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Siege in Fog Chapter 3.1

Please welcome miumiu who has joined on as an editor! Woohoo!

Also, we have decided to post chapters in terms of plot arcs. So here’s your other plot arc for today!

Depending on the arc, we might post half a chapter at a time or multiple chapters or a full chapter…just depends on where we decide to stop it 🙂


Chapter 3.1

It turned out Wu Feng Hua’s idea was to hold a grand ball in the villa as there were still many acquaintances around. Then, he would give an excuse that the staff in the villa was insufficient and invite some locals to serve as hospitality staff

“This move, because there will be many women attendees, so women waiters are appropriate. They cannot be too old. The best would be female students because female wives are all knowledgeable and elegant. Thus, we must invite some female students to become temporary receptionists to be more appropriate.”

After Gao Shao Xuan listened to his idea, he thought that it was good, so he asked: “If I cannot find her, or I find her but she doesn’t want to be a receptionist, then what do I do?”

Wu Feng Hua said: “Then at the most, it’s only a ball. Unless you feel embarrassed to have a little fun?”

When Gao Shao Xuan heard this, he felt there wasn’t anything embarrassing. Plus, he had no better plan. By his side was the lucky mentality of his heart. Thus, he immediately called the housekeepers and told them to invite the guests.

The people in the mountains were all very rich. On the third there would be a small banquet, on the fifth, there would be a big banquet. Every night, they would have some activity to go to. Thus, the housekeeper did not feel surprised. It was only that usually, his master was more quiet, and loathed entertainment. He didn’t think that this time, he would suddenly bring out a proposal to host a ball. It was probably that these past few months, he had been bored to death in the mountains.

Gao Shao Xuan asked to hire a temporary receptionist, but the housekeeper was puzzled: “If we do not have enough hands on deck, why don’t we ask some people to go get some people up the mountain. Why must we find someone within the mountains? These mountain people are farmers and sedan chair bearers. In any case, they’ll be a few peddlers. I’m only afraid they’ll be clumsy and when the time comes, they will be unable to entertain the guests, and elicit some jokes.”

Gao Shao Xuan said impatiently: “Tell your people to look for someone. What good is there in speaking more than you have to?”

It was uncommon for him to be angry so the housekeeper immediately sent someone to go look around. The mountains might have the right type of female student who would be willing to come act as a temporary receptionist.

They were hyped for several days. The work was simple and a lot of money was paid so there really were a lot of girls from the mountain who were happy to come. Shao Xuan read through their profiles one by one, but none of them were the girl he had met that day so he could not help but feel deeply disappointed. So he still did not find the person until the day of the ball and they had no alternative. Thus, his enthusiasm waned.

Wu Feng Hua knew his heart was not on the ball, but they had already posted the notice a long time ago, and right now all the soldiers with a status, all came for the sake of the high military governor’s reputation. Wu Feng Hua served as the hospitality, and saw Shao Xuan with an absent-minded look so he found a space and whispered to him: “The people who have come today, are so obedient for the sake of respect. Otherwise, the Yi family’s young master is also coming. As the host, can you stop frowning?”

Gao Shao Xuan forced himself to be in high spirits. Fortunately, there were many people. They finished eating the cold meal, and the music started. Many people began to dance on the dance floor. Gao Shao Xuan saw the wine like the song and woods, flourishing and extravagant. So he could not bear it. But he vaguely saw a beautiful women from a distance, and felt like his disappointment disappeared. At this moment, his shoulder was suddenly patted by someone. He turned his head back. It was Yi Lian Kai.

He was not very familiar with Yi Lian Kai and only knew that this Young Master was a frequent visitor to romance places (referring to prostitution areas). As of today, he brought a loveable beautiful woman. Someone knew that this was the faraway famous actress called Min Hong Yu. Wu Feng Hua was also someone who loved to talk, and had already quietly pointed her out: “That is Yi gongzi’s new mistress. I heard the Yi Family’s third wife,the wife of the young master came up to the mountain because of her. In the end, the results of their discussion was disappointing.”

Gao Shao Xuan heard this and pretended it was the wind in his ears. As of this moment, Yi Lian Kai smiled, and asked him: “I haven’t seen you in a long time. Last time I when I saw you, you were still at your residence.”

Gao Shao Xuan laughed: “Yes.”

Yi Lian Kai continued: “I have some private matters. Originally, I wanted to ask your esteemed father, but after turning it over in my mind, I don’t dare to open my mouth in front of your esteemed father.” He kept his hand on Gao Shao Xuan’s shoulder and lowered his voice as he said: “My father gets angry at me, so if he knows of this matter, I’m only afraid that there will be great inconveniences. Thus, I want to ask Gao gongzi, but I do not know if it is convenient.”

Gao Shao Xuan heard him say this and replied: “Gentleman, these words regard me too much as an outsider. If you have any orders, then Shao Xuan will try to serve.”

Yi Lian Kai laughed: “I dare not give orders….” He still remained and lowered his face, and said to him: “Speaking of this, I am very ashamed. One of my old classmates is surnamed Pan- his name is Pan Jian Chi. He was detained in a prison at Fu Yuan. At home, he wept and beseeched people until it got to me. But, you also know that it is really not convenient to appear personally. I was thinking that if your esteemed father could go to Fu Yuan, give a greeting, and bail him out, my father would inevitably not suspect me.”

Even though his words were said like plain discussion, Gao Shao Xuan knew that these matters were not simply a discussion.
It was only because Yi Lian Kai was awkward, and needed to avoid suspicion. Thus, it was only walking over to his own father and showing his hand, rescuing a person. Thus, he replied: “Please be at ease, Gao Xuan will do his utmost to help, and I will carry this out thoroughly for Gentleman.”

Yi Lian Kai laughed as he patted his shoulder: “Many thanks, many thanks.”

Gao Shao Xuan had received Yi Lian Kai’s orders, and did not dare delay.That night, he called the city. Gao Pei De heard his son in the phone talking about the ins and outs of this thing that would take little effort. Thus, he was happy to do Yi Lian Kai a favor. Thus, he immediately sent a secret telegram to the faraway prison and claimed that his nephew was mistakenly arrested. At once, he ordered the prison to release Pan Jian Chi, and they didn’t only release him. They even heard that this was Gao Military Governor’s nephew (on the male side) and thus they even especially dispatched two people who escorted him to Cheng Ye. The good part was that there was a railroad from Fu Yuan to Cheng Ye that was open to traffic. The whole night, they arrived at once, extremely conveniently.

Fu Yuan released the person and they also replied to Gao Pei De’s secret telegram. Gao Pei De told his secretary to send someone to the train station to get the person, and immediately sent Pan Jian Chi to the top of Zoysia Pungens via car, which allowed Gao Shao Xuan to report to Yi Lian Kai shortly after. Gao Shao Xuan was originally very curious, and his heart thought that this Young Master Pan was locked inside the prison, as a gongzi who could work and toil with a magnificent appearance, while also patrolling and enabling [Yi Lian Kai] to appear personally and speak for him. He must definitely be a respectable and honorable nobleman. But who knew that he was only a common youngster with common clothes when he was sent up the mountain. Only that, his appearance was delicate and pretty, refined in manner, almost like he was a student. Gao Shao Xuan usually tried to get close to these kinds of people in the same class so he was extremely polite.With the Western style etiquette he shook hands, and said: “Young Master Pan has been wronged. I will now bring you to Yi gongzi.”

That person was extremely silent and reticent. When he heard the three words: Yi gongzi, he suddenly lifted his head and glanced at Gao Shao Xuan. Gao Shao Xuan only felt his eyes were very keen with a faint sense of heroism, but it was only for a split second before his eyes lowered and he said “Many thanks.”

This was still after he entered the door, and the first time he spoke. Gao Shao Xuan only felt his voice was a little low and husky, and saw that even though he wore a suit, his neck did not have any necktie in the middle, and was open wide, showing two buttons. Underneath his neck, a faint purple bruise was exposed. Presumably, he had endured torture in the prison earlier. Gao Shao Xuan knew that after revolutionaries were captured, most likely, they were tortured, but this was something he had never seen in his entire life. This was the first time he saw that someone’s body had such a scary wound so he couldn’t help but tremble with fear all over though he was not cold.

Pan Jian Chi saw his appearance and reached out his hand to slowly button the buttons on his collar, almost as if he could see through his thoughts. He didn’t know if he could make contact with the wound, but only saw that both of his eyebrows had creased as he stood up, and said in a low voice: “I am afraid that my appearance will scare Yi gongzi, and I think I should still call on him after a few days.”

Gao Shao Xuan said: “Yi gongzi personally asked me to take care of this matter. I will not override his authority. We should still see Yi gongzi. When he sees that you are safe, he will definitely feel relieved then.”

Pan Jian Chi saw that he was determined and decided to accept it. Thus, Gao Shao Xuan brought him to Yi Lian Kai’s villa to pay a visit.

The Gao villa was not very far from the Yi villa, but the mountain roads were very complicated, and when one drove, one had to use a lot of skill. When they got to the door, the gatekeeper recognized the Gao car trademark, and thus, he had come up to approach them long ago. He helped Gao Shao Xuan open the car door and said: “Young Master Gao has really come at a bad time. Our Young Master has left in the early morning.”

Gao Shao Xuan was startled for a moment, when the sound of a car came up the mountain path. He looked back, and Yi Lian Kai’s car had just returned.

This sound was just like a bolt from the blue, and made Gao Shao Xuan’s body shake right there, unable to move, just like he had been shocked numb. Qin Sang heard this sound and called out, and saw Gao Shao Xuan standing there, shaking. The gatekeeper said: “This is Gao Military Governor’s Young Master who came to visit Young Master, but Young Master has not returned yet.”

Qin Sang did not speak. Her eyes watched Gao Shao Xuan’s back, her face colorless. Gao Shao Xuan could only see it as she had recognized him, but even if he dreamed, he wouldn’t have thought that the person he had always hoped to see was Yi Lian Kai’s wife. His heart was very sore, and he didn’t know what he could do that would be good, and he only saw Qin Sang’s hand tighten as it grasped a thin and slender water-like flowery braid as she threaded her way through it, with a slight trembling.

His heart healed and he began to feel confused, suddenly realising that she seemed to forgot her manners when seeing him, unless this was just another fantasy? This thought had not finished when his reason ordered him not to indulge in flights of fancy anymore [1] like this. A lot of servants stood at his side. If they saw through it, whose fault would it be for the impending calamity that covered the sky? Even if he collapsed, he would be resigned to it. She was a woman. If he hindered her like this, and implicated her, how could he die or begrudge [anyone]? Thus at once, he immediately broke off, and bowed and saluted: “Young Madam.”

[1] 胡思乱想: To indulge in flights of fancy (idiom). Fig- To let one’s imagination run wild.

TL Comments:

We get a peek at Pan Jian Chi in this chapter, only to find that he seems dark and brooding. As for why he was shut in the prison in the first place, only time will tell. I think that the first meeting between him and Qin Sang will be interesting… As of now though, there is a definite relationship that has built up between Wu Feng Hua and Qin Sang despite the fact that they only met for a brief moment. We know that Yi Lian Kai will do whatever he can for Qin Sang (after seeing that he helps her despite his confusion at what this man means for Qin Sang) but what we can’t see is the complexity of the plots that are being woven between all the characters, linking them together one by one. Yi Lian Kai is definitely the more complicated character in that he has all these emotions, but he can’t do anything about venting or letting it out because at this point, there doesn’t seem to be anyone trustworthy beside him. Qin Sang doesn’t realize the extent of his emotions towards her, but with Pan Jian Chi now introduced, we can definitely see that there will be more conflict internally in Yi Lian Kai as well as Pan Jian Chi (depending on how he feels towards her) in the future when it comes to finding her fated match.

I love how the author weaves the whole landscape together while bringing in the fine details to display the tension of each scene subtly, while evoking feelings of passion in other scenes through abrupt actions. Each character is hiding something, whether it be through their subtle display of emotions and character, and thusfar, we have no idea what it is.


Translated by Tranzgeek

Edited by Miumiu

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