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Les Interpretes Epilogue (END)

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I know that I lost a lot of motivation as my emotions ebbed with this project, as it was the first project when people were actually coming to my site. With it though, I realized that the journey of growth isn’t always an easy one to write about (or read about), and I sincerely hope, that this unique journey of growth, intertwined with love will stay in your hearts and remind you of what you have yet to become! Keep believing and it will come true 🙂


Cheng Jia Yang

I had read somewhere that when people were about to die, their brains operate at a speed ten times higher than under normal circumstances. All their memories appear in front of the dying person’s eyes and under such stimulation , they often burst into tears.

I was now in this situation, and I realised that this was just hearsay, nothing more.

Otherwise why was my heart so quiet? There wasn’t even a trace of any waves. I had forgotten many things and many people. I just felt really happy to have lived. Even if the time was short, I was really happy to have lived.

Before the execution, my eyes were covered with a black cloth that blocked the sun.At that moment. I said in my heart:

“Goodbye, Qiao Fei.”

Qiao Fei

I took off the headset, sighed with relief, felt an ache in my shoulder and rubbed it.
Senior sister said: “Fei Fei ,come home with me, my mother – in – law made stew today .”

I said, “Thank you, I have to rush home. My two little turtles cause too much trouble.”

I left the office and took the bus home. At the small market not far from home, I bought a loach and some food for myself. At home, I first cleaned the fish tank and gave the two little turtles their food. Then I started cooking stuffy rice for myself. I had just opened the can of corn when my hand was scratched accidentally by the tin. There was a small cut and blood flowed from it.

At this moment, I felt really angry. I banged the rice spoon on the table and angrily said: “You haven’t finished your work yet ? Are you trying to avoid me ? Is it ok to just send me a few maudlin messages? I am telling you now, you come back here as soon as possible to face your punishment. There is no one to take care of your two turtles, you come back and feed them , I have had enough ”

I served myself a big bowl of rice as I stuttered. In my heart, I angrily thought, I will go to buy a set of leather lingerie and a leather skirt tomorrow,. Then I’ll get a whip and chain with a spiked iron ball or something. When Cheng Jia Yang came back, I would SM torture him, so that this boy never caused people to worry again like this.

Cheng Jia Yang

But the bullet did not hit my head. In fact, at the moment of execution, suddenly, there were bursts of gunfire. There were numerous volleys of gunfire. I thought, is someone coming to save us ?

I rejoiced in my heart. I felt something cold in my leg and then there was acute pain. I was shot, I fell to the ground and grimaced in pain. In my heart I regretted, “ If I was to be rescued, why couldn’t they rescue us earlier? Even the rescue is not planned well, I am injured, it really hurts..”

I woke up because someone was trying to pry open my eye with a flashlight. I shivered and said, “ You’re not allowed to touch my Dad.”
Then I opened my eyes.

A Chinese doctor wearing white and the local ambassador were standing by my bedside with my father.

I struggled as I tried to sit up, but my legs were injured and I felt severe pain.

Dad said: “Jia Yang, how do you feel?

“I’m okay, I’m fine.” I said, “How are you?”

He shook his head: “No problem.”

“What happened?”

“We were rescued by government troops,” said my father, “ We are just waiting for you to wake up so we can return home.”

I took the water from my father and looked at him: “What about Taigang and his men?”

“The guerrillas were all wiped out.”

I thought , the black officer Taigang was also a hero, he told me that they were not wrong.

I said, “Dad, there was a boy, how is he?”

Qiao Fei

After lunch, I took a nap. Recently, because I was eating more and sleeping more, I put on lot of weight.

I was fast asleep when someone insolently pushed at my shoulder to wake me up

I squinted,it was the director.

“You’re sleeping during work hours , do you want to be punished?”

“Isn’t it lunch break?” I wiped my mouth.

“Quickly attend to the international long distance call and take good notes ,” he said. As he left , he was still mumbling , “Young people are so lazy.”

I dared not neglect the task.Holding a pen and paper, I picked up the phone.

The other side said “Hello”, I was stunned.

“Jia Yang?”


We stopped talking again, so there was silence at both ends of the phone for a long time. I felt like my soul, which had left the shell of my body for a few days, was now fluttering back to my body. I felt like a dead plant which was now turning lush and vibrant again as warm green juice flooded back in it’s body

“ Why did you call? Jia Yang, I was worried .” I said as my voice began to choke.

“I was delayed by something,” he said. His voice sounded good, the same as before.

“When will you come back? Your two little turtles are tormenting me.”


He paused, “Fei Fei, we should get married.”

“You don’t want to run away?”

He smiled and gently said, “Before that, I want you to meet my parents, and my brother.”

I couldn’t wait to say, “Jia Yang, I will listen to everything you say. Come back soon.”

“Fei, I need to complete some formalities here.”

“Although I haven’t consulted you, but I think you will agree.

I have adopted a black boy. Later, he will be our child.

His name is Kazan. Like your name, it means grass…”

I grew up in adversity, no matter what difficulties I encountered, even if those were unexpected and unfair, I did not cry. I tried hard to swim against the current, studied and worked so hard that I was often exhausted, when despair filled my heart, I did not cry; when I was far away from the country , I endured loneliness, I withstood the loss of a sincere friend, I was misunderstood by my dearest people, I did not cry; even when I finally found happiness, found love, and then was about to lose it all, I did not cry.

But now, when in my heart, I was both bitter and ecstatic at the same time,I forced myself to nod, but could not speak. I could only burst out crying and feel the boiling hot tears flow down my face.

Translated by miumiu

Edited by Tranzgeek

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27 thoughts on “Les Interpretes Epilogue (END)”

  1. Thank you so much Tranzgeek for the lovely translation of this novel. I watched the drama first and when I wanted to pick up reading the novel, I was so glad to read the translated version (instead of having to translate myself to read 😉).

    Understand how tough is it to translate and truly appreciate the dedication and hard work put into this novel translation

    The novel is definite a little different from the drama. I loved both the same 😍

    Once again, xie xie nie 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Finally its over! Man..my emotions went up n down like taking a ride on a rollercoaster !

    I just hope that the author could spend more scenes between Fei and Jia Yang. Loving the bittersweet ending, but, yeah, There should be a wedding scene.

    Anyway, thank you soooo much for translating this novel. Really appreciate it! The drama did not do justice to this novel. But of course, i guess they want to tone down the intimate scene with sickness plot.

    Thanks again, tranzgeek! Looking forward for your next project!



  3. I love the epiloque. Thanks for taking time to translate this and looking forward to your next awesome translation. I am secretly pray someone take tome to translate Our Glamorours Time of Ding Mo.

    Again appreciate your work much.


  4. Thanks for translating
    This was such an emotional story to read – the highs and lows of their relationship and then the battles they face together
    I’m glad it was a HE though it was a bit unrealistic
    Thanks for your hardwork in translating


  5. Thank you so much for translating this story. I really enjoyed your translation style.

    This really put me through it, lots of ups and downs. I’m glad everything turned out okay in the end, though I was extremely worried and couldn’t see how this would have a happy ending.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much for translating this story, I really loved it, even if it took me through a roller coaster journey. I’m so glad that it’s a HE, but i do wish there was more epilogue and side stories…seems so rushed after so many years of sadness and separation. I understand why Fei did what she did, it was a very wise decision on her part. As a character, she is one of the most practical and emotionally strong female leads out there in my opinion.
    They come from different worlds, and he couldn’t give her the reassurance she needed that he would be there for her no matter what…he never confessed. Why, I wonder…Although his actions showed he cared, he never understood her fears or offered to marry her and run away from his family to be free together. I know he misunderstood her a lot, but if he truly loved her he should have been able to see through all the camouflage to get to the truth. At least they get to be together now.
    I would really love to read Jia Ming’s story now, he is so interesting. I wonder what kind of woman would be his soul mate.
    Please keep on bringing these wonderful stories to us, thanks again.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Thank you so much for translating this novel. I watched the tv series 1st, so when I found out it was an adaptation I really wanted to read the original and looked forward to every chapter.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to translate, but I really appreciate your efforts!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Omg I just found this and thank you soooooo much for translating… I luv the drama for QF/CJM romance not the other characters so much but the main OTP was awesome … their real story is even more bittersweet than the drama …. both are good… their love even more passionate in the novel. .. glad they have a happy ending …they deserve to be happy after going through so much…


  9. Thanks for the translation, although the book and the drama are different their relationship stays volatile in both. I think i like the book better than the drama but i definitely like the drama second leads more.
    I enjoyed everything and i was totally sucked in till i read the Congo part, clearly the writer didn’t research Congo is in the eastern part of Africa not West and I’m pretty sure it has no desert, i should Google to confirm but a place where people suspect to be the original garden of eden because of its natural resources I.e gold and diamonds… Heavily forested,heavy rains can’t also be a desert.
    Anyway xie xie i enjoyed it, wish we had more OTP moments in the end😍

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Did it really ended just like that? 😦

    Where’s the first meeting with Kazan? official meeting with the family? the marriage? isn’t she pregnant?

    Thank you so much for your hard work in translating this novel, it was indeed a roller coaster ride. Off to read Male God ♡


    1. Thanks for reading!! If you liked it, pls give it a good rating on novelupdates!! That would be extremely extremely appreciated! Love ya and hope you will enjoy other novels on our site!! 🙂


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