So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 27.2

anime couple on bus 的圖片結果

(Don’t worry) Zheng Wei hasn’t found out yet. Things are pretty happy on this beautiful day. They go to the zoo and both of them go back to being children. Well if you ask me, Zheng Wei is always a child at heart 😛

Even though things were like this, sometimes when she wanted to speak with him, she wouldn’t be able to find him. She was someone of an anxious temperament, and it was inevitable for her temper to explode. Chen Xiao Zheng seemed to look a little guilty, and would comfort her, and promise her that over the next few days, since they both had no classes, he would accompany her. They would go wherever she wanted.

Zheng Wei brought up going to the zoo. The reason was because she had been in G City for four years, but had never gone to the zoo before. Chen Xiao Zheng laughed at her childish temper, but promised to go with her. In April of the southern city, the flowers were bright. After getting off the bus, the two walked a bit. Chen Xiao Zheng saw that she had a thin layer of perspiration that had formed, and mentioned going to the front to buy her a bottle of water. Zheng Wei conjured two full mineral water bottles from her own bag and victoriously said, “Look, I already expected that we would need these.”

Chen Xiao Zheng took her water, and laughed in surprise, “You carried two big bottles and walked such a far path? Is it not heavy? No wonder you’re sweating like this.”

Such a lazy person like her, bringing just one umbrella out was already heavy enough. Now, this was indeed not like her. She beamed with joy after hearing this, “You don’t understand this. One bottle of water is a dollar. Coming like this, wasn’t it just to save two dollars? Money is saved up, bit by bit. Right now, I don’t even go shopping, but I must save up my money until May 1, when we go to Wu Yuan, so that we can use it then. At that time, we can play around as much as we want, then it will be fun.”

She said it like this, but when she was sweating, she couldn’t help but sweat, and smiled innocently, “To tell you truth, it really was a little heavy.”

Chen Xiao Zheng didn’t say anything before he brought her backpack to his own back. He drank a cup of water. The taste inside, only he knew.

The zoo’s tickets were 20 dollars, which made Zheng Wei’s heart distressed. But the cute big and small animals inside made her feel that it was worth the price. She fed the monkeys, she played with the birds, as happy as a child. Even Chen Xiao Zheng who she dragged along was smiling nonstop like her.

When they passed by the aquarium, they wanted to go in but after they were stopped by the worker, they knew that this place needed other tickets. Zheng Wei continued to stare at the promotions of the lovely dolphins and posters, refusing to leave. But when she thought of the fifteen dollar priced ticket, she still resolutely took Chen Xiao Zheng away. Her mouth was still trying to comfort herself, “What good is this, what good is this.”

She walked forward a few steps, when she found that A Zheng that she had been pulling at was still in his original spot. He let go of her and went to the ticket window to buy her a ticket by himself. He shoved it into her hand and smiling said, “You go look at it yourself. My house is very close to the sea. I don’t like these. I’ll wait for you by the entrance.”

She shook her head, “No, if I go all alone it won’t be fun at all. Go return the ticket. If you want me to go in, then both of us must go, otherwise I won’t go.”

When she was dead set on something, even if you wanted to persuade her it wasn’t easy. The two young people fought in front of the aquarium entrance just for this ticket fiercely. In the end, it was the old woman selling tickets whose heart was distressed from the two young people. Today wasn’t the weekend, so it was cold and clean anyways. There wasn’t anyone there, so she made her decision to quiet them down, and the two people went in together.

Zheng Wei rushed up and used force to kiss that fat lady. In the end, she added a flattering compliment, “Auntie, your heart is so good, no wonder you’re so young and pretty.” The amused Auntie laughed and let them quickly go in.

Over the course of the day, the two people played until their hearts were satisfied. When they returned they sat on the bus. Zheng Wei was tired, and leaned on A Zheng’s shoulder. She happily sighed, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a fun time.” After a while, she heard the person beside her lightly say “Mm.”

What is better than the feeling of putting your head into your loved one’s shoulder? Zheng Wei’s heart was playing cheerful music, satisfied, as she quietly lay on his shoulder, sleepy. When she was half dreaming, half awake, she realized that he was stroking her hair and then proceeded to lightly touch her long eyelashes that fluttered gently. In the warmth and sweetness, Zheng Wei suddenly felt there was a similar scene that had happened before. Yes, four years ago, the seventeen-year-old her was just like this on a rickety old bus, when she felt the person she loved most kiss her lightly. The Small Flying Dragon at that time- her heart was like a small bird flying. She thought that no one was as happy as her. She thought she could get whatever she wanted. But then, what awaited her next was that she began to wait for the person who left her and went far away. And there was a long parting.

She didn’t know why she was like this. In the happiest moment, she thought of what she was most afraid of, separation. She suddenly tightly hugged A Zheng’s hip, and said, “A Zheng, don’t go.”

He was shocked and reacted so surprised, “Wei Wei, what did you just say?”

She was suddenly nervous and embarrassed, “Nothing much. I was just suddenly afraid you would disappear. A Zheng, promise me, don’t let me wait for you again. I’m afraid I won’t have enough courage to continue waiting where I am. I am more afraid that as we continue on, I will never be able to find you again.”

He didn’t reply.


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