So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 27.1

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Everyone knows what they’re going to do in the future. This is good. Well…everyone except Zheng Wei…Someone *cough ahem* has been misguiding her, but the truth isn’t unveiled yet. Her speculations though are pretty far fetched lol. There’s the gang of dormmates above for the last time (awww). It turns out I was too excited last time for their adult lives because this chapter is loong. Well…serves me right -_-

There’s the whole gang from the drama…yeah they took out He Lu Ya and Zhuo Mei. From left to right it goes Li Wei Juan, Ruan Ruan, Zhu Xiao Bei. The one lying down is Zheng Wei.

Also please note (from Tranzgeek): The missing quotation marks was in the book….so if there’s any dialogue or thoughts that you’re not understanding like who is saying what, etc, just let me know 😉 

The Lantern Festival had just passed, and school had begun again. In the last semester of high school, finding a job became a keyword in life after graduation, as classmate after classmate signed contracts and disappeared. That unique atmosphere before graduation intensified the agitation.

The first person in Zheng Wei’s dormitory to sign an employment agreement was He Lu Ya. She chose to return to her hometown to become a mechanical vocational technical teacher of her district. This way, she would finally be able to reunite with her boyfriend who had already graduated. As for her decision, the other dormmates felt it was a little regretful, as if she had waited a while longer seeing that her grades were so good, she would have been able to find a better match.

Especially Li Wei Juan, who kept complaining she was stupid. Everyone crowded into the big city, but why did she just have to return back to her rural village. But it couldn’t usurp Ruan Ruan’s logic. If the son is forced to be a fish, how will one know if the fish will be happy? Everyone has their own life, who can predict what will happen in the future.

Zhou Mei wasn’t quite keen on finding a job. Her family would naturally help her find a job. In her own words, if she couldn’t find a job, she could just find someone to marry.

Zhu Xiao Bei’s heart was full of testing. She said, Society is too complex. Someone like her who was so pure, a day that she lagged in going into the dye vat (society) was another day after all.

Li Wei Juan ran around full of fire to find a job. One time, Zheng Wei saw her not using the dormitory phone but she just had to run to the downstairs phone booth to talk about the job matters. So she laughingly said to Ruan Ruan: As for you, it seems like you are protecting a thief. Ruan Ruan also laughed. At that time, Li Wei Juan already had a boyfriend in the second year of graduate school. Probably because the two had very different views on the future, she didn’t hesitate to cut ties. When they broke up, she had also been sad for a few days. Zhu Xiao Bei said to her, What’s the point, are there any two people who cannot survive without each other? She looked full of grief but spoke morally sound words: University life is full of anguish. Someone accompanies you but after a while, they go away. Your plans don’t turn out the way you want them to. Breaking up was the best choice. In any case, we broke up along with the wave of seniors trend.

The thing Zheng Wei asked the most was where Ruan Ruan was going to after today. Really, Ruan Ruan’s grades were so good, so it was a pity she wasn’t going to continue her education. She said she was an unambitious woman. She didn’t want to be a scholar or a strong woman. She had already studied to here, and felt it was already enough. That was enough. She only hoped that her later life could be a little simpler and a little happer. She told Zheng Wei, she and Yu Yong had made a promise. The two people wouldn’t return to their hometowns. Yu Yong was doing well in his in internship in S City, and the company intended to sign him in after he graduated. Like this, Ruan Ruan would definitely find a job in S City, and forever be with Yu Yong in S City. Ruan Ruan said, This was their last resort. Zhou Yu Yong’s house was too strong, so as long as they stayed far away from them- as long as they sky was high and the emperor was far away (emperor refers to Yu Yong’s parents since they’re rich and powerful. they have to stay far away from them because they will reject the match), they would be able to have peace.

Zheng Wei wasn’t hurt, she said; “Ruan Ruan, I really want to work in the same city with you. If anything goes wrong, then I can find you immediately, and then we can be like before, going to shop in the alleys and eating food.”

Ruan Ruan laughed at her, “Nothing is lacking in the whole world. Me and Yu Yong together is like how you cannot part with your A Zheng. Plus, G City and S City are very close. Now communications and transport are so convenient, if we want to meet each other, can’t we do it often?”

“But are you sure Zhou Shi Yong can sign into a job in S City. I mean, will his family already have plans? He is that type of obedient character.” Zheng Wei still had some concerns for Ruan Ruan.

Ruan Ruan hesitated, but still firmly said: “He promised me, I believe him.”

It was like this that in the later days, Ruan Ruan with her impeccable performance and her overall quality signed for a job in the Architectural Design Institute in S City. Zheng Wei and A Zheng both participated in a preliminary exam for Zhong Jian (a company…i think lol). Even though Zhong Jian told them to wait for a notification, she (Zheng Wei) was very satisfied with her own performance, and believed that she and A Zheng could smoothly pass. Then, they made it all the way through, and successfully got into Zhong Jian.

Speaking of which, it was weird. There were less and less graduation classes, but Chen Xiao Zheng seemed to be more and more busy. He was no longer mixed with Zheng Wei every day like before. Many times, her friends around Zheng Wei also couldn’t tell, what he was busily doing. Sometimes the two would go eat together, he was always in a hurry and absent minded. Zheng Wei knew if she asked her, he wouldn’t answer, so she could only classify his symptoms herself: Graduate Intermittent Syndrome (Intermittent in this case refers to the middle of the year- so like he is a little stuck in the moment as it is in the middle of the senior school year. Yeah… ZW is always so great) She thought, After this time passed, everything would be better.


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