• An old column where geeky covered new dramas coming out and translated the first chapter from the novels the dramas were based on.
  • Its purpose was to give readers an idea of what different trending dramas are about by translating first chapters of different novels.

Learn Chinese

  • This column has returned! Now you can learn Chinese along with different shows and such!
  • The focus of the Learn Chinese column is to learn Chinese through the media (such as Chinese show clips or maybe even dramas) and Chinese novels that appeal to readers rather than learning through textbook or lectures.


  • This column was created initially to review books that made geeky’s heart burst with fangirl screaming but now covers books and dramas (when geeky hasn’t read any books recently).
  • Books that are reviewed include everything from YA novels to Chinese novels (although geeky hasn’t finished any C-novels recently >~>)
  • Reviews come out every Thursday EST.