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Siege in Fog Chapter 7.1

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Yi Lianshen and Er Sao

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Chapter 7.1

Yi Lian Shen still had a slight smile on his face, but his manner of speaking became more serious: “I have some words that you must bear in mind. Yi Lian Kai indeed likes you, but you are right, when it endangers one’s life, he may not take you seriously. In the future when you are beside him, you must definitely be careful. Someone like him, fickle in love and with scant righteousness, is enigmatic and impossible to protect. You must be careful, you must be careful.”

Qin Sang said: “Many thanks for Er Ge’s pointers. These two months, I am indebted to Er Ge’s care and assistance. Qin Sang is unable to return the favor.”

Yi Lian Shen laughed: “I had no good intentions when I took care of you. As for repayment…there’s no need.”

He struck the dish with his chopsticks and his large voice recited: “Life is short, make merry while you can, how much time do we have in life? Such as the precarious brevity of human life, which goes on for many days but is met with much hardship…. The moon celebrity is rare, as the black magpie flies south, winding around the trees and all its surroundings, but which branch may it depend on? The mountains do not object to being tall, while the water does not object to being deep. Zhou Gong vomited when eating his meal, as he converted the whole of China….” When he recited to “the black magpie flies south, winding around the trees and all its surroundings, but which branch may it depend on”, he began to sigh incessantly, as if he could not stand to sigh.

As for the last line of his recitation “as he converted the whole of China”, a smile slowly emerged on his face: “As he converted the whole of China… as he converted the whole of China….” He said this until he looked up at the sky and sighed deeply, “Really, what is the point of this nuisance called the whole world? In the cool of autumn, the world of the living, might as well merely dream a dream and be over with!” He took the chopsticks and the bowl “bright and clear” and brushed them away onto the ground without exception. Outside the door, the bodyguard heard this kind of a sound and could not help but arm himself with his gun and rush inside. When he only saw a bowl and chopsticks that had fallen to the ground, while Yi Lian Shen and Qin Sang all sat there, perfectly all right without any other matters, he thereupon resumed his duties and went out again.
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Yi Lian Shen said: “Sanmei, I have a matter that I must entrust to you. You must be sure to promise me.”

Qin Sang said: “Er Ge, please speak. Whatever Qin Sang can do, she will definitely do her utmost.”

Yi Lian Shen said: “What I have done, my Er Sao doesn’t even know of it. In fact she is very pitiful. I have turned my back to the unbenevolent, the unjust, the unloyal and the unfilial conclusion and I should not have implicated her. In the future, I hope that you will take more care of her.”

Qin Sang was extremely shocked. Originally, she only thought the situation was far from a battlefield situation, but when she heard Yi Lian Shen’s words, she knew that not only was the battle progress not encouraging, it would only be feared that there would be a huge defeat.

Qin Sang said: “Er Ge, please do not worry. Qin Sang will strive her hardest.”

Yi Lian Shen laughed, and said: “If only I had a little sister like you. How good would that be?”

That night, the gunshots did not stop at all, as the fierce battle continued for one night. The eldest young lady of the house* was so scared that she could not sleep; why were there so many gunshots echoing outside the mansion? What would she do if they were to invade the mansion? What if Er Didi lost? What would she do then?

*The eldest daughter-in-law

Qin Sang continued to placate her. The two women had nearly kept awake till dawn, when the day had just broken with the first glimmer of light, the gunshots stopped. The cannon shots had stopped earlier, and now it was calm everywhere, which almost seemed strange. The eldest young lady of the house knelt before a window and muttered to herself. This time, Qin Sang complied with her. When one’s nerves were stretched taut, they would really be a little better off believing in a religion at the most extreme point. In this way, their mental state would be able to be comforted.

When the room door was opened, Qin Sang pulled the eldest young lady behind her while also brandishing herself with some scissors. Those scissors were even the scissors that had been used to cut Chinese-style gowns previously, and had been put on the table. Qin Sang thought that if these were looting soldiers instead of the soldiers from the Coalition Army or if Yi Lianshen had changed his mind and wanted the womenfolk to die together with him, it would be better to go down fighting. She did not expect that many people would come in, and that the head of them was Pan Jian Chi who was clad in a military uniform. Even she almost did not recognize him. The sun illuminated him from his back as he came in, his whole figure indistinct. She thought of the first time she had seen him many years ago. He had been talking to some boys in the school sports field. At that time, the sunshine had been like gold, in a clean manner. When he turned his head to laugh to her, even the tip of his brows were steeped in sunshine as if he were gentle and warm.

She almost shouted “Wang Ping” , but as they were now separated by the past for many years now, everything had remained the same but the people had changed; destiny was truly funny in this way and yet so cruel.

Pan Jian Chi bowed and saluted to her, as he stated: “Madam, Master had me come get you.”
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  1. thank you for this chapter!
    “Madam YLK have missed you, when QS heard this words she run to YLK and he was waiting for her with a rose in the hand she fly to bury herself in his chest and he embrace her like their is no tomorow”
    THE END ( in a paralel novel)


  2. Thank you for the update 💞 can’t wait to see it unfolding ☺ I really love the story and I am anticipating the drama because of that! Another five stars added to the rating.. its really a shame to see 7 votes at one.. just can’t understand why

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  3. Yi Lianshen is so sentimental at the end No regret only loss and disappointment.
    and May I say That I enjoyed searching and learning about the black magpie bird and Zhou Gong. (thank you Yi Lianshen )
    I miss Yi Lian Kai already. 😭
    Thank you so much 12 and tranzgeek.😍

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  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! The cliffhanger is just…I can’t even! I need more!!! TT
    Thank you for translating but my entire life has come to a standstill because I want to know what happens next so bad!!!! I adore Yi Lianshen for what little we see of him but he’s a man’s man and I can certainly appreciate that in him! Gosh! I am so sad this is all I can read for today! i should’ve waited! My heart…it hurts…bye.


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