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Siege in Fog Chapter 13.3

Announcement April 2018

Hello there, readers! With kind permission from Tranzgeek, I will be moving those chapters that I’ve translated over to my own blog. The chapters will follow the new chaptering so do expect some changes in terms of the chapter numbers (as talked about previously). To simplify the process, links here will point to the Contents Page at my blog.

Thank you for your likes, comments and support all this time and do drop by hiding in plain sight if you have time!

12 (translator and editor)

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32 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Chapter 13.3”

  1. Thank you 12 for this chapter!
    -this novel will be the death of me not only he killed everyone whi was implicated with the rescue of QS but he seduced his sister in law killed her with the baby erasing all the evidence anf come back full of smiles embracing QS yes the Main character is a villain if she knew about that then their first child already paid the price
    -MH was like political tool i wouldnt be surprised if he used her to drag MF to the secret meeting she should be carful dealing with the devil but love is blind or she know him very well
    -but what troubles me is the time when thet spoke about Pan does he already knew about his relation ship with QS? Or hacing some suspecion because she was troubled the day he got released? Or he trying to find out?
    And the last part when they talk about retribution does hekniw the price but i hope that QS wouldnt be envolved or her baby
    Thats what we are going ti find out i am suresurprises will fall like stars from therfore


    1. This chapter made me fangirling i have already fallenvfir YLK
      Ah! The part “you are courting death” how cab such a man had existed


      1. -How ironic indeed about the dscription of the face of YLK he attract the prey into his den and finish her
        -if MH speak about those things to QS he will not just threw her into the lake he will make her a meal for his dogs
        -YLK realy putt her on her place a lover isnt a concubine like this chapter told her to know her place or she Will suffer a hidious death


        1. Yesh it is, but I think it’s finally clear how he views her. Just my opinion but I think he was more stressed than he let on. First time we see him smoking so much LOL!


    2. That was fast, Salma! Yesh, the author is in full stepmother mode this chapter 😌 Gaining sympathy for Master Yi earlier and then writing a Twist like this.
      He probably suspected Pan Jianchi from the start. Given what was said today, some of his earlier actions look quite deliberate.
      Edit: typo


  2. At this point, I officially hate YLK. Whatever problem he faces. Whether QS forgives him or what I hate him. I hate him. If he cries or dies a sorrowful and painful death, I still hate him. I think whatever the author throws at me whether its his “good side” or what, I still hate him.


  3. O.O Chapter 13 is really the most mindblowing chapter so far. I’m not sure what to make of YLK. Heartless, ruthless and cold in this chapter. He seems to know QS relationship with PJC, certain that QS has tried to get rid their baby, get really mad at QS, but he himself do something far worse, and I feel like punching him now. Sometimes he frustrated me, the other times I can’t help but pity him. YLK and QS is really not an ordinary ideal pair, can’t even really favor one over the other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just musing aloud… I’ve had to read up on the history to translate the story. If it seems as though I don’t particularly dislike Yi Liankai, it’s because I think his actions are quite in keeping for a warlord or one born into that kind of family. Er, so I do expect him to be a viper and then it’s a matter of how far he’ll go. His family too.
      There’s always room to argue but by and large warlords could be that terrible (or worse) in real life. I remember reading an account of how one of them treated his favourite concubine and it made my hair stand. By contrast, the novel already tones down the ruthlessness somewhat by not always showing everything explicitly. (The drama seems to romanticise them even more.)

      In Ch. 13.2, Qin Sang wondered ‘But did such a man even have a heart?’
      IIRC, the author said she wanted to write about that kind of man. Is a man like him capable of love? What kind of love? And what is it about Qin Sang that attracts him so?


      1. YLK is my favorite character of the story, although Murong Feng is quite a little fun distraction 😆. His character is so real and interesting, not usual next boy perfect door type everyone love. I myself a very realistic person, therefore I don’t fancy too perfect character. Just didn’t expect him would go to the extent of seducing his own sister in law, even get her pregnant. Despite his flaws, every major role in this story knows and telling us how much he really loves QS, except for QS herself. So I took comfort in that. That’s why this chapter is the biggest surprise for me personally.
        With ruthless YLK and cold QS as a pair, so far I don’t see how their marriage can work well for both of them in the end.
        But you never know with this story, and we are just into the half of the full novel. Expect of another big surprise hehehee.


        1. 💟 Super enjoyable discussion, yellowie!
          All the female characters get made use of in some way. 😓

          I wonder what all of you make of this analysis by another reader who suggested that Er Sao’s fate was sealed because of Qin Sang going up the mountain to look for Liankai in Ch. 1. Liankai saw the possibility of future reconciliation with Qin Sang (she gave in to his advances to get Pan Jianchi freed although she didn’t know then whom she was saving) and knowing she might get pregnant in future, decided later to do away with Er Sao when he learned of her pregnancy. After all, if she gave birth before Qin Sang did, that would mean future complications.


  4. When i had reread this chapter so many times to see if i had forgotten something i found again like there is something odd about the last sentence about the wings like if he was satisfied or up to sheming something or like he was resolved about the retribution


    1. You noticed it too 🙂 But for now, I’ve no idea what it means, if anything at all. It provided a striking end to the scene though.

      This sounded quite ominous to me: “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction.” 🙁


  5. Thank you again, 12!! ❤
    Ohh no!! now I am confused who is a worse perosnality: QS or YLK?
    The score is like 1:1, as each of them has killed his or her own baby!!!!!
    However, YLK did not admit that he killed his baby, which is strange (maybe he did not know about him at that time). But seducing his own sister-in-law is super disguisting.Really he’s a devil at this point.

    He killed his own baby from another woman, but he persists QS to have one. For me, it seems like he does not care much about baby itself, but he is using this baby to tie QS to him. Really QS is like his purpose of lige that he denies.

    Moreover, I am wondering how he knew about PJC and QS!!!

    Are Min Hong You and Yi Lian Kai lovers?? it’s strange that she’s not pregnant with his child. Or now she’s afraid that if she is, he will kill her like Er Sao.

    Actually, I am afraid to say what I feel about QS or YLK, ’cause every instalment has a such TWIST that chnages my mind constatntly =) Maybe we will learn that YLK or QS did not kill their babies haha


    1. 💖
      This whole chapter gets argued over by the fans too. Some of them feel the evidence isn’t compelling enough — he neither admits nor denies here.

      😂😂 That would be twisting the twists hahaha! But I know what you mean… It might be best to read further along first. The book is very open-ended in many aspects so there’s room for debate. Don’t worry! You’re not the only one confused. People who have finished the book still have all kinds of unanswered questions! 😉

      To me at least, they probably were at some point since they were talking about the status of their relationship here. But how, when and how long aren’t disclosed for now.
      She could be taking measures to prevent getting pregnant or perhaps their relationship has become something else. According to him, she’s had ‘dealings’ with Lianshen… room for speculation there.


      1. speaking of YLS we see the difference in using people between the brothers
        YLK use and then toss when its unecessary but YLS had made QS doubt about her husband when he noticed that she doesnt likes him he made the situation even worse by telling her that he was half the reason why her mother died and was forced in this marriage so he can use her again against YLK as his weakness he was clear when he saiid that he had an ultirior motive to use her by keeping her alive


        1. Your comment got me thinking about what we know Lianshen has done so far and what has happened to date:

          1. Papa Yi is furious with Lianshen.
          2. Lianshen mounts a coup.
          3. Papa Yi has a stroke. Womenfolk placed under house arrest, including Er Sao.
          4. Liankai receives word and escapes.
          5. Qin Sang is placed under house arrest.
          6. Lianshen reveals how Liankai forced her into marriage. Says his brother left him no choice but to seize power first.
          7. Er Sao meets with Qin Sang. It’s revealed Lianshen is not on speaking terms with her.
          8. Fuyuan is surrounded. Lianshen entrusts Er Sao to Qin Sang.
          9. Lianshen escapes with his men and heads to the Northwestern camp.
          10. Er Sao commits suicide the next morning.


  6. MHY is “working” for YLK not sure if it’s as a concubine or some other business but it seems like a mixture of both pleasure and business but I could be wrong and it’s just purely for business meanwhile using the mistress status. YLK didn’t exactly agree to her statement anyways so not sure if he really seduced his brother’s wife and forced her to somehow commit suicide. However, from the drama’s trailer it seems his brother’s wife was obsessed with YLK before marrying his brother? Still wondering what that was all about. YLK is a twisted character but I’m more interested in his real agenda/goals and how he came to be that way.


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