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Siege in Fog Chapter 2.3

I’m back with another chappie of Siege in Fog! I went at this chappie alone since I have no idea where my new editor and translator went :/ but it’s understandable since people are busy. Anyways, for all you Yi Lian Kai fans you’ll enjoy all those pent up emotions!

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TL Note: I have changed Zhi Mountain to Zoysia Pungens Mt. because it personally sounds a lot better. Hehe.

Chapter 2.3

Yi Lian Kai coldly laughed. He said: “I want to know, who you want to release, that you could even think of such a method of spurring me into action with negative remarks.”

Qin Sang heard him say this, and did not make another sound. When the time happened to be the afternoon, the free and unimpeded river under the mountain reflected the color of the sun, almost like one side of a gigantic lens, as the reflection of the waves gleamed in the sunlight, clear and crystalline. It was also like ten thousand snakes, thin and slender, as they flew madly as if dancing. Those thin and slender broken golden colors of light and shadow reflected on the lenses of Yi Lian Kai’s sunglasses, just like two measures of light and shadow, jumping up evasively, only unable to see underneath the lenses. What did he look like right now? After quite a while, she heard him coldly laugh and say: “You came up the mountain, also because of this, right?”

Qin Sang turned her head away, but could not defend against his arm that reached out, sweeping off all the cups and plates on the stone table to the ground with one motion. It went ‘hualala’ as everything broke into pieces. The footmen who originally saw them talking, had already backed up far away, but after hearing the sudden sound, they rushed over. A glance at Yi Lian Kai revealed that he was furious. They all stood there, afraid to move. Qin Sang had originally sat in front of the table. The bowls and plates scattered into pieces, and there were some broken pieces of porcelain that splashed onto her qipao. She frowned, and sat there, motionless.

Yi Lian Kai did not talk with her further and left immediately. Adjutant Song immediately followed. She could hear him trying to vaguely persuade him. Yi Lian Kai didn’t reply and angrily left.

The remaining footmen only then realized that a jagged piece had drawn a wound in Qin Sang’s hand. Han ma cried “Oh”, and went forward to wrap the wound with a clean hankerchief. Then she said: “You guys were all right. Why did you suddenly get into a fight again?” Qin Sang acted as if she didn’t care and lazily stood up. She said: “Let us return.”

Since she had cut her hand, after they went back to the villa, Han ma helped her rewrap her wound. Qin Sang didn’t care where Yi Lian Kai had went. When it was nighttime, she was the only one who went downstairs to eat. Han ma worried that she would be angry about this matter, but Qin Sang displayed a calm look. For several days, Yi Lian Kai didn’t even meet her face to face at all. She didn’t know which attendants he brought and where he went to go create chaos again. These days, when Qin Sang got up, Han ma would encourage her to go out for a walk, and say: “Miss staying at home, stuffy, is not good. Since we’ve come up to the mountain, as the saying goes, June Springs and July Falls, if you don’t go to Zoysia pungens mountain then you can’t be happy. Go out to walk. Relieving your boredom is also good.

Qin Sang also acted in a dispensable manner. Han ma repeatedly persuaded her, and she thus changed her clothes for simple and light clothes that she could walk in and went to go see the June Springs.

Her original intent was to walk around, because June Springs and the July Waterfalls were both scenery in Zoysia Pungens Mountain. But every time Yi Lian Kai came up the mountain to prevent sunstroke, he would always be in a leisurely and carefree mood and go to June Springs to fish for the specialty of Zoysia Pungens, the black boned fish. When he got mad he would disappear. Qin Sang thought of this and decided that she should still go see him and slowly find an opportunity to act. As of now, she didn’t bring anyone with her and slowly meandered on the mountain. Fortunately there were only wide green stones on this path that went straight to the June Springs. Occasionally she would meet some men holding a gun who would size up her clothing and would not approach her to advertise his business. Thus, as Qin Sang walked slowly, alone, up the mountain, it was extremely quiet.

The mountain mist gradually dispersed. When the wind blew over, there was a coolness of early autumn. Qin Sang originally wore a pair of flat soft satin shoes so to walk over wasn’t too much work. Her heart wasn’t on the landscape, so she only lowered her head as she walked. After walking for awhile she reached the June Springs. At this time, there was only one “slippery soldier” resting on the bank, and two porters sitting on the mountain rocks as they smoked tobacco pipes, speaking in a strange accent. One would ask, and the other would answer. She didn’t know what they were discussing. There was also an old woman selling wild fruits in the mountains. She rested her bamboo basket on the rock as she drew water from the lake for herself. June Springs was called a spring but in truth, it was a small lake. It was just that the water was very deep and so clear, one could see the bottom.The lake faintly glowed blue, reflecting the quiet clouds in the sky, almost like glass. Qin Sang stood where she was, looking at the water for a moment, when she suddenly heard the sounds in the forest. It turned out to be a few people who looked wealthy, who came to fish. The footmen held the cases that held fish hooks, as well as some fishing poles and some stools. The spring instantly became very noisy. Qin Sang withdrew and followed the mountain path to the July Falls.

This road went towards July Falls. It was very rare for there to be no one present. The mountain road was quiet, and once in a while, she heard into the depths of the woods. She didn’t know what bird was singing while she meandered. July Falls was located at the upper reaches of June Springs. This waterfall had seven breaks in it. Even though it was not magnificent, it was extremely beautiful. It was a rare visit to a beautiful land of victory. After walking for a while, weaving through the forest, she heard the sound of splashing water from far away. The mountain path circled around a huge piece of bluestone. She didn’t feel the water mist blowing over. It turned out that the original silvery-like waterfall was now hanging over the bluestone in front of her eyes.

Bluestone paved the mountain, but because it was being splashed by a waterfall and the rocks were covered in moss, it was very slippery and not good to walk on. Qin Sang tilted her head and looked at the waterfall while continuing up. Suddenly she heard someone yell: “Be careful of your feet!”

It turned out that the stone in between the stone steps was sunken, as water flowed over it. If she had stepped on the rock, her shoes would have been ruined. She carefully bypassed the waterfall, and then lifted her head to look at the person who had reminded her. It turned out that person sat on a large piece of bluestone on the waterfall, and his view just happened to be focused on the mountain path. That person looked at her, and smiled at her.

Qin Sang saw that he looked like he was a young boy in college, and said: “Thankyou.”

That person called “Hey”, and asked: “What school are you from? Have you also come up the mountain to sketch from nature?”

Only then, did Qin Sang discover that there was an easel next to him, but it was not supported. He saw that she did not answer and laughed: “The beautiful landscapes of this area are too beautiful and make one obsessed. I really have no way to draw it all out, so I sat here, and as I continued to look I looked for a few hours.” He waved his hand towards Qin Sang: “You come up and take a look. You can see the whole waterfall from here, and the view is extremely different.” As he said this, he stretched his body out downwards and reached out his arm towards her from far away.

Originally, Qin Sang went to a new university, so she didn’t have that many pro-old conservative ideas between guys and girls. She did not hesitate to borrow the power from his pull and climbed onto the boulder. Sure enough, from the top of this big rock, one could see the whole waterfall. Plus, there were more twists and turns which made it seem more beautiful. The splashing water was like a sheet of snow. The most interesting thing was that the water mist reflected the sun, and it had a tinge of a rainbow. As the water mist blew over, the circulating water rendered her speechless.

“It looks beautiful.”

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