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Learn Chinese with BTS of Legend of Dugu Part 1: Review and New Grammar

Who doesn’t love random behind the scenessss? This video popped up randomly a few months ago, and so here we are with this post today!

I guess I’ll be doing a whole series on this video since each post will probably cover around 10 seconds~~

Don’t ask me when you’ll need these words because I’m a whimsical person so I’m just doing the next posts about this video, regardless of whether you’ll really need these words in the future or not. Mmm pretty much. Also don’t really have anything else to sub besides trailers and I personally am not looking out for anything in the future besides ancient stuff which will probably be hard to post about SO we’re doing a behind the scenes thing that I found funny a long time ago ;3

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Learning Chinese with Idol Producer: Simple Introduction

IT’S A LEARN CHINESE COMEBACK! I know I have neglected this column for some time, but I was kind of busy and after all of the work it took to put together the other posts, I was tiredddd so that’s my excuse. In any case, give me some feedback about this post and let me know what you want in these Learn Chinese columns so that I can tailor them for you guys (look at my final words also to see more about what to comment about).

This is probably going to be replacing my reviewing column because I’m only one person and I’m not about to sacrifice my brain for this blog so that’s pretty much it.

So today we will be going over how to introduce yourself! I know I already released a prior post about it but that was just the written words~ Here’s where you can get an idea of how to introduce yourself in context.

I feel like there are already a lot of great resources out there for learning Chinese, so instead of just writing the same things they do, I hope you will actually learn how to speak and write from the shows that I feature. There are a lot of subtitles in Chinese shows already, so a lot of the times, if there are also English subtitles, you can pause the video and speak along with the people speaking already, or study the Chinese words shown at the bottom by using your context clues and identifying the words you already know.

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Learn Chinese (4) A Beginner’s “Introducing Myself”

In this post, I’ll start teaching you guys Chinese through translating sentences (because honestly, it was boring and time consuming to write up the last post). However, some of the things we learned in the last post will be carried over to this post as we learn how to introduce ourselves to other people. The raws from this post are taken from Fleeting Midsummer and Les Interpretes.

This post is very very beginner and I’ve been too busy to add to it as the weeks fly by so this is what we got 🙂

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Learn Chinese (3)- Top 7 Phrases For Greetings/Departures

Right! So back to some more Chinese learning! Haha I had no time to post this over the weekend so may as well do it now! Many thanks to marri for making all our Quizlet tools that will be used well!

I didn’t really touch on any of the traditional things for this first tutorial. Later though, perhaps I’ll add it on to each tutorial.

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Learn Chinese (2): The General Basics on Chinese Characters

One more post on the generics of Chinese characters and we’ll get started with all our vocab! Lol just hang with me one more post! This post will cover radicals, stroke order, pictographs, and traditional vs. simplified Chinese. Nothing that hard and it’s quite a bit of overview and history 😛

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Learn Chinese (1): How to Express Chinese with Tonemarks, Pinyin, and Zhuyin

I present to you the first post on learning Chinese! Though most of this may be very basic, it’s always great to get some review in! As this is my first post, I appreciate any feedback that you guys give! This post will cover pronunciation, tones, Pinyin and Zhuyin.

Additional comments I make outside of teaching are in italics. I have provided many additional resources you may use to explore each concept thoroughly on your own time.

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Learning Chinese

Hey guys!

Despite the extent of how busy I am, I would like to introduce a new idea/column for my blog towards learning Chinese, something that I am sure many of you would like to accomplish to read books or listen to audiobooks. Though I will be creating posts for you to learn Chinese, a lot of work will have to be done on your own time although I will do my best to make it easier for you. Continue reading “Learning Chinese”