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Les Interpretes Chapter 61

Did he or did he not…marry? Many plot twists from the very unlikeable Wen Xiao Hua. At the same time…she redeems herself after this.

Btw guys did you know Les Interpretes 2 is coming out? It’ll be called The Negotiator and will feature a different love story (with pretty much the same plot) played by Yang Mi as the professional interpreter/negotiator and Huang Zi Tao as the rich guy.

Actually, the sequel to the novel is different. It features the same story but in Cheng Jia Ming’s point of view (gawwwsh if I had known about this I would have translated that story instead because Jia Ming is so much more interesting)

Chapter 61

        Qiao Fei

I took leave from work . A week had passed before my body felt better and I could rejoin work.

Throughout this time, I was groggy from my illness. I would often remember the old adage : Only when you lose something do you know how precious it is and that you didn’t appropriately cherish it.

For example: My health, Cheng Jia Yang.

Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night to drink some water. I would get thirsty in the middle of the night and ask Jia Yang to get me some water to drink. After I finished, I would close my eyes and wipe my mouth in his pajamas. He would hold my head and lightly put it on the pillow.

It was like this that I began to daydream. It turned out that we used to be such intimate partners. As of today, we were separated by the heavens and the earth.

I blamed myself, I deserved it.

I wondered, on the other side of the earth,how were he and his bride doing?Would he get up at night and get her water to drink? And then suddenly I would think of myself;as of now, I miss him all the time.

Cheng Jia Ming came over to see me, bringing five to six colored little lilies. I looked at his face, unsure of what to say and he said: “Now, you don’t have any manners.”

I said: “You are really optimistic.”

He opened his arms, said to me: “Come on, I do not care about a little loss.”

I smiled.

He said, “Qiao Fei don’t be like this. Anyone else can do it, but you should not laugh like this.


“It’s too bleak.”

Bo Bo also came to see me. She brought a guy. He was a simple and honest American youth, and could speak Chinese. He said to me: “Hold on, comrade.”

I was feeling much better . After I found out he was her fiance, the sickness that had been getting better regressed to its former state.

What was with this year?

Everyone busily married, and arranging marriages?

My mind whirled. It was right. My eyes looked at the New Year that had passed, and the years that had passed. I had grown by another year; how old was I now?

My sickness was a lot better. I got my energy together and went to work. That day, I deliberately applied rouge, otherwise my pale and thin face would be very scary.

After my illness, my colleagues greeted me, and asked me what medicine I had taken ,if I had gotten a drip. I hoarsely socialized a lot and my fellow sister helped me get out of the circle by saying: “Let this child rest. See, she’s sweating.”

I had to sit down. I took out a tissue and closed my eyes, blowing my nose. I thought I saw another phantom. Cheng Jia Yang came inside, holding some documents.

He saw me, his expression cold.

I said: “Senior brother.”

He said: “You’ve gotten better?”


He nodded his head and gave the documents to my senior sister and left.

Time had flown. Just like this, he had returned from abroad to work?

The Caribbean sun was really good. Jia yang had always had a very fair face and a red and healthy color.

When I saw him, I thought of how I had let my colleague help me prepare a 500 yuan red envelope for his wedding.

In the afternoon, I ate in the cafeteria. I wanted to return the money to my senior sister colleague, but she pushed it back: “It’s okay. You keep it. I never sent the red envelope.”

“What happened?”

She was worried. She looked to see if there was anyone by our side, then she lowered her voice and said: “You don’t know;in the future you cannot ask about this matter again.”

“What happened?”

“Didn’t you see, Jia Yang’s nose was not a nose, his eyes weren’t eyes? He didn’t marry.”

I was so surprised all of a sudden.

My senior sister colleague sure spoke quickly. The topic had been broached carefully.

“I haven’t seen this type of women. As soon as Jia Yang was about to sign his name on the marriage certificate, she regretted it. At that time, she left everyone , and left Jia Yang to clean up the mess. You weren’t there, so you don’t know how many people attended the ceremony and what the identity of the two were.”

Oh, this is Jia Yang, but exchanging him for someone else……”

The last part, I didn’t hear at all. I only asked her: “Say, why didn’t Cheng Jia Yang marry?”

  Cheng Jia Yang

I sat in the office, remembering the wedding and the scenario of that day. This translation belongs to merakitranslations.

Before the ceremony began, I was with Xiao Hua in the lounge. The makeup artist carefully painted a beautiful face, and rushed the last layer of powder. She looked back at me. She was really very beautiful.

“Why do you not go out to entertain the guests?” , she asked me.

“I want to take a closer look at you,” I said. I walked over and hugged her from the back. Xiao Hua smiled. We looked at each other in the mirror. I buried my face in her hair and kissed her.

“I’ve been thinking about something for days, Jia Yang.”


“How many kids are we to have?”

“Let’s abide by the national policy.”

“No. We should have two kids, one guy and one girl. This way, it won’t be lonely.”

“All right, I’ll listen to you.”

She laughed at me, happiness all over her face.

I looked at her and said: “Some things, I’ve always wanted to ask you.”

“Say it.”

“Xiao Hua, are you exhausted?”


“You are  ‘I don’t believe I can’t register for it’, right?”

TLN: Remember that online friend that Cheng Jia Yang used to talk to…? The one who was a female writer?

“You played games with me, you talked with me. Really, you knew, the person you were talking to was me, right? You really understand me a lot.”

“Thus, you knew Qiao Fei early. You were a master of her background.”

“That person that sent the fax to the college was you right?”


“My matters with her, you knew it all. But Xiao Hua, you still wanted me, you still wanted to marry me.”

“You painstakingly did all of these, did these things that did not meet your knowledge, your demeanor, your style, all for an unworthy me. Do you think it was worth it?”

My hand pressed her shoulder, and lightly massaged it. I wasn’t nervous at all. My heart was really not worth it for Xiao Hua.

I laughed at her: “How about this? Making you do this for me?”

“Xiao Hua, tell me, really, are you exhausted?”

I did not know what she was thinking. Her face, at that moment,became like a bluestone sculpture, cold and hard.

Someone pushed the door open and called us: “Jia Yang, Xiao Hua, the time has come . Let’s go.”

“Let’s go,” I pulled her, “Let’s go get married.”

Even though the arrangements were done in a short time, the venue was still well prepared, with luxurious warm, red velvet carpets and curtains, and a variety of four white and  light yellow flower embellishments in front of the long table. We stood as we waited for the wedding agreement to be signed. Sitting next to both friends and relatives, their eyes seemingly smiling. Xiao Hua and I were about to become a match, with an unknowing, happy, calm appearance on the surface , while in our hearts we were overturning seas and rivers.*

  • *overturning seas and rivers (idiom) : fig.overwhelming/in a spectacular mess

My heart laughed. So, who knew whose story.

When the host narrated the path of our love, I saw my colleagues from the Elite translation division. Qiao Fei had not come. I thought, that woman still had a heart. Without cruelty, she betrayed me, and came to the point of handing over the death sentence to me.

I was not someone who couldn’t think of something. I thought of her name.

As a result of which a dull blunt pain filled my heart. Closing my eyes, memories from the past were full of joy, but from then on, life was hopeless.

The host touched me: “Jia Yang, Jia Yang.”

Oh, I was supposed to kiss Xiaohua at the moment.

I hugged her, lip printed on her lips.


For the next round, we had to sign our names, and become recognized by the national legal protection as official husband and wife.

My hand held the pen.My eyes were blurred, my face frowning,my mind unfathomable and probing. In my heart, the face of another young woman emerged. I could only hear my own heartbeat, my inner voice growing louder and louder : “I can’t.”

When I was going to put down the pen, I heard Xiao Hua call me: “Jia Yang.”

I looked at her.

Her voice was very low. Only I could hear it: “Now, I am going to leave. As for the outcome, please settle it yourself.”

To the crowd’s surprise, Xiao Hua picked up her dress and left the venue quickly.

The situation got a little out of control.

I loosened my bowtie, looking for a chair to sit down and smoke.

Some people talked, some people questioned, some people left.

Someone put their hand on my shoulder. I raised my hand. It was my brother, Jia Ming. We looked at each other. He suddenly laughed: “Congrats.”

I lived in my “Travel” building. Everyday I worked, waiting to be summoned by my father. But, there had been no movement. I didn’t know what kind of a storm was going to appear.

Qiao Fei was sick and took leave for a week.

When she came to work, she looked as thin and pallid as a paper doll.

I certainly knew why this happened, so in my heart there was a taste of schadenfreude. People who are as strong as an ox can also get sick?Was it probably because of me,suffering through the pain, was it a crime? 

I didn’t go find her again. This type of a woman tortured me, with quite some means.

But, if I didn’t do anything proactively , what should my plan be?

Should I wait for her to come find me, and beg for her forgiveness ?

That was impossible.

Forget about it, I was a man. My skin was a little thick, and it was hard to come by someone like her.If  I would be like this to her,would  she still want revenge? Although my heart was like this, we were not in a hundred episodes of the drama “At the Threshold of An Era”(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_the_Threshold_of_an_Era) The most important part was that I had made such a big circle with Qiao Fei. There was no more time to waste.

We had to be together.

After I knocked off from work, I drove to her house to find her. I only found her roommate there. She told me, she had gone out after she came back from work, and was expected to return soon.

I sat in her room, waiting for Qiao Fei.

My sight was attracted by a photograph on the table, where Qiao Fei stood on the rocks by the seaside, her hair blown around her, her nose wrinkled; she was laughing

I laughed.

Last time when I had rummaged through her stuff, at the end of the day, there was no sign of me. I wasn’t anywhere. This was my photo of her in Dalian.

This was how I saw Qiao Fei ah

I waited for a long time, she did not come back.

Her friend had friends come over, I had to return. Before leaving, I told her, she didn’t need to tell that I had come for Qiao Fei.

I bought some mint ice cream to go home. When I got out of the elevator, I heard someone coughing.


Translated by Tranzgeek

Edited by miumiu

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