he smiled: “Mistress’s words, making this one* not know how to answer. You’ve already returned home, why is Mistress still troubled over mere formalities?” As they spoke, the brightly lit villas inside, had already heard this and welcomed, respectfully calling “Mistress”, going to the back to get the luggage. As for Adjutant Song, he took a step forward and personally helped Qin Sang push open the two mahogany doors, making a respectful attitude.

  • *标下 This was the way the Adjutant referred to himself. Just like the last bullet point, I would just like emphasize that the Adjutant has a position and is NOT a servant. He may be lower than Qin Sang but his form of address would not be such a humble address like a servant

Qin Sang didn’t say anything more in the face of the servants. Thus, she entered the main hall, step by step. When she had just stepped onto the carpet, she suddenly heard a burst of mad barking from the tip of the stairs, seven or eight large dogs, like wolves, rushed down, rolling down the stairs like the wind, while barking frenetically, baring their white tipped teeth, surrounding her in the middle. Han Ma, who accompanied Qin Sang behind her, was scared out of her wits, tugging on Qin Sang’s sleeve, shouting: “Mistress, mistress……”

Qin Sang seemed to not see that pack of evil dogs, and continued forward. Her figure slightly moved, and those vicious dogs immediately began to make deep whining sounds, revealing their white teeth. Han Ma blurted out, scared: “Mistress, don’t move!” Qin Sang scowled but poked Han Ma’s hand, waiting to be attacked when she suddenly heard a lazy whistle from upstairs. The pack of evil wolf like dogs immediately ran up the stairs. Surrounding their master, they continued to pant, nonstop.
Qin Sang lifted her head, but she saw Yi Lian Kai, standing in the stairway, wearing a Western style tunic, with tumeric military uniform trousers. On his feet were a pair of soft-woven golden slippers. He casually glanced at her and said: “Why did you come?”

Qin Sang usually was impatient when she spoke to him. When she saw his dandy appearance, her heart felt more discouraged. But since she had come, she might as well endure her temper, and thus lightly said: “I cannot come?”

Yi Lian Kai laughed coldly. Qin Sang was the person his father forced him to marry. Before she had married, Qin Sang had heard of this nobleman. Eating, playing around, he could do all of these, but he was unwilling to do anything important. The two of them were matchmade by their parents’ words. After the marriage, Yi Lian Kai didn’t make half a move and still had that nobleman’s temper. The good part was that after Qin Sang entered the family, he had a very good grace. Besides the three holidays when he had to return home to his parents and greet them, he usually didn’t interfere, and the days could be considered peaceful. Many weeks previously the two had fought, Yi Lian Kai had walked away and cared for himself over the summer on Zhi Mountain. He had a lot of fun, living freely. He had already pushed Qin Sang in the back of his mind, but he didn’t think that today she would suddenly come up the mountain.

“What does it matter if you came up the mountain?” Yi Lian Kai cocked half his eyebrow: “Let me tell you, don’t think of learning from those suffragettes who often talk about women’s rights, in an attempt to interfere with my actions. Our family does not have those kind of manners.”

Qin Sang had sat in a car for half the day, and hadn’t even eaten dinner. When she heard his words, she only lightly said: “I didn’t come to interfere with your actions. It’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival. Over at your father’s, in the end, we still need to go explain the past soon.”

Yi Lian Kai’s face was still gloomy, as he fiercely glared at her face, he said: “What do you count as? Using my father to pressure me?”

Qin Sang did not make a noise. Yi Lian Kai coldly laughed, walking down the stairs, that pack of dogs following him tightly. One could only hear the roaring sound of the dogs coming down the stairs. He passed by Qin Sang but looked straight ahead and sped away.

Qin Sang didn’t know where he went again. Adjutant Song also disappeared. But there was a footman who came up and asked: “Mistress still hasn’t eaten dinner right? What about I call for the kitchen to make it?”

How did she have the heart to eat. She only felt the burning in her stomach. She sighed, and said: “Then I’ll have porridge–send it to the room.”

When they had just gotten married, Yi Lian Kai brought her to the top of Zhi Mountain for their honeymoon. Because she was a very light sleeper and was afraid of noise, Yi Lian Kai gave another huge tantrum. Thus, the two people slept in their own rooms, walking on their own side of the hallways. When they returned to Cheng Ye, this housing distribution still existed. Qin Sang lived in the room she had lived in before. There was already someone cleaning it everyday, dusting it, so it was very clean. As of now, Han Ma placed the luggage and her belongings inside. The kitchen sent over a thin porridge up, with four types of pickled vegetables.

Han Ma helped her get the small bowl of porridge, and said: “Mistress, it’s very good when it’s not cold or hot. If it gets too cold it will hurt your stomach.”

Qin Sang frowned, perfunctorily picking up a spoon to eat, like she was making a confession. It was only a pity that the other supplementary dishes that the kitchen had prepared to go along with what she had ordered did not move, just like the chopsticks. Han Ma saw her like this, and thought of the situation from just a moment ago. She thought she would still argue with Yi Lian Kai, but Yi Lian Kai had always been like this- even if you tried to persuade him, it would be impossible for you to do so. Thus she cleaned up the dishes and silently withdrew.

Qin Sang’s room was really a very big suite. Outside, there was a small reception room. Inside was a huge bedroom. To the left was a bathroom. Next to the bathroom was another locker room. Although this place was not like the Chang Ye Yi residence, using a boiler with hot water pipes, nearby there were hot springs, so you could open the culverts directly. Yi Lian Kai was someone who cared the most about eating, wearing, and having fun, so this bathroom’s bathtub was also different from the like. It was especially shipped from France. It wasn’t only large, the bathtub claws were even made up of gold. Even though Qin Sang had been born rich, when she had been met with such an object initially, she still felt extravagant. She had been exhausted for the day, and Han Ma helped her put a tank of hot water. After she bathed, she changed into pajamas and slept for a while.

She slept for about three shift hours when Qin Sang suddenly woke up. Originally, the mountains were very peaceful, and there was only the sound of insects chirping outside the window. She felt her whole body’s hairs were all standing up. The moment she wanted to stretch out her hand to open the lamp, another hand suddenly reached out of the darkness, pressing on her hand. She only smelled an alcoholic air, when that hand went up her arm and into her sleeve, groping her chest. She wore satin pajamas, that were very large. Right now, she was surprised and angry, but he began to laugh- laughing as if he was sneering, until he brushed away her face.

Qin Sang was already very disgusted, but she couldn’t turn away, otherwise tomorrow she wouldn’t be able to put up with the words of the people. Thus, she didn’t make any sound and only stiffened her body, like wood. Originally, she wanted to endure it by gritting her teeth, but she didn’t think he had already reached out his hand, laughing coldly again: “I know that it isn’t that cheap- usually touching you is harder than touching the sky. Coming up to the mountain today, what you came for, even if you don’t say it, I know.”

Qin Sang groped around and buttoned her pajamas, flipping over with her back to him. He became ruthless, and flipped her over in one motion: “Say it! Why? Say it!”

Qin Sang knew he usually had a young master’s bad temper. After he drank wine, he became unreasonable, so when he took her wrist and almost crushed it, she didn’t resist, and only said: “Don’t fall into a drunken craze.”

“I know you want me to be crazy.” His eyes gleamed, full of light, in the dark. Then he softly laughed: “You even more want me to die!”

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Comments: Omg the OTP is really amazing so far. I have to wonder… were Yi Lian Kai and Qin Sang actually good together at one point… and how does Yi Lian Kai end up falling love with her? I feel so bad for Qin Sang though! She’s really lost weight! Plus, none of her servants really understand her. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but usually ppl at least have a servant they’re close with, right???


35 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter 1”

    1. So first chapter was introduction to the story.
      Qin Sang and Yi Lian Kai are trapped in Forced marriage.for two years they have little interaction with each other.after she was asked for a favor by an old friend. she went to his summer villa and he know she came for something..(oh Yes)

      The firs scene of him controlling the vicious dogs by whistling scream danger to me.him jumping in bed with her first night confirm it. and why does he think she wants him dead (That’s just sad) I can’t wait to read more..Thank you so much for taking the time to translate for us.


  1. OMG yay it’s here!

    I didn’t realise how long the chapter was, thank you for putting out so much time in translating this. You spoil us!

    I’m loving the main OTP, every scene they’re in is just FIRE. They both have unspoken words for each other and it’s just too tense. I love it!

    Thanks again! I can’t wait to read more.

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    1. Haha Asiangurl 12 glad you liked the chapter! Haha I rlly can’t help but spoil u guys.

      I’ll start the official translation next year when I finish up all my projects here. Hopefully it’ll begin in December-ish/Januaryish. This is sure setting up to be an angsty romance!

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  2. *Spoilers*
    We don’t find out how YLK fell in love with QS until the very end of the story, which is a flashback to when they first met.

    I don’t like open ending because I don’t like being left hanging after spending so much time reading something, but I’m a huge fan of FWSC. I do like this story and looking forward to the drama adaptation. Hopefully, the drama will end better than the novel.


    1. Oh I see how that all works out. It’s too terrible that it is only unveiled at the end of the book!

      I’m finding myself to be a fan of FWSC now that I’ve begun to read this book. Her work is filled with so much angst and detail like she puts a lot of love and effort into every word! Loving this book so far! Thanks for the answers to my “deep” questions!! Lol. ^_^


      1. I think Siege in Fog is a good story because as it unravels, we slowly find out about YLK’s deep love for QS, which is very touching. At the same time, his love is disturbing in its intensity because it borders on maniacal obsession, especially the way he plotted meticulously and ruthlessly to push her to marry him. It’s not until the end that the story returns to the beginning in a flashback and we find out how they first met.

        The trailers for the drama look awesome, especially with Elvis Han and Sun Yi as leads. They look very cute together. This is the only Chinese drama I’m excited about right now. I’m guessing
        one big change is the drama will probably end on a happier note, like what was done with Too Late To Say I Love You. Siege in Fog is kind of the prequel of Too Late because Mu Rong Feng makes a brief appearance in Siege in Fog, but at this point, he’s still young and not in power yet.

        I steer clear of open/sad endings, but FWSC is an exception and I’m a huge fan, having read most of her books. I like her writing style and the shocking twists in her stories.
        If you like FWSC, you should check out Xin Yi Wu. I like XYW’s earlier books more than her later ones though. My favorite is Let Me Look At You. More info @

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        1. Hopefully the drama will end on a happier note! I really like both the leads and the drama actually looks good.

          I guess I like angst but not dark stories like anything involving abuse or love obsession but I’ll continue with Siege in Fog just because FWSC is soo good (and it’s my first time reading her books)!!! What is the best FWSC book you would say you have read?

          Hmm I don’t know if I’m ready for more Xin Yi Wu. I like her writing style but at least in To Our Youth That is Fading Away, her beginnings start so slowly and I am more of an impatient reader. Lol. I’ve seen the first chapter of Let Me Look At You and it sounded good. I haven’t gotten a chance to go back and pick it up yet… I’ll do that sometime in the future.


    2. Thank you so much for the translation!

      I tried to find any bits and pieces about the novel after I saw the trailer but came up with nothing, sadly. The first chapter really makes me look forward to the rest of the story. ^^


  3. Omg! I’ve only seen the trailer and heard it was an adaption to the book. The trailer is amazing as the OTP shows such great chemisry! I’m most definitely hooked, please keep translating the book! Lol. It’s so interesting.


    1. Omg! I’ve only seen the trailer and heard it was an adaption to the book. The trailer is amazing as the OTP shows such great chemisry! I’m most definitely hooked, please keep translating the book – much appreciated! Lol. It’s so interesting.


  4. Love it … can’t wait for ur translation and also the drama. I saw somewhere said the drama coming out in December. I’m so excite for it cause i get to watch the drama adaption and read the novel together in same month…😊❤️😊😀


  5. Thank you so soo much❤️ You are awesome.. I’m so excited waiting your translation of this novel, but please do mind you health first 🙂 we don’t want you to get over tired spoiling us

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  6. Waiting impatiently for the next chapter ..
    I already fell in love with the story ..
    I hope you won’t keep us waiting for too long ..
    thank you for the translation , And Waiting for Chapter 2 !!


  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you for translating! I’ve been wanting to read this for awhile now but my Chinese reading skills are really bad. Yay now I can read this! I don’t know about the original, but your translation is great!


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