If you’re someone who has the passion and the willingness to uncover your greater potential, you should definitely consider applying for a position with us! Believe me, the work isn’t that hard when you love what you do!

Positions available:

  • Translator
  • Editor
  • Translation Checker
  • Reviewer



A translator interprets the raws in a different language and translates that into English. Interpretation and word choice are incredibly important, as they serve to bring this story to another group of people who rely on translators to act as their communicators.

We accept all translators from newbie translators to machine translators. If you wish to machine translate, please ensure that your English and interpretation ability are very strong, otherwise translation will be extremely difficult for you, even if you like it.

If you would like, I would be open to allowing sponsorship. However, you will not be able to receive ad revenue as I do not believe in the ethics of monetizing someone else’s novel. Sponsorship is more of supporting the translator, while ad revenue is blatantly monetizing someone’s content. All of our translations should be considered strictly fan translations that are provided for our viewers’ pleasure.


An editor gauges the flow in the chapter and tweaks all of the words and sentences so that they flow together seamlessly. However, that really isn’t the most important thing to being an editor. An editor doesn’t just look at one sentence or one word to fix that one thing. An editor should look at the entire chapter, and change words or sentences based on the readability of the entire chapter, so that everything flows together.

Editors will be sent tests to check their ability. Potential editors will be accepted, so you do not have to have complete mastery over flow yet. Fluent English and an understanding of English grammar is helpful.

Translation Checker:

A translation checker should have a well-founded knowledge in Chinese, as they will be required to check through other less-experienced translators’ translations to ensure quality and interpretation are carried through. A translation checker acts as an editor who understands the context, which means that they have more responsibilities, but less work than a typical translator. Translation checkers should note ALL inaccuracies and give helpful suggestions to budding translators.


If you’re interested in joining geeky’s Book Review Galore column, just email geeky! Preferably, reviewers will review YA novels or Chinese novels. Reviewers should be passionate about novels and reading, and they should also be passionate about sharing their passions with other people. Reviewers should be able to talk about the novel they are reviewing and also make other people want to read their novel too~

Join our happy family today by emailing me at! =D

For translators, editors, and translation checkers, please include:

  • Name (Online name)
  • Which novel you would like to help out with OR if you would like to bring a new novel to the table
  • Level of Chinese proficiency (if applicable)

For reviewers, please include:

  • Name (Online name)
  • What novels do you like? What novels will you be reviewing?
  • What type of novels will you be reviewing? (YA or Chinese novels)
  • A little about your passion for novels and reading

Just one simple action can make our day!

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