Siege in Fog (Color of Night) Feature

Fei Wo Si Cun_Color of Night

I really like the idea of the drama so far even though I may vomit blood while watching. I am toying with the idea of translating this novel sometime after So Young, for the next angsty novel read lol, because the author’s speech and diction is really very powerful. For those of you who want some of Fei Wo Cun Si’s work and and idea of (perhaps) what will make you vomit blood in the future….


I felt I didn’t do this translation justice so I included the Chinese below. The author uses her words so beautifully.


Heroes and beauties, populations in troubled times, 3000 miles of picturesque mountains and lakes; one moment heroic, when the country gets many sorrows, and then we look back.

He returns from the spring of Japan, but where is he (internally)? Thus, in the drizzling autumn rain I began to write this story.

In the northern rivers, Cheng county has a “Jade Submerged Well” (a story also referred to as Too Late to Say I Love You also by Fei Wo Cun Si) but what about the southern rivers? (in this case rivers refers to territories)

Fun and delight, and parting from sorrow, creates a stupid generation. Thus, “Siege in Fog”, this story, was created.–Fei Wo Cun Si

Do you guys notice the last line matches with a line from the ost from Romance of the Condor Heroes? Check out 1:04 if you understand Chinese. If you don’t, it’s still a great song nevertheless 😀



From Chapter One~

Qin Sang lifted her head, but saw Yi Lian Kai standing at the head of the second stairway, wearing a Western style shirt, ginger yellow military pants. On his feet were a pair of soft bottom woven gold slippers. With a casual look at her, he said: “What did you come for?”

Qin Sang was usually impatient with him when he spoke. When she saw his dandy look, she felt even more dispirited. But since she had come, she might as well endure her anger, so she lightly said: “Am I not allowed to come?”

Yi Lian Kai coldly laughed. Qin Sang was someone his father forced him to marry. Before they married, Qin Sang had heard of this young master. He was willing to play around, drink, and eat, but he was unwilling to do anything serious. They were initially matchmade by their parents. After the wedding, Yi Lian Kai didn’t try to curb his habits, and still had that temper from the nobility. The good part was that after Qin Sang entered the door, she had a lot of good grace. Besides the three times when they had to return to the old residence to pay their respects, usually, she didn’t interfere with his steps. That was truly surviving with peace and quiet. Many months previously, the two had a huge fight. Yi Lian Kai even walked out, minding his own business as he spent the summer holidays on the top of the mountain. On Zhi Mountain, he had much fun, as he lived freely, he had already forgotten about Qin Sang, but he didn’t think that she would suddenly come up the mountain today.

“What does it matter if you came up the mountain?” Yi Lian Kai incited one side of his eyebrow: “Let me tell you, don’t even think about learning from those women from those conferences who are quick to talk about women’s rights in an attempt to interfere with my actions. My family doesn’t have these kinds of manners.”

Qin Sang had sat in the car for half a day. She hadn’t even eaten dinner. When she heard him say these things, she only lightly said: “I didn’t come to interfere with your actions. It’s almost the Autumn Festival. You should go over to your father’s and explain what happened in the end.”

Yi Lian Kai’s face remained gloomy, fiercely glaring at her face, he said: “What do you count as? Are you using my father to threaten me?”

Qin Sang didn’t make a sound, Yi Lian Kai coldly laughed, and made his way down the stairs. The pack of dogs followed him downstairs. She only heard the sound of the dogs as they went down the stairs. When he passed Qin Sang, he continued to look straight ahead and left.

Qin Sang didn’t know where he was going again. Lieutaneant Song was also gone, but there was a footman who asked: “The young lady of the house hasn’t eaten dinner right? Do you want to ask the kitchen to make more?”

How did she have the appetite to eat. She only felt a burning pain in her stomach. She sucked in her air, saying: “Then it’ll have to porridge-send it to my room.”

When they had just gotten married, Yi Lian Kai brought her to the top of Zhi Mountain for their honeymoon. Because she was a very light sleeper and was afraid of noise, Yi Lian Kai gave another huge temper. Thus, the two people slept in their own rooms, walking on their own side of the hallways. When they returned to Cheng Ye, this housing distribution was still in existence. Qin Sang lived in the room she had lived in before. There was already someone cleaning it everyday, dusting it, so it was very clean. As of now, Han Ma (ma is a term for older female servant), placed the luggage and her belongings. The kitchen sent over a thin porridge up, with four types of picked vegetables.

Image result for congee with pickled vegetables

The white rice porridge in the blue rimmed bowl is the porridge that is being referenced in the passage. The small bowl in the far right in front of the large bowl is an example of pickled bamboo. Tastes pretty good! Rice porridge does have an official term and that is congee.

Next excerpt:

She slept for about three shift hours when Qin Sang suddenly woke up. Originally, the mountains were very peaceful, and there was only the sound of insects chirping outside the window. She felt her whole body’s hairs were all standing up. The moment she wanted to stretch out her hand to open the lamp, another hand suddenly reached out of the darkness, pressing on her hand. She only smelled an alcoholic air, when that hand went up her arm and into her sleeve, groping her chest. She wore satin pajamas, that were very large. Right now, she was surprised and angry, but began to laugh- laughing as if he was sneering, until he brushed away her face.

Qin Sang was already very disgusted, but she couldn’t turn back, otherwise tomorrow she wouldn’t be able to put up with the words of the people. Thus, she didn’t make any sound and only stiffened her body, like wood. Originally, she wanted to endure it by gritting her teeth, but she didn’t think he had already reached out his hand, laughing coldly again: “I know that it isn’t that cheap- usually touching you is harder than touching the sky. Coming up to the mountain today, what it is for, even if you don’t say it, I know.”

Qin Sang groped around and buttoned her pajamas, flipping over with her back to him. He became ruthless, and flipped her over in one motion: “Say it! Why? Say it!”

Qin Sang knew that he usually had a nobleman’s temper, after he finished drinking wine, he became more unreasonable, so he took her wrist, almost crumpling it. She didn’t struggle, and only said: “Don’t get into a drunken craze.”

“I know you wish that I will get crazy.” His eyes gleamed and shone in the darkness, as he laughed softly: “You wish even more that I will die!”


9 thoughts on “Siege in Fog (Color of Night) Feature”

  1. Such a beautiful intro. This sounds so good I wish you never translated this because now I want more. Always, thank you so much!! I hope you’ll consider this in the future and I’ll be here to vomit blood with you then. LOLLL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your interest! It’ll be a definite project for me if I see more interest! Otherwise I’ll be blubbering/vomiting blood through the translation 😢😢. I’m a pretty 😵emo person lol so translating this… I need a good motivator. If more people like or comment on this post I’ll do it. Haha u might call this finding moral support before lunging into the battle 😉


  3. Please do consider translating it. It’s been a while since I read a really good novel and this one seems quite promising. The last one I can really remember was Yun Zhong Ge and that was a few years back.


    1. Haha I’m working on Chap 1 right now, but juggling so many projects along with schoolwork isn’t easy!! Don’t worry Chap 1 will be out hopefully by next week… haha don’t quote me on that!


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