Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 37 Part 1

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WHY WHY WHY is everything happening like this? I’m afraid Cheng Jia Yang will be pulled into something bigger than himself. The concept of unending love though- did anyone remember where Xu Dong and Jia Yi left off? 

Translated by Jeslyn

Edited by Tranzgeek

Cheng Jia Yang

When I called Fei, I was at another person’s house.

I just helped her change her clothes and gave her warm water to drink, and now she was lying on her bed looking very weak and pale.

She was a very strong and healthy woman and yet the state she was in now made me have no choice but to have compassion towards Wen Xiao Hua.

The summer sky at this moment became grey . Last night had been very chaotic.

The night before, I went drinking at a bar with Xu Dong who I hadn’t seen for a long time and he talked about how his business was not doing very well lately and his life was even more lackluster. His relic-like composed wife did not care about him or anything at home. Her face was like a relic from the Imperial Palace, luxurious and dignified, yet it felt like she was dead.

I must say that his words were a bit too serious. He told me that he has not done it for a long time and also did not want to do it. I think that woman crushed all his sexual desires.

He naturally asked about Qiao Fei; he actually remembered her name so clearly.

I said, drink up.

He just sighed and did not continue.

When Wen Xiao Hua came in, there was two or three men beside her. They looked very glamorous and arrogant.

She must have seen me and thus sat beside Xu Dong. She ordered a lot of wine and laughed very loudly while playing guessing games.

I said to Xu Dong: “Let’s go.”

He tugged at my elbow, he must have already been a little high, and said with a hoarse voice: “Don’t interrupt, accompany me for a while more bro. Where do you want me to go at this timing?”

I could only continue sitting there, even though I had no mood to drink and just swiped my phone. There was a message sent from the secretary’s desk. It was the number of Qiao Fei that was in France. I repeatedly looked at the number.

Xiao Hua that was behind asked the man beside her: “What was your name again? Jason?”

“He is not Jason, I am. You have to drink as punishment.”

“Okay okay sure.” Xiao Hua was in a good mood. “Great wine.”

Xu Dong suddenly started singing: “Let us raise our oars, as the small boat  pushes the wave……”

My head hurt, aching extremely hard.

This continued for a long time. The singers at the bar started to leave and the DJ was playing soft rock music by Sting.

Finally, someone decided to leave this place. Wen Xiao Hua led a group of guys to follow her to drink more, and walked pretty far. However, she rushed back hurriedly because she had left her handbag here.

We still faced each other in the end. However she smiled and pointed at me: “Jason?”

I looked at her.

One of her guy friends came along and wrapped his arms around, bringing her out: “Don’t go around calling everyone Jason, I am Jason.”

I tapped Xu Dong: “Bro, are you feeling a bit better? I’ll send you home.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to send me home.” He immediately stood up, with a sober voice, with a generous imposing manner as if all the old wine he had just drank had gone into my stomach. But his words came out roughly. He sat down again, closed his eyes, his mouth blurting: “Send me off, if you send me off don’t send me to another person’s house.”

Some people were so drunk they were in a complete mess, not even knowing where they were and what day it was. Yet for some people, the night was still young.

I supported Xu Dong to the entrance of the bar, and just at this moment a beautiful woman was pushing the door to enter. It was Wu Jia Yi, whom he has not seen for a long time. She looked at me then at Xu Dong as he struggled to straighten his body.

Wu said: “Hi.”

I said: “Hi.”

Xu Dong said: “Jia Yi.”

Then, he started crying.

I came out alone, taking a walk around the street outside the bar to get a breather and then turned back to get my car. I thought: This person saved Xu Dong at the right moment and took him away. I was guessing he wouldn’t be going back home.

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-Unending Love-

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