Les Interpretes Chapter 61

Did he or did he not…marry? Many plot twists from the very unlikeable Wen Xiao Hua. At the same time…she redeems herself after this.

Btw guys did you know Les Interpretes 2 is coming out? It’ll be called The Negotiator and will feature a different love story (with pretty much the same plot) played by Yang Mi as the professional interpreter/negotiator and Huang Zi Tao as the rich guy.

Actually, the sequel to the novel is different. It features the same story but in Cheng Jia Ming’s point of view (gawwwsh if I had known about this I would have translated that story instead because Jia Ming is so much more interesting)

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Les Interpretes Chapter 59.2

Here’s your random update Les Interpretes folks. Note: A majority of the chapter is PG-13 which is censored. If you want to read it refer back to the Les Interpretes page for instructions on how to read PG 13 parts. No idea what’s up with the formatting :/

I’ve decided for the schedule of les Interpretés that it will be ongoing although I will not be posting weekly. You can expect new updates on Saturday. 

The conversation between Cheng Jia Ming and Qiao Fei really shows a lot about her character. Jia Yang on the other hand, has really kept a lot of things bottled up for too long and now is the time to get rid of it all which I have mixed feelings about…

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Les Interprètes Chapter 59.1

Les Interpretes is back… Just a warning but there may not be consistent updates after this… I’m way too busy to make it happen, plus chappies get longer after this… Beg Jeslyn! Lol. Kidding. Just so ya know, we will do our best to finish this but due to the comparable relative little interest in this project we may opt for other projects.

Cheng Jia Yang is really pitiful…

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Les Interprètes Chapter 58.2

Will anyone respond for my call to help? No commitment necessary at all!

The 2nd part of this chapter was a lot shorter so I got time. *scurries off to do HW* Lol. Anyways, it looks like Zheng Wei from To Our Youth That is Fading Away isn’t the only one going on blind dates 😛

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Les Interprètes Chapter 58.1

Just 10 more chapters to go guys. The chaps are getting longer and longer as we go so…that’s fun. Hoping to post 1.5 more chapters by the end of this weekend, if not more. Qiao Fei still has a lot on her shoulders. I can understand the boundaries between them but at the same time…guysssss are you going to get together or what?

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Les Interprètes Chapter 57.2

Cheng Jia Ming and Qiao Fei bond over some food. Cheng Jia Ming has the worst backstory!! Can’t say why I like him so much in the novel but he seems to be the only one who is actually rebelling against his parents even if he can’t do anything. Step it up Cheng Jia Yang!

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Les Interprètes Chapter 57.1

I swear the author is trying to make me suffer as we get closer to the end. Whyy so long dude? Ok ok but I’m going for Cheng Jia MingXQiao Fei. Not as a ship, mind you, but more as cute interactions of funny moments. ^_^

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Les Interprètes Chapter 56

Cheng Jia Yang is being peer pressured! And by his own mom no less! So evil! Peer pressure is the worst!!

But good things happen for Qiao Fei! Let us cheer her own as she goes her own way through the workplace.

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Les Interprètes Chapter 55

They fight. As expected… none of them tell each other of their wounds. What do you think Cheng Jia Yang thinks of Qiao Fei and Zu Zu’s relationship? I’ll be darned if it’s the only thing holding him back from outright pouring out his soul to Qiao Fei. And this chapter is poor translation quality because I didn’t “edit” it 😛

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Les Interprètes Chapter 54

Really sorry about the earlier chapter that was leaked today! Thus, here’s the chapter brought to you by Jeslyn and me. Yup I’ve decided to take a break from studying and post this… but also because I am really really sorry to the many people who clicked on Chap 55 and didn’t find anything!

Also pls thank Jeslyn for taking the time to translate the first half!!

Ugh I was actually feeling sorry for Xiao Hua when she ***** Cheng Jia Yang, but now all she can do is cry!

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