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Les Interpretès Chapters 5

Since Les Interpretès was so well received I have decided to take it on as a side project.

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Qiao Fei

Summary: So in the last chapter, I mentioned that Qiao Fei escorted Cheng Jia Yang away after the two got a little caught up in kissing and such. Well…they went to the beach apparently (for no reason) and as you can imagine, Qiao Fei’s initial dreaminess transforms into disgust when she sees his drunken mess as he pukes and pukes and pukes and then falls into a drunken stupor/coma. Qiao Fei is basically just talking about how unlucky she is after the dreamy kiss into being forced into taking care of such a person (-_-). What did you expect?

I heard Cheng Jia Yang’s voice, but I couldn’t hear clearly. I didn’t know if he was speaking Chinese or French. I carefully distinguished his articulations, and found that he was actually calling for “water”.

I said, “Where?”

He closed his eyes, “Inside the car.”

Inside the car I found some mineral water, and patted his face. I forced his mouth open and poured in the water which made Cheng Jia Yang cough. He forcibly sat up, gargled the water, and drank.

Then he saw me, and his eyes looked a bit sober.

“Do you recognize me?,” I asked.

He nodded.

“Who am I?”

I didn’t know what I thought, maybe I wished that he would recognize me by name.

“Ye Zong Hui’s little sister.”

Right. I almost vomited.

“Do you have any troubles in your heart?”

He nodded, watching me. He was really handsome.

I sat down,

“Is it because of love?”

“I met her fiance.”

Honest person. This was true luxury. He could actually destroy himself for love.

“Doing this to yourself, she doesn’t know.”

“I don’t need her to know. Even if she did know, it would be equivalent to her not knowing.”

Logical problem.

“Why don’t you find her to talk about it?”

“This isn’t a drama.”

He was so drunk, and yet he could still rebuff others. He had really earned his reputation.

That was true, it wasn’t a drama. But his head actually lowered, and leaned on my shoulder.

I didn’t know how to drive, and thus had to wait for him to wake up on the beach. I was cold, and tried to find warmth in his embrace. Skipped a bit in between because for no reason she literally brings up smoking but anyways…

His phone rang. I picked it up. The opposite person said, “Jia Yang?” It was a young voice.

“Oh.” My vigilance was very high, “What did you say he was called?”

“……I’m looking for Jia Yang.”

“Are you looking for a skinny, white, tall person? Who are you?”

“Miss. Who are you? Call the guy by your side, I am his big brother.”

This was too good. He was probably my savior. I put the phone near Cheng Jia Yang, and patted him on the face. He emitted a chaotic yelp.

“He is in this state,” I said.

“Nevermind.” The opposite person laughed, “I won’t bother you guys then.”

“Wait a second, you can come to pick him up. We are currently at the West Beach, #26 highway, on the south side.” I told him accurately. “He’s drunk. He can’t drive home.”

“Ok……” Of course this was a difficult situation, of course Cheng Jia Yang’s appearance would surprise his family members, “I’m coming.”

“About how long?”

“30 minutes.”

I received the line, and looked at Cheng Jia Yang’s sleeping face, and said, “Auntie [1] will accompany you for 20 minutes.”

Ten minutes before Cheng Jia Yang’s big brother arrived, I left him, and journeyed to the town on foot. Before dawn, the number of cars on the highway was very few, and sometimes there would be some coaches (touring vehicle) that passed by. I looked at the license plates and saw that none of them were from my hometown.

Summary: So she’s walking to the bus station, looking for the car that will take the hot guy back home. In any case, by chance, she meets Cheng Jia Yang’s brother, who asks her where #26 highway. Her thoughts go a little PG-13 when she’s thinking about the kissing and maybe the stuff that usually occurs in the bedroom.

She gets home via bus and then falls asleep on Sunday morning to take a nap but is woken up by her phone. When she sees the phone number her heart literally goes “Ge deng”. Hmmm I wonder what time it is.

[1] Auntie is not used as a family term here, but as a term of familiarity and also to convey the way she will be taking care of him for the next 20 minutes.


Cheng Jia Yang

Note: Jia Ming just drops Jia Yang off at his house and then leaves. Later, he revisits him.

After I woke up, I lay in my own house. Yesterday was a messy day. I remembered I had went to “Allure” (the name of the winery), I remembered I had drunk a lot of wine. Besides the wine, I had also lingered in someone’s soft and fragrant lips and then the pain, I remembered puking.

“You awake?”

It was Cheng Jia Ming. I had not seen my big brother for a long time. Right, I remembered he took me back home.

“Jia Yang, you’re tired. You don’t ever drink like this.”

I sat up and asked him, “What time is it now?”

“Sunday night, you’ve slept for a day.”

“No wonder you came to see me.”Thus the gesture was inadequate.

“Right.” He gave me a cup of water and I looked at him. I hadn’t seen him for two years but he hadn’t changed a bit.

“Are you living well now?” Jia Ming asked me.

“I just graduated recently, I’ve started working in the Foreign Affairs Department in interpretation.”

“In the end, they still pulled you into this circle.”

“You’re a doctor, I’m a civil servant, there are no differences between us. No one has went anywhere.”

“I do what I like.”

I had enough (…)– I did not translate the phrase in between, I stood up and walked over, “Don’t bully your patients.”

Jia Ming who was older than me by three years was the “black sheep” of the family (the odd one out). My parents had always allowed him to continue with his work in the foreign affairs, but to fulfill their wishes he received a degree in medicine and became a doctor. (He talks about their differing viewpoints and basically why they arent really that close)

“I knew that mom and dad were not home so I specially came to see you.”

“What did you come for?

“Ming Fang is marrying this week, do you know about it?”

It seemed that the whole world wanted to investigate the issue from me. My feelings for Ming Fang were all clear in Jia Ming’s eyes. “So you came to ridicule me?”

He hesitated, and thought about it, “Thinking about it now, it does seem that way.”

“Get out,” I said.


I heard the sound of Jia Ming shutting the door and sat down, opening the French book on the table, World News (in any case he reads some bad news in France) there were actually no good news.

The cell phone rang. I looked at the phone number, it was Xu Dong.

“Jia Yang, I reached my goal. My dad is very proud of my performance.”

“Congratulations.” There was finally some good news.

“How will your big brother thank you?” He said, mysteriously laughing.


“You can treat us then. This weekend, your big brother will give you a big present.”

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6 thoughts on “Les Interpretès Chapters 5”

  1. Funny how drama is so different from the book yet able to capture the same vibe for QF/JY they are a cute couple…glad drama take out all the smoking .. noticed that with a lot of novel the characters are usually smokers I guess it’s more prolific in China…


  2. Honestly, the notes and narratives bythe translator is kindo of annoying. I felt like it was draggingme out of the story and I cant focus in it. I felt like if this continued, I will not really understand anything. Sigh, its so frustrating.


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