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Haha this time I just jumbled all of the tags together and took the interesting ones! There are sure a lot of dramas and movies that are being awaited and being filled with fan love! Another ranking for the actors/actresses has begun with many of our beloved peeps first! Many many many dramas and movies are coming out and trending. Too many for me to put all of them in this preview txt. Just check it out and you’ll see! *Sigh next time I will try to make it all more organized…

#亚洲新歌榜# TOP Asian Song Rankings

This has risen to the top spot! The fight is on between all the song artists and songs!

#电影从你的全世界路过# I Belonged To You

This movie, starring Yang Yang and Deng Chao is coming out September 30! Everyone brace yourselves for the geeky Yang Yang!

Image result for i belonged to you chinese movie

My posts on I Belonged To You

#杨洋茅十八# Yang Yang: Mo Shi Ba

Speaking of geeky Yang Yang, it looks like everyone loves his geeky, inventor character. Join me in fangirling! Lol. To refresh your memory, here’s the Mo Shi Ba trailer from I Belonged To You.

#明星势力榜# Actor Rankings!

Help your favorite actors move up along the rankings! You can repost one of their posts with an “inspirational message”, mention them in your posts, send some flowers to them (virtually of course), and search up their names (as many times as you can lol). Not telling who I helped *blush blush* lol. But it’s probably very obvious….

Jackson Yi first, with 93.90 points!!

2nd- Xue Zhi Qian; 92.39 points.

Haha the picture is creepy but the song is good. Idk why that picture is even there…but believe me…it’s not about serial killers!!

3rd- Lu Han; 91.32 points.

4th- Wang Jun Kai;

5th- Yang Yang;

6th- Li Yi Feng

7th- Ma Tian Yu

8th- Wang Yuan

9th- Zhang Si Fan

10th- Xu Wei Zhou

11th- Zanilla Zhao Li Ying

12th- Johnny Huang Jing Yu

13th- Jason Zhang Jie

14th- Leo Wu Lei

15th- Kimi Qiao Ren Liang

16th- Hua Chen Yu

17th- Yin Zheng

18th- Wang Kai

19th- Tiffany Tang Yan

20th- Hu Ge

22th- Zhang Ruo Yun

23rd- Dilraba Dilmurat

24th- Chen Xue Dong

25th- Zhang Han

Source: 01

Tranzgeek: Everyone support Kimi!! 😦 Besides the shoutout that I had to make, I am actually really liking the rankings here except for the few actors that I don’t know… haha. I must be too young lol…sure

There’s also a ranking for Hong Kong/Taiwanese celebrities and for Korean celebrities.

For Hong Kong/Taiwanese celebrities: Top 10

1st- William Chan

2nd- Wallace Chung

3rd- JJ Lin

4th-Joe Chen Qiao En

5th- Godfrey Gao

6th- Yoga Lin

7th- GEM

8th- Luo Zhi Xiang

9th- Hebe

10th- Aaron Yan

For Korean celebrities,

1st- Zhang Yi Xin aka Lay

2nd- Wu Xun from EXO

3rd- Victoria Song

4th- G-DRAGON.

5th- Huang Chi Yewl

6th- Jackson Wang

7th- Seungri

8th- Sy_ Jessica

9th- Jung Yong Hwa

10th- Li Joong Gi

Meanwhile, it looks like a lot of dramas are also gaining more fame…and a lot of fan love

#电视剧幻城# Drama: Ice Fantasy

Looks like this drama is becoming ever more popular as we get closer to winter…


Beautiful fanart!!

More posts available here

#再见樱空释# Good Bye, Ying Kong Shi

Speaking of Ice Fantasy, do you guys remember the main character’s little brother, Ying Kong Shi, acted by Ma Tian Yu? Aww it looks like people don’t want to let him go and for good reason! The post below really makes me shiver. Subs are below the pic!

Post by: Ice Fantasy Official Weibo

“Ka Suo. If you still don’t go, do you believe that I can kill you with one stroke of this sword?”

“Only if I die, will I be able to transfer the spiritual strength over to you. This is the only thing I can do for you.”

Fans even made a MV for Ying Kong Shi. *weeps at the sadness.

Source: 01

#青云志# Legend of Chusen

Li Yi Feng and Zhao Li Ying really do kick it off here in this drama! Many famous peeps in this drama!

Image result for legend of chusen

More trailers available here

#电视剧麻雀# Drama: Sparrow

This republic themed drama starring Li Yi Feng (again) as well as many other favorites like Zhang Ruo Yun really does vibe with the friendship and loyalty theme! Zhou Dong Yu and many others also star in this!

#赵丽颖胭脂# Zhao Li Ying in Rookie Agent Rouge

Ooooh another nationalist drama that we should all be keeping our eyes on! It’s been postponed for so long…. It stars Zhao Li Ying (naturally), as well as Lu Yi.

#王凯季白破案谈情# Wang Kai as Ji Bai falls in love as he cracks cases

When a Snail Loves is coming out in October….*gush gush for Wang Kai and the storyline!!

This is actually top 3 on the list!

Badass Wang Kai!!

Image result for when a snail loves

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#唐嫣锦绣未央# Tiffany Tang Yan in Princess Weiyoung

The drama is based off of the book with the same name about a daughter, born from a low ranking concubine who has been reincarnated from her past painful life to take revenge on everyone who betrayed her before! A total badass story with many great leads like Tiffany Tang Yan, Luo Jin, and Vanness Wu.

Image result for princess weiyoung

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#如果可以这样爱# If We can Love Like This

Liu Shi Shi and an angsty storyline that was adapted from Qian Xun Qian Xun’s book, this is a story about revenge…that slowly turns to love.

Image result for if we can love like this liu shi shi


#放弃我抓紧我# Stay with me

Wang Kai sure has a lot of dramas coming out soon! Joe Chen Qiao En will complete the OTP and don’t miss Kimi!!

Image result for stay with me chen qiao en

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#超星星学园# Super Star Academy

A very young and hot crew going to school amidst many conspiracies and superpowers (I think)  Even if there are no super powers, the cast is pretty enough to make me want to watch it! Lol.

 photo Star-37.jpg

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#云画的月光# Love in the Moonlight (K-Drama)

A coming-of-age story about 19-year old Crown Prince Lee Yeong‘s growth from a boy to revered monarch and his unlikely relationship with 18-year old eunuch Hong Ra-on. (wikipedia) Am I wrong or is this BL? Because the eunuch looks a little feminine….but it says eunuch. And eunuchs are guys…


Tranzgeek: Ok even if there are more dramas or movies trending I’m done for today…

By the way, check out my drama recap of Proud of Love under the drama recaps tab! That’s all for this week.


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  1. After rereading this, next time I will be adding external links for all the dramas/movies instead of only for a select few. If you need any links just head over to A Virtual Voyage at avirtualvoyage.net and they have all the dramas covered.


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