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Remembering Li Chuan Feature (Trailer and Book)

Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) is coming out July 31 and will star leads Godfrey Gao and Jiao Jun Yan.

I probably won’t be watching this, because I’ve seen mixed reviews on the book (and agree with the bad reviews) and I also tried to read the book before…butttt it was hard. So I gave up on that…anyways to all Godfrey fans and Li Chuan fans enjoy!!

Drama Synopsis (douban):

The college student and working girl, Xie Xiao Qiu met the young Chinese architect, Wang Li Chuan through a series of misunderstood, and the two fell in love. Li Chuan has a leg disability but has a self resolute character, and the gentle and considerate man fascinated Xiao Qiu. Not after too long, a health report makes Li Chuan aware that he and Xiao Qiu cannot continue to love, so he breaks off all contact with her, and lets the nearly collapsed Xiao Qiu swallow the bitter fruit of romance.

After four years, Xiao Qiu graduates and gets a job in translation and enters Li Chuan’s company and in a bid case that has been leaked she meets Li Chuan by chance. At this moment, Xiao Qiu begins her fanatical pursuit of her boss again, but by Li Chuan’s side is a new beautiful, passionate female colleague. But Xiao Qiu who loves Li Chuan deeply will not give up, and Li Chuan who cannot bear to trick Xiao Qiu must pretend indifference.

Faced with another chance to love, the two people that are deeply in love produce different responses and finally understand happiness is never at one’s fingertips.

Godfrey Gao as Wang Li Chuan

Jiao Jun Yan as Xiao Qiu

Eng Sub Trailer:

Book Synopsis (shushengbar):

At the age of seventeen, Xie Xiao Qiu met “him.”
Since then, “he” is engraved on her heart  and remains unforgettable.
Since then, she is imprisoned by love to the point of madness.
“He” is called Wang Li Chuan. `

Six years ago, her boyfriend Li Chuan left without saying goodbye.  Thereafter Xiao Qiu becomes the prisoner of love. She does not understand how such an intense and strong love could vanish overnight. The mystery of Li Chuan’s disappearance, shatters Xiao Qiu’s heart. When they encounter each other again, Xiao Qiu wavers between advance and retreat.  In the face of such a good and patient man,  she suddenly understands happiness is never easy to grasp. Crippled or perfection is always accompanied by shadow.

Raws are available here. There are currently two English Translations available. The first is  at Lil’Bliss here and the second is at LiveJournal here.


20 thoughts on “Remembering Li Chuan Feature (Trailer and Book)”

  1. Really? I have been waiting for years for the drama. I really hope finally it gets aired. Yes I m one of those who loved the book and had re-read it more than 10 times….😉 thank you for sharing


      1. I really can’t say to be honest. I like how the story as sad as it was actually brings out the unwillingness to let go Li Chuan. And how she wanted to stand by him after knowing the truth behind why he left her. The support from his side of the family were amazing. I love Rene and how much he truly cared for both of them. The novel are sad in the main part of novel that ended with a happy ending. And as for the drama, Geoffrey Gao being the lead…. What more can I asked for as I enjoyed watching on screen 😍 do you know which station would be airing the drama? I will definitely tune in 😉 it’s been 3 years since they originally announcement the drama


      2. I really can’t answer why I think the novel is good. I guess it is how the much both of them love each other and the fact that she did not want to let go. And when she found out the truth why he left her and about his illness, she tried so hard to hold on harder. And Li Chuan on the other hand just cares for her too much but had to force himself to stay away. The agony of the OTP were very well described. And the fact that his family were so supportive and actually in some ways helped them to get back together. I love Rene and his dedication cum loyalty 😍 and as for the drama, you said it. Geoffrey Gao…. 😍😍😍😍😍 plus the novel that I like so much…. Do you know which station would be airing it? I will definitely tune in. I really hope that the 3 years of wait for the drama will finally end soon 😉


        1. I heard that it was postponed for so long because no broadcast station wanted to buy it since it had less famous actors and produced by a relatovely unknown company. It is going to be broadcasted by Anhui Station (AHTV 中國安徽衛視),19:30-21: 30,Two Episodes every night

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      1. Hi kimchigalblog, you mean you have not read this book? This was one of the earlier translated c-novel that was recommended by tinkerbellsan when I got her addicted to C-Novel. In this novel, he had bone cancer. They were very happy together as she accepted him as how he is (he had only 1 leg) and when he went back to Zurich, he was preparing to get her to marry him. But fate were cruel as he also found out at the same time that his cancer came back and he had only a few more months left. So he went back to China to break off with her and then left for Zurich. He then recovered again but he did not want her to go through the difficult moments so he kept the secret from her. Fate brought them back together and he wanted to avoid it as much as he could but at the same time was worried about her. Long story short, she found out, wanted to stay by his side but he pushes her away. Then she decided to let go when he was dying and sent him home to Zurich. She moved on with her life but he survived this round again and came back. It is a HE. Bittersweet story. Be ready with tissues if you want to read it.

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        1. Haha I read and finished it in 2 days after your review😜 I really really liked the story and both leads esp the girl who seems to be mature in her young age and quite stubborn!the side stories made me laugh out a lot!

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        1. Haha I just completed it in 2 days after I read the review here and I totally loved it as it was happy ending…though some said the ending was abrupt but who cares as the side stories were so sweet and funny! I regret why I didn’t read it before…5 raw episodes of this drama are already released but why they say it will release on 31st?


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