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Les Interpretes Chapter 60

We are almost to the end… T_T

Please welcome miumiu, our new editor who will be accompanying us for the rest of our short journey. Chapters are getting longer but since there are still people reading this…here’s your chapter.

Chapter 60

Qiao Fei

I woke up in Jia Yang’s embrace.

After that severe exercise, I was a little tired.

But I did not sleep very well. I opened my eyes and it was still a slow, long night in this northern city. The white moonlight shone through the window screens and onto our bodies.

My body felt warm because there was another person by my side.

I looked at him. Jia Yang opened his eyes and pressed his lips onto my lips, kissing me, lingeringly.

Cheng Jia Yang, no matter if it was rough or warm, he would always deeply arouse my desire to bury myself in his body.

Almost as if a long time had passed, I left his embrace.

I removed my own hand from his

I got out of bed, naked, and walked towards the windowsill.

I opened the window, and the cold wind blew over as the light snow came in.

It was actually snowing. This was really adapting to the circumstances.

“What are you doing? Fei, get over here. That place is cold.” Jia Yang said from my bed.

The intense love from just a moment ago made one feel desperate happiness.

We were like two duelling beasts in the night, as we used our teeth to pull each other’s souls out of his or her shell.

But, right now, I looked outside, wanting myself to calm down.

“Fei.” Jia Yang called me from behind. I heard the rustle of the blankets and I looked back. Jia Yang held his hand out to me, and I felt the warmth of his body.

At this moment, I heard a voice colder than the wind emit from my mouth.“Were you looking for me so you could only be like this to me?”

Jia Yang left extremely quickly, without a sound.

I sat in my chair smoking, as I watched him wear the clothes that I had ripped, and put on his shoes.

In the darkness, I could not see his face.

My heart thought of an old song.

When I heard him close the door, I lightly sang it out loud.

“If no one can prove our love, then we do not need to make a quick decision, looking at the common you and me, who will first hurt the other person’s heart…..”

When I heard of Cheng Jia Yang’s marriage news, I was playing chess with my senior sister coworker in the office.

Mrs Ma walked in and said: “Have you heard? Jia Yang is getting married.”

My coworker was thrown off for a second: “So quickly? Why haven’t I heard him say it before?”

“That’s right. I also said it was quick. I heard him say that after the new year he will register [his new marriage] and he even asked us to attend the ceremony. Then, taking advantage of the winter, the couple are going to South America for vacation. ”

I said: “Sister, hurry up, it’s your move.”

“All right, all right.” Senior sister said. She looked at the board and laughed: “Fei Fei, how can you use my chess pieces to capture my chess pieces?”

Cheng Jia Yang

All my family members felt the urgent marriage between Xiao Hua and me was very sudden.

But we insisted and they could only make the arrangements.

My mother was very surprised. I had suddenly revived, with such a cooperative attitude, demanding marriage. She even privately asked Xiaohua, if she was pregnant with my child.

Xiao Hua told me, even though she told my mother she wasn’t pregnant, she had resolved to get married

After she told me this,I felt that in my eyes, all that she had said and done before were just intermediate steps to this outcome.

A woman’s schemes made one forever ponder it.

Xiao Hua was like this, Qiao Fei was also like this.

But, one wanted to take me away and one wanted to kick me away hatefully.

The lines on Qiao Fei’s palm had one more line on it than Xiao Hua’s palm.

She knew what made my blood rush. After that day’s love making , she told me word by word: “Did you look for me so that you could do this to me?”

I seemed to have laughed.

I laughed at myself. It turned out, all these years, I had been this type of a person in her heart.

And no wonder. We were so eager to advance, so we advanced to all of the dullness in our happiness.

When I left her, Wen Xiao Hua was waiting for me, not understanding.

I knew I was brazen, but my heart was dead. I didn’t care who I was with. I only wanted to live a new life, and live new days.

I said: “Xiao Hua, you want to marry. Are you still willing?”

She didn’t think, and came over to hug me.

Or maybe, she had already thought of this for a whole night.

After the new year, we were going to register our marriage. When it got to the time, there would be some signing procedures as couples.

My mother even saved time and used her good relationship with the embassy in Paris to get three wedding dresses for Xiao Hua. Before, when we ate together, my father even personally gifted Xiao Hua a Vacheron Constantin platinum watch. I also accepted a gift of the same value from the Wen family head.

When the wedding reached the countdown, I moved back to my own house to live.

One night, when I was in my study room napping, I got Xu Dong’s phone call.

“Come over, before the wedding and live well for a while.”


“Allure (TLN: bar that QF used to work at), by the beach, all right?”

I was thrown aback.

“The young ladies here are all beautiful. Be careful that you don’t waste your time, otherwise you won’t be able to play in a while.”

I said,” Alright , please wait for me for a second.”

When I took the keys, I met a worker who came over to send the wedding photos.

When I signed, I saw myself in the photo, stiff and numb, like a tree that was dying.

I met Xu Dong at Allure, who had many wrinkles between his brows. He saw me and waved: “Jia Yang, over here, over here.”

I sat down and girls came over. I heard a Southern accent like polished glutinous rice ask: “Sir, what do you want to drink?”

I looked at her. Her eyes were like Qiao Fei, cat eyes.

I only looked at her: “Whatever you want. Anything is good.”

The girl was very happy and she went to find the attendant to get wine.

Xu Dong patted my shoulder and said: “How is it? Are you satisfied? I found this one especially to accompany you.”

I looked at him, he looked at me, and hugged my neck: “Brother, your heart is not good, so just forget it man. Look ahead…look ahead…who is not unhappy yet?”

The lady who looked like Qiao Fei told me her name was Zhou Zhou. I drank wine and said, “Zhou Zhou, I have a friend that looks like you but she left me. Zhou Zhou, if I have a lot of money, are you willing to be with me?”

This question quickly got an answer.

Someone cried: “Why does Zhou Zhou get to go accompany other people? Did I not leave her behind to wait for me? Who raised you? Do you believe that I’ll beat you up? I don’t care who it is, immediately get her over here.”

The voice was very familiar. It was my old friend, Liu gongzi.

The foreman could not stop this arrogant hero and he came over to our table, and we all stopped.

I saw, Liu gongzi sitting on a wheelchair.

“What happened to you? Lao Liu?” Xu Dong stood up, “Why are you sitting in a wheelchair?”

He coldly looked at us.

The foreman said: “You guys recognize each other? Then won’t it be easier to handle?”

Xu Dong said: “Quickly come and drink with us. There’s no point with a few people.”

I looked at Liu gongzi: “That’s right. Let’s play together. I’m marrying in two days.”

He looked at the sofa, and I didn’t know who ordered it: “Quickly get me a place. Don’t you see that it’s uncomfortable for me to sit here like this?” He turned his head and said to the foreman: “Go grab me some champagne. Two bottles. Quickly send it over.”

The foreman saw his chance to escape and happily let someone support Liu gongzi to the sofa, while he went to get the wine personally.

“Hey, don’t mention it. When we were skiing in Europe, I fell down from the top of a cable car. The good part was that it was not very high, otherwise my life would have been lost.”

“When will it get better?” Xu Dong asked.

“A few more months, but I think sitting on a wheelchair is great. It’s better than crutches.” Liu gongzi asked Xu Dong, “He’s about to marry; how are you doing?”

“Next month I will be a father.” Xu Dong touched his wine cup to our wine cups, “From here on out, I will be unable to play around.”

“Alright you. I understand. Before you married, weren’t you just as angry?”

We all laughed.

“I heard you’re about to marry,who are you marrying ?” Liu gongzi asked me.

Xu Dong coincidentally went out to grab a phone call.

Miss Zhou Zhou poured some wine for Liu gongzi and I.

We all looked at her face.

“Do you feel she looks like someone?” Liu gongzi said. He turned his face to look at me, “Aren’t you with her? Fei Fei?”

“Are you serious?” I said, “I’m going to marry Wen Xiao Hua, not any Fei Fei.”

“Wen Xiao Hua?” He laughed when he looked at me, “Then I must really congratulate her. That girl is not bad. Didn’t she play you into her hands?”

I watched him: “Say things clearly.”

“What clearly or not clearly.” He put down the wine cup, “That lady was harmed by your fiance before. I think you probably know. When she was still in school, Wen Xiao Hua faxed the university and told them that Fei Fei used to work at a bar….Oh Cheng Jia Yang, don’t pull at my collar(don’t play the innocent/don’t pretend you don’t know?). Let me tell you, when your big brother was still uninjured, you wouldn’t be my opponent.”

I put him down: “Say it. Finish your words.”

“She liked you early on. She knew you and Fei Fei were lovers, and she even knew I knew Fei Fei. Look at what she did.”

“You told her?”

Liu gongzi drank wine: “If I knew that girl would be so sinister, I wouldn’t have told her that Fei Fei was studying at university. Yup, I am also pretty sorry to Fei Fei. I like her a lot. She’s a good girl.”

I lit a cigarette. I thought about any trace of any clues in this chaotic plot.

“It was just like this, but I thought it was really weird. How did Wen Xiao Hua know so much about you? No reporter is like her.”

“How did she know so many things about me? You don’t know, I know……”

My cell phone rang at that moment. It was Xiao Hua.

I picked it up: “Yes, I am outside, with, Xu Dong, and, Liu gongzi……”

Liu looked like he was laughing as he looked at me: “Did I scare you with my words? Cheng Er. What about it? Are you still going to marry?”

I laughed; “What? Why not?….”

Qiao Fei

Cheng Jia Yang’s senior brother’s wedding invited everyone. Of course I was invited as well but I definitely didn’t have any intentions of going. That day, I really fell ill, my head hurt and I could not get out of bed. Xiao Deng helped me test my body temperature- 38.5 degrees Celsius.

My heart said: God must be fulfilling my wish. I can’t find a better excuse than this. I called my senior sister and begged her to send five hundred yuan in a small red envelope to the new groom on my behalf : Xin Kang Li.(marriage congrats words)

Xiao Deng said: “You’re still pretty bold. You sent 500 yuan to them.”

I put my head under the blanket. I didn’t have any energy to contradict her statement but my head was very clear. I gave Jia Yang, and he gave to me, so what did it count as?

I ate medicine, and sweated in the blankets, sleeping confusedly again.

I dreamed.

The dream setting was very strange: On a soccer field, two teams kicked around. I was there to referee the ball. I stood faraway, at a place where I could see.

I woke up in an instant, my head covered in sweat, wet.

Someone was beside me: “How is it? Still ill? I thought you got a shot.”

It was Cheng Jia Ming.

I looked at the clock. It was already afternoon.

I had actually slept for a whole day.

“How are you here? Didn’t you to go Cheng Jia Yang’s wedding?”

“It’s over.”

“Oh.” I said this sentence, and my throat seemed as if a knife was stuck inside.

“Don’t tell me you’re unaffected? Even though you didn’t cry, the sickness is a type of venting.”

Xiao Deng poured tea for Cheng Jia Ming. He smiled at her: “Thanks.”

Xiao Deng’s face reddened in an instant, an arrow went through her heart.

I closed my eyes.

“So stubborn. I admire you.” Cheng Jia Ming said.

“You are a doctor. Do you know where I can buy Regret Medicine [1]?”


[1] 后悔药: Lit. Regret Medicine. Fig. When you do something that you didn’t want to do, or it didn’t meet your own expectations, and you want to start over -that is called “Regret Medicine”. This medicine does not exist.


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