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Memory Lost Overview w/ Newly Released Teaser! 

The drama Memory Lost is set to air in October on QiYi! Can’t wait! A new teaser has been released also! My feelings before I fully translated everything: I feel like I’m dancing on rainbows! New teaser and stills?! My feelings after I fully translated everything: I. Am. Going. To. Get. A. Total. Nightmare. And possibly a nosebleed from all the guys aka Yang Rong’s harem lol.

Warning: There may be spoilers if you are currently reading the novel 😅


Bai Jin Xi is the top lady of the day. She is hidden by a city in the most common corner, living the most normal life. But to find her, Han Chen travels thousands of miles. From the publically domineering rich boy he changes to a cold and quiet criminal police. Destiny lets them meet again. He says: “I am trying to find my fiancee. I don’t know her surname, I don’t know what she looks like, I don’t know if she’s alive or dead.” But she only remembers that vague solemn and tall figure from her dreams. She can’t see the person in front of her clearly, she doesn’t know if it is him, the person who has deep feelings for her. Many cases pile up, occurring in front of them. His traditional criminal investigation and her criminal psychology refuse to give into each other, but also help each other. Almost like this has already been determined in their last lifetime. Like a lifetime already doomed. And they struggle bit by bit, as they get closer to each other time after time.


Yang Rong as Bai Jin Xi/ Su Mian

She used to be a top lady. Arrogant, smug, beautiful, provocative, but because of a chain of major cases, she was taken away from the killer group, and forever lost her name, her identity, and her memories. She specializes in criminal psychology. She is one of the members of the Black Shield group. Five years ago when she lost her memories, she became Bai Jin Xi.

 photo Memo 38.jpg

Johnny Bai Yu as Han Chen

He seems like a bright cold frost, deeming the quiet night flowing and moving. No one can match the absolute god. He is on the criminal police force, deputy director of the Black Shield. To look for her, he traveled thousands of miles, from the capital, from a publicly domineering playboy to become a cold and quiet criminal police. Fate lets them meet again.

 photo Memo 37.jpg

No official character posters available for the below characters 😦 

Li Geng as Xu Si Bai (S)

A member of the seven person group, L is a killer who pursues aesthetism. After he kills someone, he likes to arrange the site of the murder.

Wang Yu as Shi Peng

A member of the Black Shield team, he specializes in the fingerprinting aspect of science. He is an expert nicknamed “Nagging”

Qi Ji as Xu Nan Bai

Criminal psychology expert in the police force, Su Mian’s brother in the field (not blood related). He is dressed in uniforms of justice, but is a serial killer, specializing in hypnosis. Xu Nan Bo looks like a police professor, but is actually a member of the seven person group, his code name is K.

Tian Mu Chen as Luo Bin

That was a strange and handsome face. His soft black hair cannot hide his facial features. His eyes are quiet, gentle and deep. He is a member of the seven person group, code name r. He is a hacker, lost heart, a cold psycho killer, specializing in killing young girls.

He Feng Tian as Zhou Xiao Zhuan

A member of the Black Shield team, very scholarly. He understands a lot and is very strong. He is very loyal to Su Mian and worships Han Chen.

Zhang Yi Jie as Xia Jun Ai (A)

A member of the seven person group, he blows things up and welds, 24 years old.

Sun Xiao Xiao as Xin Jia (E)

A member of the seven person group, she manufactures drugs and has a crush on Han Chen.

Mi Re as Xie Lu (T)

A member of the seven person group, a sniper, 25 years old.

Zhao Shun Ran as Xiao Yao

Xu’s assistant and secretary.

Chu Jun Chen as Ji Zi Chang (L)

A member of the seven person group, he uses poison to kill his victims, he is immorally mad, and self claims that he is an artist murderer.

Nan Fu Long as Chi Chen

Member of Black Shield, nicknamed “Cold appearance”.

Zhao Yi Qin as Mu Fang Cheng

Manager of a cafe, 34 years old, serial killer who suffocates his victims.

-No picture available-


  • The film volunteered and took the initiative to ask iQiYi to be the executive producer, hoping that they will create the best Bai Jin Xi and Han Chen, the best group of letters (aka the murderers), and the best Black Shield corp group.
  • “R”, the hacker killer in the drama has changed. He is the only one in the drama that does not match his original figure.
  • The drama is iQIYI’s 6th anniversity show.
  • When Tian Mu Chen was changed to “R”, the hacker, he was very excited because he is an IT enthusiast. In school, he was very proficient in hardware, software, and programming. He was one of the earliest members of the “Honker Union of China”.
  • In the drama, Johnny Bai Yu plays the ruthless superintendent, Han Chen, his first challenging suspenseful drama. He and Yang Rong have become “The Sweetest Mysterious CP”, as they crack many cases with their stunning strategies and hands.
  • Tranz: To the best of my knowledge guessing, I think CP stands for Criminal Police? What say you people who read the book?
  • More Behind the Scene clips available here (at the very bottom)

Lol is Johnny’s face scary? Rong Rong is still the cutest ❤


It’s literally all action and thrill! Enjoy!


Translated via Baidu


7 thoughts on “Memory Lost Overview w/ Newly Released Teaser! ”

  1. I love all the ding mo’s novels and I am following the English translation. Hopefully dramafever or viki will get the license for the drama. Thank you for posting this, otherwise I might miss it!!


    1. No problem family682! I also really like Ding Mo’s novels but I feel like the adaptation might be too scary for me to handle lol. I’ll be looking around for a link to the episodes (with subs) later when it comes out 😉


    1. I also fell in love with Ding Mo after Love me if you dare! Really love the main characters and the OTP! Especially love Bo Jin Yan~~ Does the summary of the drama of Memory Lost follow the novel summary closely? I haven’t read the book yet though I might soon have to!


      1. In the book, both MC have amnesia…they lost their memories of what happened 5 years ago(Actually forgot if 5 years or more). As I read your post about the character description, I was surprised that Xu Nan Bai is a serial killer…the English translation doesn’t cover that info yet. So there’s a quite a bit of spoilers from your post….but I don’t mind at all😄😄


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