About Us

The site was created in 2016 to translate novels and help others learn Chinese and vice versa. We put our soul, creativity, and love into everything we do, leaving a piece of ourselves in the work that we accomplish, aptly summed up through our site name, Meraki.


Tranzgeek(FM, SIF, MG): I’m a fluffy furryball who created this blog to translate C-Novels (one of my burning passions in life)~ I hope to bring more awareness to C-Novels and help Chinese people learn English and vice versa. Pls enjoy the ride, and hope you guys keep supporting! Your support makes my fuzzy heart burst with love and joy! Please do give all your support to the people volunteering their sweet time to also help out on this site!

I also do drama recaps over at A Virtual Voyage and I am currently also enlisted in volaretranslations, translating Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student). For more English subbed trailers/osts, be sure to check out my YouTube channel.

Jeslyn (LI): I’m just someone who rlly likes reading Chinese novels and would like to do my part in helping other ppl also read the chi novels by helping out in translation with my best ability 🙂

Mel/meowie123 (WASFIL): I’m a crazy cat lover who enjoys reading C novels (modern, wuxia and xianxia) and someone who wants to share my love of these stories with others.       (=^・^=)

Shl (WASFIL): I’m a ‘banana’ (yellow on the outside, white inside) who prayerfully hopes my four kids will have a better handle on the Chinese language than I ever had! I came to better appreciate the language only in 2015 when watching Nirvana in Fire (highly recommended). From there, it was a short step to reading Chinese novels in translation (thanks to websites like this one and their amazingly dedicated authors), and then – gulp – to attempting to read the novels in Chinese. Perhaps it really goes to show that it’s never too late to learn!

Midasz (WASFIL): Can be found at the back of a library typing away…
Just only recently this year I began my journey in reading Chinese novels and I decided to contribute back into the community by helping with the translations.
ps. I’m a Kdrama, Twdrama, and Cdrama trash. x)

12(SIF): Getting to translate books that have caught my imagination is a pleasure doubled and I hope readers enjoy the result as much I do the process. ‘Siege in Fog’ is the very first Chinese novel that I’m translating and also one which piqued my interest in resuming translation work. I hope to live up to the spirit of meraki when working on this novel!

Miumiu (WASFIL, MG): Just an avid reader who got introduced to translated Chinese novels when watching Love me if you dare. Trying my little bit to give back to this awesome community of translators who make Chinese novels available to us non Chinese speakers.

Minodayz(MG):Thanks for the online welcome! Didn’t think I would get so excited seeing it posted. Plus the buzz of it all, made me want to fight meds and stay awake🤣! Lol 😛 anyway…just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to be part of the team. Thoroughly love it

Our Amazing Editors:

Libramuse (WASFIL):

Raincloak(MG): Lazy uni student with no priorities. I’m trash for cheesy romances and spend way too much time crying over fictional characters.

Maripaz (MG): I am an ABC who loves languages but who unfortunately never bothered to learn her own (too hard…). I stumbled across these translated novels through, what else, cdramas, and signed up to edit for purely selfish reasons: because it’s fun! Hope I can improve my Chinese through osmosis!

Thank you to our past contributors: Liliywho, Caspar, Kim, Meiflower, Liane, Dulce, QueenAng3l and Torinope! We will never forget you no matter where you go :3