So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To The Fading Away of Our Youth: Chapter 6

So we have Zheng Wei- acting out during class (surprised she didn’t get caught), standing up for her friends and feeling ignored (as shown above) -.-. But everything is so much less melodramatic. At least imo. But phew.

And a bonus picture of Ruan Ruan, no wonder everyone likes her. Such a cute and sweet countenance…so unlike Zheng Wei hehe please don’t hit me. We haven’t updated So Young in a while. Hope you guys enjoy!


Zheng Wei and Ruan Ruan went to their class together, walking into the classroom one minute before class began. The teacher still hadn’t come. Inside sat a dense mass of many students, the freshmen were all passionate for the class; there was a high attendance level.

One by one, the students sat down. They picked seats near the podium for fear of being unable to see the lecturer’s appearance. Notebooks were placed in front of each student, as eyes shone with knowledge and gleamed with light.

Zheng Wei had always liked to fidget during class, so seeing that there were empty seats in the back, she dragged Ruan Guan over, despite her protest. The boys pretended that they were not intentionally staring at the two girls, when the opposite was happening. They all said that pretty girls had an aura of magnetic repulsion, but these two just happened to get together.

This was Zheng Wei’s first time to class since she had returned from home. There were two continuous periods of Engineering Graphics. When it began, she was still telling herself, I must concentrate, I must concentrate, I cannot lose to others just because I am one of the new students, but when she had sat for a while, her heart started to lose focus.

She looked at Ruan Ruan. Ruan Ruan’s head was lowered as she focused on reading the textbook. Zheng Wei wanted to talk to her several times, but when she saw her so attentive, she was embarrassed to disturb her. After a long time had passed did she realize that Ruan Ruan’s focus was a little overly high, she suspiciously reached her hand out to flip some pages of her book, “You’re too scary. Is Engineering Graphics really that good?”

Ruan Ruan had stopped flipping the pages already. After she flipped to another page, she only said a sentence of “I rely on Reincarnation, it’s all my fault I didn’t focus on learning as hard as you, this is deceiving my pure feelings too much.”

Ruan Ruan let out a shushing sound, her head never lifting, “Be good, don’t make sounds. After I finish reading this, I’ll let you borrow it.”

“No, whenever I look at words my head hurts.” her heart stabilized some, good students were like this right?

Talking about this, Ruan Ruan was a very interesting person. She heard that Ruan Ruan had been the second top scorer to test into G University’s Civil Engineering Department. Most of the time she loved to go to the library but Zheng Wei only went once in awhile.

As she accompanied Ruan Ruan to the library, she found that there was not a time when Ruan ruan was not reading magazines or doing some light reading. Sometimes Ruan Ruan would be engrossed with gossip magazines and they would spend a whole evening at the library.

Zheng Wei’s judgment was, “I’m surprised!

But Ruan Ruan would only reply with, “Homework…As long as I pass it’s okay, I am most afraid of getting first place, what’s the point of tiring yourself out?”

Zheng Wei would never surrender. A person’s long life was really like Ruan Ruan, someone who created false illusions in life. Leafing through a pornography book really made one feel focused on dignity.

“Stop reading, talk with me.” She used her hand to tap Ruan Ruan’s elbows. Ruan Ruan looked up at the podium. The middle aged male lecturer, with eyes thicker than bulletproof glass had an extremely emotionless face.

She put the book down quietly and put it away, “What do you want to talk about.”

Zheng Wei used her hand to cup her chin, “Talking about anything is fine, there’s not really much that you can mention or ask me, a single young lady that has just encountered many life changes.”

In fact, yesterday afternoon when she had returned to school at 15110 she  told Ruan Ruan about the circumstances at her home, from the people’s activities to her internal thinkings. Ruan Ruan was very agreeable. She lowered her voice and said, “Are you really not going to think of another way to connect with Lin Jing?”

Zheng Wei doodled on her notebook carelessly, “Lin Jing… he’s so far away, as for his situation, it seems like he knows of his family’s situation, he won’t care about me anymore.”

Ruan Ruan was a little regretful in choosing this topic, right when she wanted to transition to a different topic, Zheng Wei laughingly said, “However there is no need to panic, how can this tiny drawback hurt me, the invincible Jade Small Dragon? One Lin Jing left,  but 1000 Lin Jing’s will speed over. Our school doesn’t have a lot of anything, but there are plenty of guys, one or two of them are actually not that bad.”

Ruan Ruan laughed, “This is also true, just the fact that you can think in this way is really good.”

“Why wouldn’t I think in this way? There is a big world out there for me. Let me tell you, yesterday Zhu Bei told me a very interesting piece of news. She said her class has a girl who was sleeping and suddenly let out a crying sound. Everyone else asked her what was wrong and she said that from childhood to now, she has never seen so many hot guys inside a school, and there are also not many young beautiful girls, she could almost die  just thinking about it.

Ruan Ruan could not help but laugh.

In the afternoon after class let out, they walked on the path back to the dorm. Both sides of the main path were filled with people. Clusters of people moved throughout, almost as if they were rushing to the market.

The curious Zheng Wei stood in a crowd of people looking around. Behind the table stood many figures, there were some posters of Zhang behind them. She understood immediately, “So it’s the legendary college clubs.”

The boy behind the table sought out new members . His expression confused Zheng Wei as he immediately yelled warmly, “Sister, do you want to join our Literature Club?”

Zheng Wei instinctively shuffled backwards a little with her head lowered. She walked back to her original position and saw that Ruan Ruan, who had been waiting for her had become an object of attention surrounded by the clubs’ fervent promotions. “Ruan Ruan do you want to join?”

Ruan Ruan shook her head, “It’s too troublesome, let’s go.”


After they had almost walked to the end of the path, all of a sudden they heard a voice shouting, “Wei Wei, Wei Wei… ”

Zheng Wei subconsciously looked around. When she was sure the voice had not been calling her, she walked forward. When she had only walked a few steps she heard a loud shout again, “Wei Wei, look over here, look over here!” This time she saw in a very humble corner, a familiar face who was eagerly waving his hand.

“You know him?” Ruan Ruan surprisedly asked.

“I think I recognize him,  let’s go over and check it out.”

The two people walked over, the boy who had called her immediately started to shout, “Wei Wei, I have finally waited you out, school has already been on session for so long, you still won’t give give me your phone number, this is not right.”

After the other person had called “Wei Wei” she felt as if an internal conflict inside her began. In her heart she thought when did I meet so many familiar people? She looked at the face in front of her for a few seconds, suddenly she remembered, wasn’t this the familiar boss from the registration day?

“Hehe, I was busy the past few days, why are you here boss?” Since he was a familiar person she would lower her guard.

“What else can I do? I am a promotional guy at the club gathering,  I should recruit some new blood.”

These days everyone seemed to be living in a mixed community. Zheng Wei looked at the boss’s club site and thought This is the most obscure corner stall. Behind the boss stood two to three boys of the same vicissitudes. There were no eye-catching posters next to the table. Even the crowd of new students at the front of the table were only there because they had nowhere to go.

“What does your club station count as, at least have some flags on it.”

“It is here.” The boss took out a piece of paper from the table.

It was clear that the paper was a page that had been ripped from a notebook. “Go Social Club”, the three big words, had been written on it with a pen.

Zheng Wei laughed heartily, “Boss, your club is too plain. Walking all this way I haven’t seen such a shabby place until now.”

Boss didn’t mind at all, he shook the paper a bit, “This is called being low key! The water is not deep we have the dragon as our spirit. The formation is unimportant, we value content.”

“If you’re just continue to focus on quality, then I’m leaving.” Zheng Wei laughed while speaking.

“How is that okay, since you’ve already come, then join our club.” The boss said firmly.

Zheng Wei smiled, “I don’t understand your content, I only know how to play ludo.”

“No problem, you only need to sign up. We have so many people, how can we not teach a small maiden. Seeing that your face looks so smart, you will definitely learn quickly.”

“Nevermind,  forget it. You guys can find cleverness elsewhere.” Zheng Wei was about to leave but but she was held back by the boss’s grip, “Sister, don’t hurt my reputation okay? What if I waive the entry fee… Is that okay? What if I gave you the vice president role if you join… ?”

Zheng Wei was startled; she felt the scene before her eyes was messy. This time the boss tried another tactic again. “It seems that since I, your old brother, helped you on registration day it can be called destiny.  Just join okay? Don’t worry, after you join there will be no obligation on your part, you have your own rights… You don’t need me to beg you right? I am also partly your brother.”

Seeing Zheng Wei’s speechless face, the boss promptly shoved a ballpoint pen into her hand and half coaxed, half forced her to sign her name. Her reaction hadn’t caught up with the situation when she heard the boss say to the boys behind him, “Our go club finally has girls now, and it’s even a pretty sister. We will enrage the Computing Club and Guitar Club to the point of death.”

Zheng Wei had nothing to say, she only felt she had been unconsciously sold off. But seeing their happy faces her heart thought, These people are too pitiful,  normally they must be bullied by the other clubs, but she had no problem, joining was joining after all.

The boss’s eyes started staring at Zheng Wei’s back. When Zheng Wei glanced back, she just happened to see Ruan Ruan’s standing position. Ruan ruan was facing the street, calmly watching people come and go.

Zheng Wei patted Ruan Ruan’s shoulder with a hand and looked at the boss saying, “Why are you indecently staring at my friend Ruan Ruan for? She is not someone you should look at that way.”

Zheng Wei was this kind of a person. Her heart held Ruan Ruan in high esteem, to the extent that she felt Ruan Ruan was her own family. Other people praised Ruan Ruan and liked her. She also felt jealous at times, but the boss’s eyes which said “coveting” made her feel uneasy.

The boss took something out of his pocket, his two hands offering it in front of Ruan Ruan. “You must be Ruan Guan,  I have heard of you,  I am Zhang Tian Ran from the Environmental Engineering Division. I am also Zheng Wei’s good friend.”

Zheng Wei gave a supercilious expression, this person really didn’t understand people. He dared give his self made stupid name card out which he had carried with him everywhere. One glance at a beautiful girl made him go crazy.

Ruan Ruan received it, giggling, not saying much.

So it was the boss who continued, “Do you want to join our go club?”

Zheng Wei saw that Ruan Ruan had a composure that demonstrated internal pressure and thus said to the boss, “Isn’t this just greedy, forcing me, this young maiden isn’t enough, you still want to seize my friend Ruan Ruan, our most beautiful girl. Aren’t you afraid that your Go Social Club will be bullied by others?”

The boss was a person who could assess the situation. He knew that what she was saying was logical, so he accepted this view and did not continue to force.

In the nighttime after everyone arrived, one after another, each began to talk about the afternoon’s club touring experience.

Xiao Bei’s opinion resonated, “All of these so called clubs, isn’t it just a place for “thirsty” brothers to chase lower level girls?”

He Lu Ya responded, “Yes, I also feel this way, Xiao Bei. Then are you one of these people that didn’t sign up for anything?”

Xiao Bei said, “What nonsense, I joined the Photography Club, Cooking Club, Love Club, Movie Association…”

Zheng Wei laughed, “Then aren’t your previous words trash?”

Xiao Bei righteously said, “I only said that the club is a place for older classmates to chase younger classmates, but I never said that this was bad, but you can’t not give them an opportunity. Wouldn’t that be too inhumane? What about you Zheng Wei, what clubs did you join? I looked around all day but I didn’t see the Flying Dragon Club.”

“I joined the Go Social Club.” Zheng Wei said in a crisp manner.

“Ai ya, which club is that hard to join? Why did you have to join the Go Social Club? I heard some previous schoolmates say that of the whole school’s clubs, Go Social Club is the typical boring club. The club had to revoke their membership many times, so I don’t know why it still exists.” Li Wei Juan said

When Zheng Wei heard this she became anxious,  “I just want to do nothing, but Go Social Club is cultural rubbish. There are actually also community rules to those who do not resist, brackets―except for Literature Club.”

Zhu Xiao Bei laughed, “This is is a little interesting,  a little interesting.”

Li Wei Juan did not reply. She was probably lying on her bed, angry until she became pale.

In the end it was Ruan Ruan who broke the silence. “That’s reasonable, everyone’s preferences are different.”

Li Wei Juan was not willing to offend Zheng Wei, so she stepped away, “But returning to the subject at hand,  I heard the Go Social Club has a few guys that are pretty good, it is said that “Prince” Xu is also in Go Social Club.”

Zheng Wei’s anger refused to dissipate. She gave a “hmph” with no answer.

He Lu Ya asked, “What “Prince” Xu?”

“You don’t even know “Prince” Xu?”, Li Wei Juan said

“He’s a sophomore in in the electrical department, Xu Kai Yang, he is extremely wealthy and his looks are not bad. Our class has a lot of girls who have mentioned him before, I heard he has no girlfriend.”

“It looks like you did some secret investigating to find clues. So he doesn’t have a girlfriend, then doesn’t that mean you have an opportunity?” Zhu Xiao Bei asked.

Li Wei Juan complained, “Why do others look down on us?”

“Stop saying these things immediately, our Li Wei Juan classmate is so good, there will never be someone better, she’s lived a hard life.” Zhu Xiao Bei said.

Everyone discussed for a moment, except Zheng Wei and Zhu Xiao Bei. Zhuo Mei signed up for the Cooking Club, He Lu Ya signed up for the Literature Club and Li Wei Juan signed up for the Students’ Meeting, only Ruan Ruan didn’t sign up for any clubs. Her reason was that she feared complications. Sometimes if there was time why not just go to the library to read?


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