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Les Interpretès Cont~Chapters 3 & 4

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Chapter 3

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Qiao Fei

Summary: Qiao Fei talks about her foreign languages degree and talks about how she only wanted to become an interpreter for a stable, well-paid job, and so she didn’t have to learn math (saame). She said that she feels that interpreters are only mouthpieces and that language is only a tool, which makes people tools also. BUT, it was Cheng Jia Yang who made her change her outlook on translating. And she thinks about that fateful day, the day when he would never forget her. (cheesy if I ever heard it)

So, in the next excerpt, Qiao Fei and her classmates are all working with Cheng Jia Yang.

Every person all had many “First times”. This was my first time being an interpreter. My whole body was sweaty. I felt that this job could absolutely fend off the cold for 39 days (haha, but she’s basically saying that she felt so hot and sweaty that she could survive out in the cold for 39 days)

French people could be counted as bold, as they paid people on the scene. I not worked for 30 minutes yet, and I had already received 300 yuan. Looking at Cheng Jia Yang’s hand’s envelope in his hand, a small thick stack, he said to me, “I’ll treat you to some food.”

Four of us, sat in Cheng Jia Yang’s German car to go to a very famous seafood restaurant in town. When it was my turn to order, I asked for some of the best salmon, a taste that I missed and coveted dearly. It was 388 yuan per dish. I had somewhat of a weird idea, If this rich brother wants to treat us, then let him spend money.

After everyone had ordered, I tapped on the waitress again, and said, “If I could  also have a serving of potato braised eggplant, like that potato and tomato dish. Smashed until it’s pulpy, and put on part of an onion.” Tranzgeek: I have never heard of this.

“I am from the Northeast.” I said to the laughing Cheng Jia Yang.

“Yeah, yeah.” A male classmate said, “She eats onions raw.”

The waitress had a stubborn temper and said to me, “Sorry miss, this is a specialty seafood restaurant.”

“Please,” Cheng Jia Yang said to that waitress, “Tomatoes and potatoes, which shop doesn’t have this? I’ll talk to the boss.”

The woman’s face reddened and she elegantly walked away.

Summary: In any case, she seems to be convinced (of being an interpreter) by the conversation she and Cheng Jia Yang have during the meal which goes like this:

“I feel that your translating reaction is very fast.”

“Really? Thanks.”

“In the future, are you planning to be an interpreter?”

“I originally was not, but since you have looked well upon my performance today, I will consider it.” I pointed to his envelope full of the money that he had just made, “Brother, is the income okay?”

Everyone looked at Cheng Jia Yang’s open envelope. Like the French, he took each bill and put them one by one on the table, “Two hours, 4000 yuan.”

“Wow,” I said. To the others, I said, “Everyone work harder.”

They all nodded their heads fiercely.

Summary: Afterwards, there is a bit more conversation, but it was a little pointless so I ended up not translating it. Qiao Fei does end up paying the tip for the meal, but that’s basically it. Anyways, on to the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Cheng Jia Yang

Summary: Cheng Jia Yang is still in school currently, (hope I didn’t confuse anyone >_< ), but he’s graduating shortly. In any case, he has a lot to get in order before he graduates but he still has time for friends…: D

By the way, Ming Fang from the previous post was getting married to someone other than Cheng Jia Yang which he was veeery sad about which will impact many things that happen in this chapter. If you’re watching the adaptation you can just think of Ming Fang as Wen Xiao Hua minus Gao Jia Ming (the doctor).

Xu Dong finally thought of something. One day while we were eating lunch, he asked, “Last time I asked you to help me find that lady, what happened?”

The one he talked about was Qiao Fei.

I said, “Nothing.” I put a piece of juicy steak in my mouth, and looked at the Xu Dong who was currently staring at me, and repeated, “I didn’t find her, finding people isn’t that easy.”

In fact, the day before, as the outstanding student representative, I had just given the third prize awards and certificate from the French National Examination to her.

Fei’s performance was very different. Smiling, she took the certificate from my hands, and surprisingly, in front of all the audience members, said, “Many thanks to the college, I thank my parents, I thank the director and their team, I am very happy to get an Oscar. I love you guys. ” Then, she put an arm on her chest, with her ’emotional restraint’ and ‘concealing her excitement’ look. It was definitely the Oscar style.

Oh my gosh, this girl was really a clown. I believed she was simply well prepared, she knew she would get this result. The students became a laughing group and the teachers were tolerant and understanding of this excellent student’s humor.

I thought of her laughing countenance before, and  I became very curious, what kind of household did this child come from?

In front of my eyes, Xu Dong swung his hands, “What are you thinking about?”


He looked at me, “I have something I want you to do for me.”

“Say it. Why are you being so polite?”

“I have a bid that I need translated into French. I can’t trust others. Help me look at it.”

From his bag, he took out a typed document. I took it and flipped through it. It was Xu Dong’s company’s bridge construction project in Mali, Africa, “My dad is watching my performance, I must gain this project.”

I said, “I need a week.”

“All right. This is too good. I almost thought you wouldn’t accept.” As he talked, he grabbed a banking card, putting it in front of me, “Put some heart into this ok?”

“Stop it,” I pushed the card back, “How can you be like this with me?”

“Suit yourself,” Xu Dong took back the card, “If you don’t want money then this business is done. Since I’ve hit the mark, your big brother thanks you.”

Bids, these kind of documents, had little content, but because of the special nature of the business wording the work was very demanding. In a week’s time, I translated Xu Dong’s bid, when I finished flipping the pages, I had also finished my career as a student, and thus as a double master, I entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the high turn Bureau and officially began work.

On my graduation day, after the ceremony, I hoped that I could see Ming Fang. I went to the English Department teaching building to find her, and I saw her in a classroom, proctoring an exam.

I hadn’t seen her for two months, and maybe because of these marriage and complicated issues, Ming Fang had become skinnier. She wore a pale blue skirt which still allowed her prettiness to shine through, making me think of my younger years.

I was at her house’s backyard, eating big bites of fruit ice, watching her sit on the swing reading. Sometimes she would smile to me and say, “Jia Yang, the strawberries got onto your nose.”

I sighed, and left that place.

These lingering emotions flopped about and made one’s heart annoyed. I wanted to forget her.

I had just started working, and I already had a hard task ahead. The French politicians were visiting, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Vice president would be receiving them. I was sent to translate.

Summary: So after the reception, the vice president walks over and asks him how his father is doing and he answers with a bunch of business updates. Then, Zhou Nan comes over, who just happens to be spoiler ********[Wen Xiao Hua’s husband in the drama]

He calls Cheng Jia Yang by name… like how do you even know Cheng Jia Yang? It seems implied that they have never met.

“I am Zhou Nan.”

I had no impression.

“Ming Fang is my fiance.”

In any case, we were linked by the Fu family. Should I call him “brother”? I probably should.

I shook his hand, putting force into it, to show affection I said, “Brother, Ming Fang should have introduced us sooner.”

Qiao Fei

Summary: Qiao Fei is at work at her winery again, and she just happens to run into Cheng Jia Yang. Woohoo. Methinks their relationship is actually moving very quickly… He seems to be in the winery because of heartbreak…I mean given his feeling for Ming Fang and her shallow feelings for him if she gave him the email she used LESS often.

This chapter was a little weird… so since Cheng Jia Yang is drunk, he begins to act a little rowdy… it seems that he has no idea of what he is doing, but in the end Qiao Fei escorts him out of the winery, a bit excited by his actions. I put a bit of the more PG excerpts here soo

“This sister, we seem to have met before.” He said, looking at my face, taking a close look. I was not afraid. He had already become drunk, putting on airs, and forgotten his own other world.

“In dreams, my precious brother?”He laughed. “What kind of wine do you want?”

“An expensive one.”

“No problem.”

Next excerpt:

What world was this?In the nighttime, the elegant prince kissed a girl?

But what could I care so much for? This odd occasion was real.

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