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Les Interprètes Chapter 12

I will be gone for a few days…I’ll try to post one chapter a day but we’ll see how everything goes… 😉

Cheng Jia Yang

I answered Xu Dong’s phone call. He said he wanted to give me a domestic theatrical premiere invitation and was told to attend. I knew he didn’t like to watch movies, but this time he showed such a sudden display of enthusiasm that it made one feel he had a hidden motivation.

He laughed mysteriously (Last time when he laughed mysteriously……I don’t even want to think about it), “Go and you’ll find out.”

I called Fei and told her that a friend had asked me out to go to a premiere. Did she want to come with me? Fei said, “Will we see any celebrities?”

“Yes,” I looked at the invite, “It’s the Shanghai actress that has recently become hot, her name is Wu Jia Yi.”

“That’s too good. I love looking at her movies the best!” But she stopped, “That’s too coincidental. That day, I have to lead the tourist group. You go by yourself. Make sure you remember to get me an autograph.”

Then what meaning was there for me to go? I could only call Xu Dong and ask for a break.

“No, if you don’t come you’re not giving me face.”

When he talked about “face”, this issue, I had no other choice and could only go with him on the day of the weekend. According to Xu Dong’s instructions I had dressed up to go with him to the premiere.

Before the premiere there was a reception. When I arrived, Xu Dong was also there. By his side was the female lead, Wu Jia Yi. I had seen her photograph in the newspaper before and she was actually a bit older than I thought she would be. But she was wiping thick makeup on and did not look like how she did on the screen. She was very bold, and shook my hand, “Hello, Jia Yang, Xu Dong has spoken of you often.”

What kind of a person would talk like this? I looked at Xu Dong, who was next to her, “Now you know why you had to come right?”

Then that was probably his newest girlfriend, I said, “A worthwhile trip.”

I gave Wu Jia Yi the little notebook that I had brought and said, “A friend said that I must get your autograph.”

She was extremely happy, and casually signed her name. She asked me, “What is your friend called?”

“Fei.” I said.

“Fei, I hope your every day is filled with happiness.” Wu Jia Yi wrote this in. She gave me the book and said thank you. I felt that this kind of woman knew what she wanted to do.

Then Wu Jia Yi went to greet guests with the director, Xu Dong grabbed me some wine, and asked, “How is it?”


“I like her a lot.” His eyes followed her.

“Of course.”

“She is so pretty, generous, bold, sincere, mature……”

“I didn’t know that your vocabulary would increase by this much when you talk about women .”

“Are you laughing at your brother again?”

“I haven’t seen you like this in such a long time.”


I still couldn’t hold it in and laughed.

The movie had started, I went in with the audience and saw that Xu Dong had placed 1000 lily baskets at the door. It was very eye catching.

The movie wasn’t very good. It talked about the modern occasional love and the many times that coincidence led to the formation of love. Many times it also talked about misunderstandings and finally they were transformed by the aliens, and the lovers married.

Most of the time, I was messaging Fei.

I asked: Did you arrive yet?

Fei’s reply: We have finished hotpot and are going to the Workers Cultural Palace to see an ancient costume performance.

She asked: Was the movie good?

I said: I didn’t notice. But I heard that it has received double nominations. One for the mainland Golden Goose Award and the other for the Taiwan Golden Mule award.

Fei: Wow! So good! Did you get me my autograph?

Me: You can stop worrying.

Fei said thanks, followed by a joke:

Four mice boasted: A: Everyday I eat rat poison like candy. B: If I don’t step on a mice’s foot on any given day, I’ll begin to itch. C: I do so everyday but the streets are not practical. D: The time is getting late, I need to go grab the cat to argue.

I laughed “ha”, which caused others to turn around and say “Sh”. Just then, the movie’s beauty teared up and said to the male lead, “I actually love you.”

The movie ended and there was a long applause. I looked around and actually saw Xu Dong’s company’s staff members.To have found so much “careworkers”, it really made one feel the good intentions.

Xu Dong busily took care of the guests. He greeted me and then left with Wu Jia Yi. I saw his care and love for her. It was a little strange. What was wrong with him? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen any celebrities before but he could actually feel so heavily towards this one. This him was not familiar to me.

It was about 10:00. She was probably done at her side. I had to call Fei.

“Did the movie end?” She asked.

“It just ended. You?”

“I already returned to school, and I’m currently washing my face.”

“How should I give you Wu Jia Yi’s autograph?”

“Wait until the foreigners leave. The day after tomorrow.”

“You owe me a favor.”

“What is the price now?” Qiao Fei’s voice was lazy, and it made my heart itch.

Looking behind me, I saw a big, round, white moon, “Just looking at you will be enough.”

She made a low laugh in her throat, “I’m sleepy.”

“All right, sleep well.”

I ended the call and sat in my car. Slowly, I drove towards my house. I missed that girl.

But I reached my house, and found that the atmosphere was not right. The hall was brightly lit. My parents were waiting for me, and it wasn’t just them, there was also that holy dragon whose tail never showed, my big brother, Cheng Jia Ming. It was really rare that all of my family was present but I could only think of hiding from them, and tried to go upstairs.

“Jia Yang, you came back at the right time. Come over here first, don’t go upstairs, we have something to talk about.” My mother said.

“Does this have to do with me?” I asked.

My father looked at me. Sighing, I entered the living room, and sat on the chair near the window.

Jia Ming sat across from me. Since Ming Fang’s wedding when he came over to rub it in my face, I was even more annoyed at him. I guessed the right now, father and mother were giving him the cold shoulder and it was probably because he started another lawsuit.

I waited to hear what was being talked about but no one talked for a very long time.

Finally, Jia Ming said, “If there’s nothing more, I’ll leave first. Tomorrow I have to work.” He was about to stand up.”

Father said, “I didn’t allow you to leave.”

“What you’re talking about is impossible,” Jia Ming said, “That child is mine and I will not allow her to take him away.”

I could sense that things were complicated, very complicated.

“Don’t be like this, Jia Ming.” My mom said, “With our family like this……”

“What family?” Jia Ming looked at mother, “It’s this problem again. We’ve already argued too many times. This has no meaning to me.”

“You are my son, this can never be changed. When you usually play around, there is no problem. But if you insist on this what will happen to your father’s reputation?” Mother asked.

“I can’t live for anyone’s reputation.” Jia Ming said. He began to smile. I understood. Towards our parents he was used to arguing. But this time it seemed to be overdoing it.

Jia Ming grabbed his clothes and prepared to exit. My parents blocked him.

They were basically the same height, but my parents’ tempers were heated. They looked at Jia Ming and almost stressing the syllables they said,”Did you think I would be like the way I was before and indulge you guys?”

Jia Ming looked at me, and didn’t speak.

“Don’t let yourself lose too badly.” Father said.

From a small age, his words always made me shudder. I didn’t know that this felt different for Jia Ming. He never said anything and grabbed his own jacket and walked outside of the house. He drove away.

The second day, my mom mother and I talked about some problems. They had went to the hospital to visit a veteran when they had bumped into Jia Ming who was accompanying a pregnant girl in obstetrics and gynecology for an examination. Father was furious.

“Did you assess the situation correctly?” I asked, “Maybe it was a friend’s wife. Jia Ming sure has a mouth and likes to find opportunities to fight with you guys.”

My mother wore a silk tracksuit, luxurious and beautiful. She drank a mouthful of fruit milk and looked at me, “Do you think that just because Jia Ming doesn’t live in this house, his situation isn’t known by us? What that girl is called, how old she is, where she works, and her background, we are all clear about. However,” she shook her head, “Before, I was too busy with your father, a pregnant woman is really unexpected but a mistake can be corrected. It’s never too late to change the situation.”

My heart became cold.

Father ran over, and waved to me.

“With your father, we have both gotten old. Sometimes, looking at your brother, I feel so hard working but there is no value. All right,” Mother put her hand on my neck and gently stroked my hair. “You are the most well-behaved child. If you were also like Jia Ming we would die. Hearing mother talk, you have also grown up, you can play with anyone you want, but don’t be out of line.”

My father walked over, eating his bread in big bites, drinking coffee, letting nanny serve the eggs, bacon, and fruits. He looked at me, “You never exercise in the morning.”

Who said he had gotten old? He had always had a strong hold over me.

“Our bureau is going to play a game of basketball against the Consular Division. Before the competition I can’t get hurt.” I said.

My parents, towards Jia Ming’s problem they were inevitably angry. But, they didn’t mind it too much. They had the will of an iron fist, exuberant energy and self confidence to “properly” solve the problem. I felt that even if I stood with Jia Ming on one side it wasn’t possible for me to refute these two people.

Father said, “Tomorrow I’m going to watch you play basketball.”

I stole a glance at him. Being tall, he blocked the sunlight and I couldn’t see his expression.

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  1. I just completed the series on Dramafever and I am so disappointed in the ending. I just wanted to read the novel for myself. After searching and not finding an English Translation, I stumble onto your page. I’ve enjoyed the translation so far and I will visit often. Thank You from a sister in the USA-Georgia.


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