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Les Interprètes Chapter 13

Sorry about the long wait…but here’s the next chapter and things get hot.

Cheng Jia Yang

I saw Fei on the weekend, and thus felt that life was not as tiring, and that there was enough warmth to continue on.

I gave her Wu Jia Yi’s autograph and she was very happy. She kept asking me what the celebrity looked like. I said that she was average, really, not that pretty. Fei was even more happy and carefully put Wu’s signature into a new book: A Brief History of Western Translation. I said, “You really do work hard, are you planning to become a research student?”

“I just feel that this book is a little interesting. I don’t have any plans for what I want to do in the future.” She said, “As for me, after a time, you will see that I rarely plan for things that happen two days later.

“Why?” I asked, “Do you not know that it might rain in the future[1]?”

“That’s too tiring, plus, if it doesn’t rain isn’t that just worrying for nothing?”

I felt that she had even more times when she was like a stubborn child, but sometimes she would say some wise words.

“That’s true.” I said, “Then let’s first order some food and stuff our stomachs full.”

We ate food, a Western meal, and the time was long, as the food was served course by course. There was enough time to chat. Fei really liked to listen when I talked about things that happened during my job as an interpreter. I always wanted to make the stories sound more interesting, but I had grown up in this industry and had been in contact with it for too long. Feeling fatigued, I did not know which parts were very interesting. A while later, I just stopped in the middle and asked her if anything out of the ordinary had occurred during her vacation with the large group.

She thought for a while, then smiled. “In Guilin, I let a doctor rebuke me.”

Doctors always like to rebuke others. I thought.

“What’s the matter?”

“I told him to stop talking so much and just treat the tourist and then he said: Diplomacy is not a small thing, how can you be a tour guide like this?”

I also laughed, “He really is shameless.”

“Dental caries, dental nerve, drilling, filling…I don’t know any of these words, but it was in the evening, so my brain was dumbfounded.

“That’s nothing much, just look in the dictionary and remember it, after you remember it, just say it, isn’t that enough?”

“What about you? Have you embarrassed yourself before?”

“In the past, there have been many times I did not know how to fully translate what was being said. I also remember I was sweating. Later, after I was more familiar, explaining a bit to let the foreigner understand helped me get through those situations. Also, I’m not sensitive to numbers. Each time I had to translate numbers I had to write on a piece of paper.”

“Besides these, I don’t believe that you can translate everything else.”

“Of course not.” I confidently said. “This is not my mother tongue. I speak Chinese and even make mistakes sometimes speaking. But these translating kinds of things require diligent practitioners and a serious attitude. Do an hour of translating, you have to prepare at least two hours, in order to reduce the amount of accidents.”

“I feel like physical fitness is also very important.” Fei said. “Mental and physical health.”

Afterwards I said something very stupid, I had only drank a little of red wine but with her in front of me, my mouth said, “As for me, my physical fitness is very good.”

Then, we went to go dance, we found a very good disco location. There, to the famous Denmark band’s song, Fei danced crazily and prettily. Her black hair whipped around with the music. Before a blonde foreigner could jump up, I pulled her into my embrace. In that moment the music changed to a moment of a very soothing and soft melody. In the gorgeous and confusion of the lights, Fei’s enticing cat eyes made one feel ecstatic.

I watched her, and she watched me. Our noses and pouty lips gently moved against each other. Our bodies stuck together. My hand that held a cool beer lightly moved over her back and arms. I enjoyed feeling her breath and desire was imminent.

She reached out her hand to hug my head, in my ear she said, “Wait for me a second, I have to go to the restroom.”

I said, “Older sister (Just a friendly term since I think we all know that Qiao Fei is younger than Cheng Jia Yang), I want to go with you.”

She laughed, softly saying, “Be good.”

This girl ah.

I watched her weave through the crowd. The music blasted again, and I closed my eyes and moved along with the music. It was extremely idyllic.

Someone tapped on my shoulder. I looked back and it was Mr.Liu. I wasn’t really friendly with him, but our dads knew each other. I had been in kindergarten with him when I was young but that was all.

I nodded to him, and then continued to close my eyes and dance.

He patted my shoulder again.

Why was this person so unconscious of others, and still had to say something to me.

I looked back at him, the music rushing. He didn’t say anything but pointed at me and laughed and shook his head which meant: Cheng Jia Yang, you have also come to this kind of a place to play?

Then he pointed to an immature girl whose make up was a little horrific meaning: Why is it only you? Did you not bring your crush?

I waved to him and drank a mouthful of bear. I went to go find Fei, and my mind floated lightly just like my feet. I was really happy.

[1] Rains in the future means something along the lines of proactive

Qiao Fei

We left the disco place a little before 10. We didn’t wait long and rushed out of the place.

At the hotel we got a room and on the elevator, Cheng Jia Yang hugged me. He hadn’t drank a lot but he was extremely enthusiastic and anxious. I liked him and wanted to make him happy.

PG 13 ****** [Pushing and shoving we made our way into the room. He kissed me while taking off my dress. My sundress had a frontal belt which was like a shoelace type. The collar that had been loosened was bit by bit opened by him. He kissed me from my neck down down, my legs rubbing his legs. He stopped and used his chin to touch the nipple cover before my chest, “What’s this?”

“I use it instead of a bra.” I said.

He nodded his head, “Oh”, his appearance very cute. Then he used his mouth to bite the two covers off. He stayed on my chest and forcefully sucked. I thought it felt itchy at first and then felt a little hurt. I thought of the first time with the sharp pain. The body was no longer as natural.

He continued to kiss my mouth, his tongue entangling. I was as hot as him, and a few painful memories emerged. I also really wanted him.

I helped Cheng Jia Yang to take off his clothes and even though he wasn’t fat, there was a lot of strong muscles. His body was extremely handsome. The *** below his hips stood to a vibrant position.

He pressed me on the bed and our bodies merged but did not fuse.

He said, “I will be careful.” Then he slowly entered.

But right when he had just went in a little I hurt all over. My sweat started coming out. He continued to press my body and did not move in further but it was like this. I think that he may have scratched me inside. I turned over and his hand held his own ***, and exited my body.

He hugged me as it passed and helped me wipe my sweat.

I said, “Sorry.”

He shook his head, looked at me, his eyes, his face, his body still had burning desire.

I looked down, one hand holding his scrotum, my mouth latching onto his ***. It had a pleasant taste but the action was not distasteful. I used my tongue to stimulate and deep throat with a sucking motion and my other hand pressed on his belly. I could feel his anxious taut body, and his hand in my hair, he issued an unconscious sound.

With no experience I felt that I wanted to help him xx. I only wanted him to be happy.

He began to move, one deep motion and a down motion. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. He yelled “Fei” and pulled away at the moment white liquid ejected from his body onto my naked body.

Then, he fell in my direction and pressed on my body. We were in his liquid.

He watched me, “You are so good.”

I laughed. Of course I did not get to relieve his desire but he had enjoyed it. I was happy.]

He reached out his hand to stroke my hair in front of my forehead, lock by lock. He watched me and seemed to have an indulgent expression. Cheng Jia Yang was definitely a gentle person and he was.

He kissed me, I said, “I have to go bath.”

He followed me up, and I pushed him, “I don’t want to bath like affectionate couples.”

I first cleaned up my body and my hair and wore my skirt. Cheng Jia Yang watched me.

“I must return to the school.”

He stood up immediately, “Are you unhappy?” He was not the lecturing senior he had been in the afternoon, he was like a frightened child who was afraid that he had done something wrong.

“What lies are you spouting?” I kissed his mouth, “The doors close at 12:00. I must go back.” I kissed him again, oh oh.

“I’ll escort you.” He reached out his hand to grab his pants.

I pressed his hands and pointed at his little brother, “No need, aren’t you tired? I’ll call a taxi.”

“No.” He wore his pants.

I could only say, “I don’t want to be seen by others.”

When I returned to school, the time was just right. But all my bedmates were gone. I didn’t know where these crazy people had gone. A French person said: Everyone had gone to go search for his cat. I brushed my teeth, smelled my own hands and Cheng Jia Yang’s smell seemed to be gone.

I missed him but I didn’t know what was the problem between us that caused abnormality.

(Just note: All *** was in the book and I didn’t not make that up. Also when I talk like (this) those are my own comments. Please do not think otherwise.)

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  1. om its one hot chapter. thank for translating the r rated part. there are more connections and feelings you get from reading those part. thank u so muchhhh. =)


  2. I came back to this while looking for Chapter 15. I am glad I did because I missed the x rated part. In fact, I didn’t even realize what was below i just stopped with wanting to make him happy on the way to the room. Ha! Still looking for Chapter 15 though. the link doesn’t work from the table of contents.


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