If you’re someone who has the passion and the willingness to uncover your greater potential, you should definitely consider applying for a position with us! Believe me, the work isn’t that hard xD. When you love what you do, how can it feel hard?

There are three positions available: translator, translation checker, or editor.


For us, the purpose of translating is not only to reach others, but also to help yourself and enrich yourself by helping others. It’s all the love that goes into our translations that leaves the readers with a better day~~

As a translator, you don’t have to have experience or super great proficiency either! We accept anyone-even people who are learning it at the moment. If you would like to translate your own novel, but your proficiency is not high enough yet, we may ask that you gain experience helping another team translate, so that you can start recognizing basic words and know the basic translation process, and then transfer these skills to your future translation projects on meraki!

–> If you are applying to machine translate, you MUST have awesome English proficiency.

And we always have other people on board who can help you throughout the whole process with different words and such! There’s no amount of releases that you must do for a specific week. Translate like a whizz when you got time! If you get busy, no worries! As people living somewhat chaotic lives, we definitely all understand that everyone can get super busy every once in a while!


As an editor, just hop online whenever you can, and edit for us! There’s somewhat of a test to gauge your skill. Because we accept all levels of translation, our editors are the key to keeping our chapter quality decent! There are no deadlines and definitely no homework.

Translation Checking:

This position requires that you have a very good foundation in Chinese, as you will have to read the Chinese and check it with what was translated. This is basically an editor on steroids, or a translator with a lot less responsibilities. A lot of our translators need translation checkers to help check whether things have been translated correctly, or how things could be translated in a better manner. Again, there are no deadlines or homework. Our team is very very chill haha.

Join our happy family today by emailing me at! =D

Please include:

  • Name (Online name)
  • Which novel you would like to help out with
  • Level of Chinese proficiency (so that we can better help you!)