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Siege in Fog Chapter 2.4

Ahh new love rival in sight! I can tell the plot will get tons more difficult with the new characters introduced!

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Also to clarify, working alone, one full chapter will take me about 3 weeks to a month to finish. Working with others, it will probably take 1-2 weeks to complete. As of now, I am uncertain where my whole team is so you should probably be mindful of this fact.

Here you go, with another sponsored update to finish off Chapter 2!

Chapter 2.4

That person accepted her praise, and it seemed as if he had been transported into a state of bliss as he told her: “Really, the good spots of this mountain is all in the word ‘Solace’**. It is really hateful that every summer, a sea of people will cram on here, so much so that you can’t tell the difference between Fang Jia Bridge or the latter.”

  • The word the person uses is 静, a word that means calm, still, peaceful, motionless, and gentle. I summed all of this up with the word ‘Solace’.

Fang Jia Bridge was the most prosperous location in Chang Ye city. Even though it had the word bridge in it, it was really a road. The road was packed with huge companies and shops on both sides. Usually, on the weekends, people would go there. The electric cars would honk, and it was the most crowded. When Qin Sang heard him comparing the two places, she couldn’t help but laugh, and ask: “You are also from Chang Ye?”

“I am far from home.” He said: “But, my family has moved to Chang Ye for ten years already.”

Qin Sang heard him say he was from faraway, and the liveliness in her heart couldn’t help but leave her. He asked: “What about you? Are you also studying from faraway?”

Qin Sang shook her head. That person asked again: “Then have you come up with your family again? Or you live very far from this mountain?”

Qin Sang was not willing to say more. She only asked: “Are you drawing here today?”

“I’ll show you.” He stood the easel back up. Originally it was oil painting, but with just a few strokes, one could see the outline of the rocks. There wasn’t a shadow of the waterfall. Even though Qin Sang didn’t really understand books, the Yi family acted extravagant and had many famous works from famous artists. She had seen many, and she could see that this person’s drawing technique was pretty good.

He said: “China’s landscapes really need Chinese painting in order to bring it out. Even though oil paintings are more three dimensional, it is still separated by a layer.”

Qin Sang smiled. He was just about to speak when someone called him from faraway: “Shao Xuan! Shao Xuan!”

He turned his body and answered: “I’m here!”

The other person didn’t hear his answering sound, and continued to shout his name: “Where are you?”

He shouted higher and called two more times when the person finally heard and walked down, following the mountain road. He saw him standing on the big rock and could not help but laugh and say: “The place you chose is so great, one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies**!”

  • 一夫當關,萬夫莫開 (one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies): Refers to a small narrow clearing where military generals will lead their opponents to trap them and thus, they can vanquish ten thousand enemies. You’ll understand why the military aspect of this idiom is significant later…

Shao Xuan laughed: “Don’t say things randomly. This place also has a lot of strange Misses, who are bold and forthright, scaring other people.”

That person said: “You really know how to gossip blindly. Where’s the Miss? I don’t see anything.”

Shao Xuan turned around, but the space behind him was actually empty. Qin Sang had left early on. He walked anxiously towards the rock and looked up the mountain path, and only saw her blue qipao flash in the forest. She had already gone far away.

The person who had come was Shao Xuan’s close friend, Wu Feng Hua. He climbed two to three steps up to the boulder and stretched out his neck and looked down: “What were you looking at?” He only saw the mysterious woods. Besides a piece of concentrated bluish green water he couldn’t see anything at all.

“I was looking at a goddess.”

Wu Feng Hua could not help but laugh: “In a mountainous forest like this, will there really be goddesses?”

“As elegant as an orchid with bright eyes and white teeth. If it is not a goddess then what is it?”

Wu Feng Hua patted on Shao Xuan’s head: “Don’t be too obsessed with drawing. If there is really a goddess in these woods, wouldn’t you just happen to have a play of ‘Records of coming across a deity’? I’m only afraid this deity is really ‘Deity jumps’, and that would be too bad!”

Because before he went up the mountain, Gao Shao Xuan’s mother was worried, she repeatedly told him that the mountain had a “Deity Jumps”. It turned out, in the summer, there were too many people, so the so called “bullied children” got prostitutes and seduced the rich, who were fooled and then took the opportunity to take their money, so Wu Feng Hua would say this.

He did not want Gao Shao Xuan to throw off his hand so he said: “If it is a goddess or not, I know clearly in my heart.”

After a moment, he packed up the easel and went down the mountain to the Gao Manor to the high house villa. When they were eating, Wu Feng Hua saw ao Shao Xuan listless and could not help but quip: “It turns out you’ve really met a goddess. You two only met one time and you already have lovesickness.”

Gao Shao Xuan sighed but did not answer, only slowly picking up a piece of rice and putting it into his mouth. Wu Feng Hua saw him like this and could not help but laugh: “Zoysia Pungens has many locations, but you could actually meet a goddess by a waterfall. You two will be able to meet again.”

Gao Shao Xuan was awoken by his one sentence and became happy again: “You’re right!”

From this day on, he carried his easel to the July Falls daily, drawing while hoping he could see Qin Sang again. For several days, he came up with nothing. Everyday he went full of hope, but he was disappointed. On the fourth day, the mountain was full of rain and wind. In this kind of weather, he could not go out, so he could only stay cooped up in his studio. Even though he was in his room, whenever he thought of Qin Sang laughing by the waterfall, it would seem vividly [etched in his memory]. He could not help but pick up his pencil and start sketching.

When Wu Feng Hua arrived at the studio, he saw that he had drew out an outline with his pencil. After a moment, he couldn’t help but compliment: “This is the goddess you met on that day? No wonder you were lovesick. She is indeed a peerless beauty.”

Gao Shao Xuan heard him say this and felt a sense of loss. He threw down his pencil and walked around the room. He could not help but sigh: “Zoysia Pungens is so huge. I don’t even know her name.”

Wu Feng Hua laughed: “Since you didn’t even ask her name, you really have fallen into lovesickness.”

Gao Shao Xuan looked at the drawing and said: “That day she was wearing fine clothing, no jewelry at all, just like a female student, or a daughter of one of the people in the mountain, learning in the mountain school.”

“A hibiscus grows from the fresh water, carved naturally, adorning.” Wu Feng Hua shook his head as he said: “If she really is a female student then it’ll be easy to take care of. I will help you find her.”

Gao Shao Xuan said: “This mountain is so sporadic. I’m afraid there are more than 1000 families. What way will you use to find someone?”

Wu Feng Hua laughed and said: “You are the young master of the military governor’s house. If you want to find someone, won’t it be easy.”

Gao Shao Xuan said unhappily: “Bullying people, I will definitely not do. And I will not allow others to do so.”

Wu Feng Hua said: “This little matter, why would it be called bullying someone? Listen well to my proposition. If you do not agree, we can discuss it again later.”

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  1. here comes the rival!
    I’m sure he’s good and all but I prefer the wild one (bad boy syndrome)
    -I like the word “celestial” seems so pure .
    -I hope the team will pop up soon.
    and thank you so much for this chapter 🙂


  2. Thank you . I like ‘goddess’ better as it is more commonly used in English . I a, happy there’s a love rival but given how possessive the male lead is, I can’t help feel it will just make her life more difficult in the beginning

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    1. Haha that is so true! Hope she doesn’t get herself into a bigger mess 😕 But I do like the love rival. He seems to be very calm and insightful as well as very interesting. I do wonder now though how many love rivals Qin sang will get since there’s also that one love rival from her childhood,etc. We’ll see!

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  3. Hufftt i hope that siege fog can be continued,, thanks for your hard work for translating this beautiful story ever…if i can understand the language, im happily helping you… From Indonesia


  4. My eternal appreciation!

    I have been dying to read the books and watch the drama! Republican periods are one of my fav to read and watch only second to historical periods.

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