So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Part 2 Chapter 2.2 Summary


Ok guys, I really don’t see any point in dragging this on and painfully waiting for Lin Jing to show up!! >_< Thus, all chapters before he shows up will be summarized. Yes I am that impatient! Lol. Hope you guys enjoy and don’t get annoyed at me, but if I really do translate chapters 2.2-5 it will definitely take months like part 1. So this is better… If anyone wants to step up and courageously volunteer then that would be lovely (although the odds are not in favor of that…=_=;

Seems like ZW is determined to be very extreme at every gala!

Chapter 2 Part 2 Summary

-ok hangon, I may have confused some of you last time. The gala is actually being held so that they can separate their interns into companies, not departments. Sorry sorry!

It’s the day of the gala and Wei Shao Yi and Zheng Wei are dancing together in pretty much every event like the last chapter said. The music suddenly stops, causing Wei Shao Yi to suddenly freeze in her pose for some reason. Zheng Wei wants to go out and dance, as someone who has danced since a young age but Wei Shao Yi just keeps standing there and Zheng Wei can’t get past. Zheng Wei is so mad she makes a vow that she won’t lose to her.

Thus, ZW still keeps standing there. After a long time has passed, the audience has already began to move a bit. ZW feels her face growing red, as a drop of sweat falls. But no matter what she will continue to stand in the pose to beat WSY!

Eventually she can’t take it anymore and formulates a wonderful plan to dance off stage herself, by backing out gracefully, leaving WSY frozen on the stage. Eventually WSY follows too.

When they go backstage WSY starts ranting about how ZW just made her lose so much face. ZW retorts and they argue. At last, ZW turns to leae, when Director Zhou calls her. This man is the one that took her resume at the job meeting so it is not random at all! The fact that he still remembers her name after such a long time, plus the fact that she is a tiny employee makes her honored and she says, “I have been wanting to have the honor of meeting for a long time!”

Excerpt (since I translated it anyways before I was planning for a summary)

At that time, Zhou Qu laughed and asked her, “When did you ‘look forward to meeting me’ before?”

Zheng Wei gave a ghostlike, refined answer: “That day when you were recruiting people, Zhou Manager’s style gave me a very deep impression.”

“So it’s like this.” Zhou Qu’s laugh became deeper, “Then all right, since this is our second meeting, and you’ve been ‘looking forward to meeting me’, then do you remember what my name is?”

Zheng Wei thought, this question was too strange. He had obviously just given her his card. But where was the important part of the question. When she received his card, she pretended to look very focused, but actually her heart wasn’t there, and so she only remembered that his surname was Zhou. As for the other parts of his name, she couldn’t recall. His card was still in her bag, but she couldn’t take it out to look at right?

Back to summary mode:

Director Zhou laughs suddenly and says, “Suuuure you’ve been wanting to meet me for so long. You don’t even remember my name?”

ZW turns red, and can only laugh foolishly. She’s only met Director Zhou for a few times besides, and every time they happen to meet, her heart is very complicated (probably because of the way she acted in the job fair previously lol). Her head hurts from meeting him now.

Zhou laughs at her and asks her why she thinks he wants to recruit her into his department (since ya know the gala is for interns to go into the different departments of Zhong Jian).

ZW says, “You want to use my ex-boyfriend.”

ZQ says, “That’s right.” In a very monotonous way. Yuck dude!

ZW says, a little conflicted, “I didn’t know he would leave for America though, I didn’t trick you…..”

Well they talk more about that. When ZW makes a move to leave ZQ clucks at her impatience and says he hasn’t finished. Well when will he finished? Does he know he’s taking up a whole half of a chapter?! And he’s not even interesting! Ok ok I’m done *backs away slowly*

ZQ hasn’t finished *faints*. He says, “You entered based on your own hard work, not any connections that were based off of your ex-boyfriend.”

ZQ ends with, “He’s become your ex-boyfriend. That means that he’s already left, and it’s not your fault. Ok I only wanted to say these things. You may go now.” Wowwww. If that isn’t peer pressure I don’t know what is.

After she finishes talking with ZQ, the same guy from last time approaches her. He remarks on the way Zhou Qu seems to know ZW but ZW just says ZQ was asking for directions to the bathroom, huffily. (Smoooth). Then the Li guy starts talking about how good it would be to be in Director Zhou’s company. That’s why Li can only hope that he will get into a better company then the one he in now.

He rambles about some nonsense and starts talking about Er Fen, one of the best companies in G City. ZW has to ask him about some of the stuff he talks about. At the end of it all, she begins to think about how she doesn’t really understand a lot of things, so she doesn’t know if she’s smart or dumb. Understandable, considering her encounter with the perverted director and Li.


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