Calling all Heroes! Subbing Help for Legend of the Condor Heroes


Recently, the newest wuxia adaptation of LOCH took the stage with many new fresh faces! My friend, wuxiarocks from A Virtual Voyage has got a plan to get this drama subbed! You don’t have to know Chinese to help out and anything makes a difference! So even if you’re super busy, even one subbed line of Chinese per day helps! So if all of our wuxia fans came together…we would have an amazing team on board to make this happen! Plus, wuxiarocks has got amazing easy and simple directions! You don’t have to be technologically proficient as long as you got wuxiarocks’s personal guide! More information below and a link to his website!

Make a difference and feel good about it!

Here’s wuxiarocks from his own blog:

Here’s my proposal for this.

We got 2 options.

Option 1:

Please fill the request form below. Let Viki know you want this License/Sub.

Option 2:

Fans volunteer! Let’s come together!

I’ll be providing the video/platform for this. You are welcome to join. There is no commitment. Sub what you can when you can!

Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you can still help get this project going.

So how are we gonna do this?

(If you’re familiar with how subtitling work on Youtube, then you’re good)

If not?

Four Baby Steps:




As you can see (above), this is where the work will be.

  1. Type your translations in the box. If you don’t speak Chinese but want to help, type a ‘DOT’ in the box. As a ‘timestamp’ to mark the dialogue. This will help translators focus on translating without having to time the dialogue.
  2. Once you type and hit enter, you create these ‘timestamp’ boxes. You can edit these boxes anytime by clicking on them. You can also delete them if need be.
  3. The ‘timestamp’ boxes you make will appear in the audio line directly underneath the video itself. You can move the box back and forth by dragging it with your mouse button. You can stretch the box forward/backward as well to align with the dialogue/audio. To expand, hover your mouse over the box, its corners will turn blue, hold your mouse on the edges and stretch away!


When done for the day, hit the ‘submit for review‘ button above, then you should see a message, select ‘YES‘ and your session will be complete.

The next time you log in and want to add something, hit ‘edit‘ as shown below.

That’s pretty much it!

If you’re interested in lending a helping hand, please comment below or message me directly. (I’m only on every Social Media ever!)

Once I’ve added you to the team, you will have access to these episodes.

And from there, everyone can work together!

For translators, every line helps, even a line per day.

For non-translators, every ‘timestamp‘ box help.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for your interest! I hope to hear from you.

Wuxia series with English Sub is a rarity, (more so now) but together, we can make this less rare. The more volunteers, the less work, and the faster the process.

With this, I close my proposal. Thank you once again for stopping by.

This is Wuxia Rocks. Flying out!

To read the official post please click here

Please support wuxia and the wuxia community internationally by making a difference!

Anything matters, and everything counts!

Plus, it’ll be tons of fun! Who doesn’t want to work with a cool community?


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