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Les Interprètes Feature

Hey guys,

So let’s just say I’ve been waiting a long time for this…but IT’S FINALLY COME OUT!

This is probably a little late (hehe) but hey at least it’s happening now. Since my editor is pretty busy, I’ve decided to post the first two chapters of Les Interprètes in honor of the adaptation (like always) since it seems to be pretty hot right now. So until my editor gets back for me to post another chapter of To The Fading Away of Our Youth here’s the Les Interprète feature.

So in features, I will probably be putting a ‘trending’ adaptation or c-novel in the limelight by translating some chapters to give you an idea of what’s going to happen. I suppose this is more of a preview/nurturing people’s new obsessions (lol) but I’ll be translating/summarizing chapter 1 and chapter 2 this time…

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Chapter 1

Qiao Fei

April, the national french exam just ended, we are waiting for our grades.

The sunlight was very good, it was a bright spring day.

Huge bright windows looked out from the library, over the distant blue sea. The sea rose high in the spring and the opened seagull wings, tempting one into laziness.

I sat in the library, my back a little fatigued, as I flipped through a dictionary at random. This was an old habit. I saw a particular term, fatalité, a feminine noun, meaning fate, destiny, misfortune.

Short Summary Before You Read the Next Excerpt: Qiao Fei is basically at the library for the whole day, just reading French stuff (like she always does) and then her friend, Xiao Dan reminds her that there’s a lecture that afternoon. She’s a little more excited because one of the lecturers is a special someone [Chen Jia Yang]. She’s heard of his glorious name before but she’s never met him until now…

And the previous excerpt uses such great diction I couldn’t resist! The author is pretty great. Anyways…

So it was Cheng Jia Yang.

I had already sketched many images of him in my heart which ranged from a gentleman, wise scholar, aged scholar, to a handsome guy. However, his appearance was beyond my expectations.

Standing on the stage was a very young guy, tall and skinny. He was wearing very casual soft-textured white trousers but it showed a very dignified air. His whole face was very white. I was a little far away from him so I couldn’t clearly see his features. I only saw a pair of eyes which were black and radiant, and a smiling composure. He had black hair over his ear. Thus, more or less, he had some feminine qualities.

I was like the rest of the girls in the lecture hall, my eyes were unblinking, and my heart was far far away.

Then I heard him say, “Should I speak in Chinese or French?”

His sound was deep and clear, like pools of water.

I heard another person mutter, “Whatever you want, little brother.” This voice was a little unappreciative.

Nevertheless it was I, the Qiao Fei who had seen Cheng Jia Yang for the first time.

Short Summary Before You Read the Next Excerpt: So she rants a little more about Cheng Jia Yang and then after the lecture she thinks of him again. The subject then shifts from Cheng Jia Yang to herself and in the next excerpt she basically describes herself and what she lives for.

By thinking of him in this way, sitting in front of a big mirror, I began to put on makeup.

My face was painted white, I also had painted long eyebrows, on my small face, which almost flew into the temple (side of the head behind the eyes), and bright red lips. My hair was so black it seemed blue, and I put it up high, revealing my neck. Foreigners would like this kind of Oriental woman.

I changed into a golden skirt which hugged my young body tightly. I faced the mirror, laughing a little, and then laughing a little more. I looked very charming.

I pushed open the door and at first glance I saw feasting.

Short Summary Before You Read the Next Excerpt: So she’s at her workplace which is a winery in case you guys didn’t know. She has to keep everyone happy which is a little hard especially when people are drunk. But in any case, her goals and feelings for life really get me in the next excerpt…

I think I was not the only female student to pass these kinds of days, and the people like me did not count as a few. I felt fairly rich and knew certain kinds of self protection so it was not too much of a loss like a “big big” loss.

I support myself, I love life.

Cheng Jia Yang

Short Summary Before You Read the Next Excerpt: Honestly, his part of chapter 1 is a little boring. He’s just come back from France and a female friend of some sort, Ming Fang is introduced. They banter a bit about her email because apparently she gave him the email that she used less often…*cough and then he eats dinner. Yep.

Chapter 2

Cheng Jia Yang

This night, my sleep felt like a mess. When I woke up in the morning, my head extremely hurt. My old nanny, Mrs. Zhang left milk and breakfast outside my room, when she left, she said, “Yesterday night, Xu Dong called you, and wants you to call him back.”

Xu Dong was my best friend who had grown up with me. When introducing us, from this type of clique it was inevitable to mention our parent’s backgrounds…I won’t even translate the next part because I think we all know Xu Dong and Cheng Jia Yang are from uber rich backgrounds by now.

I called his cell phone. The person who answered was a girl, who sounded innocent, “Looking for Xu Dong? Oh, just hang on a second.”

“Hello, who is it?” Xu Dong did not sound clear-headed, I thought that I must have disturbed my dear friend’s sleep with a pretty girl.

“I am Jia Yang, Xu Dong are you busy? Come and meet me, ok?”

My old friend immediately became enthusiastic. We agreed to meet at the International Club. My own situation was not excellent however. Since I did not drive I called a taxi to go to the place.

When I got there Xu Dong was already waiting for me. It was a long time we had met again. His old problem still hadn’t changed. When I went up he hugged me in his embrace, his mouth saying, “Little brother, you must want to kill your big brother.”

I used my arm to push him back half a meter, “Here, there are a lot of foreign friends. Will you watch your step?”

He took my words as if they had flown past his ear, and intently stared at my face, “It is still Paris’s atmosphere that is good. Just look at yourself, this trip has made you become handsomer with more delicate features.”

“If you keep saying these things, I’m leaving.”

“Why is your temper so big? You haven’t readjusted to the time zone yet right? Big brother was just kidding, don’t compete in experience with me alright, your interpreter excellency.”

When we had exchanged serious talk, if not a few pleasantries, Xu Dong suddenly grabbed my hands.

I have known him for many years, his gentleman’s sexual orientation had no problem, but it was the annoying habit that stemmed from his hands and his feet that made others irritable. I tried to throw his hands aside, but he only grabbed me more tightly. He turned over my hand, shifted it around, looked at my fingers, and then put it in front of his nose to smell it.

He raised his head, his face was surprisingly serious, and he said to me, “You have no problems right?”

“What are you saying?” I took back my hand, “What problem?”

Short summary before the next excerpt: So they banter about a few more times and then Xu Dong sees a girl walking around and immediately perks up to attention. So the next excerpt is when the girl finally turns around because she was kind of “ignoring” the many signals that Xu Dong was sending her way haha. And Xu Dong seems a lot more goofy in the book… or is it just me? 

The girl finally turned around, Xu Dong was extremely happy, “Oh wow, very good.”

A small face turned around, with wheat colored skin, her large distinct black and white eyes, with a smiling countenance. Her like was really not bad. This was my first time meeting Qiao Fei. Later, she did something that would make me laugh many times in the future. She reached out to the car that held the two of us, shook hands, and then shook hands again.

So after she walked away…Xu Dong parked in front of the French Department’s door and started begging me to be sure to find this girl for him, which department she was from, her name, her background. For this great favor he agreed to do anything. Seeing him this way, I could not help but rebuff with, “Then how did you lose her just now?”

“Isn’t there an obstacle? A car that costs 100’s of 10,000’s of dollars, I cannot sidestep it. Good brother, I’m begging you.”

I got off the car, mouth promising, my heart thinking, such a big foreign languages university, so many girls, if I had to find just one, that would be easier said than done.

But I didn’t think that so quickly, I would meet her again.

When I arrived the dean Professor Wang was not at his office. It was currently the weekend but still, it seemed like before. Two to three lower level classmates were cleaning the office. Some were wiping the glass, others were sweeping the floor. All were engaged in conversation so they didn’t notice me. At this point, a phone rang, under the table, a girl straightened, one hand holding rag, her other hand grabbing the phone. It just happened to be the girl from before. I thought that coming had not been a waste, and began thinking of ways to blackmail Xu Dong.

The girl who answered the phone faced me, and saw me, blinking her eyes. In the phone she said in French, “Professor Wang is currently unavailable, he is in a meeting, would you like to leave a message?”

        Ok, I will record it. The France Trade Promotion Association, Mr. Reynolds, asks the professor to finalize candidates participating in translation by Monday.

        What is your phone number?

        13085792371, or my home phone is 88692273, remember this well.

        No, no I am his student, you are flattering me.

       My surname is Qiao, Qiao Fei. I will definitely carry your message over. Good Bye.

The girl put down the phone and said to me, “Brother are you also looking for the head?”

“Yes, is he not here?”

“He is next door at a meeting, just wait for a while.”

“All right then,” I sat on the sofa. She squatted again, and kept wiping the table. I said, “Your French is pretty good.”

“The sentence just now was not that hard.”

“Your pronunciations are also pretty accurate.” I was being sincere, for vocabulary, grammar, communication, can be improved through effort, however, the tone of voice is a natural thing, a person has to born to imitate a reaction and tone, so quality is more valued in senior translations.


She stood up, sweat on her face. She used her own arm to wipe it, and told the rest of the girls, “Have you guys finished? We should go, I’m hungry.”

They cleaned up all the tools, Qiao Fei took the recording from before and gave it to me, “Brother [1], if you see the head later, explain this to him alright?”

I replied with, “No problem.”

All the girls left. I sat down for a while. The head finished his meeting, grabbed his own tea cup, and came in. When he saw me, he gave me a hearty wave. I gave him Qiao Fei’s recording, he looked at it a bit, “Jia Yang, I needed for you, just for this.”

Monday, the France Trade Promotion Organization will meet some textile companies and needs interpreters. It is not difficult, and there can be alternate interpretations, but because there was a certain professional that still had to do some preparing, the director gave me some material, and said to me: “I am with the organization units, and when you go, you can take a few of our department students to experience interpreting within the ranks.” I looked at the list the director gave me and, there was Qiao Fei’s name on it.

[1] A more casual term to use to refer to someone

Qiao Fei

After we left the head’s office, Xiao Dan’s and Bo Bo’s eyes almost looked like they wanted to kill me.

“Why did Cheng Jia Yang only talk to you?”

“I must be just lucky.”

“Talking with you would be enough, why would you leave early? This made us unable to strike up a conversation with him. I prepared for so long!” Bo Bo’s entire countenance looked crazy.

“When you’ve finished talking, you should leave,” I righteously said, “Plus, if Cheng Jia Yang continued talking to me, my heart would jump out of my chest.”

Next Chapters (3 & 4)


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  1. Hi,

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  2. The drama brought me here! So glad you translated this! It’s so much different from the drama and my head aches from the comparison. I wish I’d read this before watching the drama.

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    1. Lol ikr! Apparently most other ppl aren’t as open minded as you tho since they gave the novel a 1 star rating lol. The novel is more into pg13 scenes (not like extreme detail but still) and Qiao Fei and Cheng Jia Yang are super different! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far.


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