Siege in Fog | 迷雾围城

Siege in Fog Chapter 4.1

It’s quite a pity that Yi Lian Kai displays his love in the midst of cruel situations that make others (mainly Qin Sang) misunderstand him. And..let’s just be honest. Up to this point, Yi Lian Kai really has no redeeming qualities besides releasing Pan Jian Chi to make the plot thicker. On the other hand, adjutant Song, who has been placed by Yi Lian Kai’s side all this time is seen as a shrewd person who goes with the flow of power, so why has he been set up? Or, is the point of view of Yi Lian Kai’s blind temper just getting in the way of uncovering the truth? As for Mr. Pan, we’ll find out just the beginning of what makes him so special.

By the way, chapters are posted every Wednesday. I will let you know if there are any schedule changes in the future. Please check the Schedule page for future reference. I hope there are no more questions on when we post.

Pls thank 12 bunches for translating this chapter!

Announcement April 2018

Hello there, readers! With kind permission from Tranzgeek, I will be moving those chapters that I’ve translated over to my own blog. The chapters will follow the new chaptering so do expect some changes in terms of the chapter numbers (as talked about previously). To simplify the process, links here will point to the Contents Page at my blog.

Thank you for your likes, comments and support all this time and do drop by hiding in plain sight if you have time!

12 (translator and editor)

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10 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Chapter 4.1”

  1. let’s go “hunting”
    Yi Lian Kai caught biggest prey adjutant Song!!
    Song suggested to give his horse to Qin Sang was he planning to harm her?!
    also finally some action from Pan Jian Chi.and Gao Shao Xuan still clueless.
    Thank you so much 12 & tranzgeek for another chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you so much. I love it. I was wondering if u could translate I LOVE MY PRESIDENT THOUGH HE IS A PSYCHO, but if you can’t its fine. I love your work and thanks tto you and everyone who helped.


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