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Les Interpretes Chapter 59.2

Here’s your random update Les Interpretes folks. Note: A majority of the chapter is PG-13 which is censored. If you want to read it refer back to the Les Interpretes page for instructions on how to read PG 13 parts. No idea what’s up with the formatting :/

I’ve decided for the schedule of les Interpretés that it will be ongoing although I will not be posting weekly. You can expect new updates on Saturday. 

The conversation between Cheng Jia Ming and Qiao Fei really shows a lot about her character. Jia Yang on the other hand, has really kept a lot of things bottled up for too long and now is the time to get rid of it all which I have mixed feelings about…

 Chapter 59.2

 Qiao Fei

If you are not reading this from tranzgeek.wordpress.com then you are reading this without the consent of the translator. This translation belongs to tranzgeek.wordpress.com.

Cheng Jia Ming went home, silent all along the way.
I was still thinking of that night in the nightclub.
Jia Yang drank enough wine and left. I didn’t say anything and poured wine for myself.
When Jia Ming and Wen Xiao Hua came downstairs, the woman’s face changed immediately, as she coldly asked me: “Where did Jia Yang go?”
“He left.”
“He left?”
Cheng Jia Ming laughed as he said; “It’s not strange. Jia Yang is not the same as us. He doesn’t like these types of places.”
As Wen Xiao Hua carried her bag and left, she walked a few steps when her code of self loyalty and confidence carried her back. She returned to say to me: “I think you remember what I said to you.”
Don’t blame me for not acting in accordance with her words. I couldn’t hold it in and laughed immediately.
With Cheng Jia Ming, she really couldn’t do anything, and left angrily.
When I remembered this in the car, I laughed again.
Cheng Jia Ming watched me: “It is really interesting. How come it seems that I’m watching a drama. Look at how much you harmed my brother. He was very inexperienced, but why would he come across you, such a high master?”
“Dr. Cheng, I do not agree with your words. Do you think I seem like someone who would do that?”
“How did you meet Wen Xiao Hua before?”
“We have met each other a few times before. I knew her when she first began to covet Jia Yang. I also met her in Paris. Last time when I secretly went to go see Jia Yang in the hospital I was seen by her.” The good part of drinking up was that I felt as if I could say anything. “she told me that Jia Yang and me do not belong to the same world. She wanted me to understand my own situation and she also wanted me to stop getting entangled with him.”
“You didn’t give her a good expression right?”
“Hmph, of course.” I said, “Me not being with Cheng Jia Yang is because I, Qiao Fei, am not willing to be with Cheng Jia Yang. Do you understand my meaning? So it’s saying that our problem is our problem and has nothing to do with other people. No one should think that they have played a big role or that they have successfully tricked me.”
“Then you should still stiffen your heart, and not be together with my little brother.”
I laughed. There were many people who pretended to be confused.
“Dr. Cheng, would someone smart like you really not remember the first time you met me? Or, you are giving me face and not bringing it up?”
“The first time we met, you brought your drunken little brother back from the beaches. You asked me the way, and before, I was a little miss who accompanied him wherever he went Dr. Cheng.”
I leaned against the car seat, my mouth dry, as I looked for water.
Cheng Jia Ming said: “I’ll buy you a Coke.”
“No need,” I waved my hand, my eyes brightening, “There should be some mineral water in Jia Yang’s car.”
The car smoothly glided on the road. My memories were feverish. Dr. Cheng by my side was a happy person, and a comfortable audience. I chattered incessantly due to the influence of alcohol, saying everything on my mind.
“I cannot be with him. Because I know I will find complications for him. I am afraid of finding complications for myself. Last time you were right. People like you give too much pressure to other people. You were right….
I don’t want to meet his friends, I don’t like to see him spending money for me, but all of these things are things that he thinks are supposed to happen.
But, I know he is true to me, so I am even more afraid of breaking him.
Instead, it is better to separate.”
As I spoke, I began to fell asleep. I didn’t know how long it had been when Cheng Jia Yang woke me up warmly.
I lifted my head. My head hurt. I looked at him.
“Maiden, you have arrived home. If you don’t return, then come to my place.”
I laughed, wiping the saliva by my mouth.
“Why are you so unpromising? You dreamed of Jia Yang?”
“I’ll be going now. Thank you.”
Xiao Deng hadn’t returned, a fine time of beautiful scenery. I didn’t know where she had gone to find happiness.
After Jia Yang left, I drank more. Right now, I grabbed the keys and opened the door, my hand shaking.
Behind me, someone said: “Qiao Fei.”

If you are not reading this from tranzgeek.wordpress.com then you are reading this without the consent of the translator. This translation belongs to tranzgeek.wordpress.com.
Cheng Jia Yang
I waited for her for such a long time. Qiao Fei finally returned.
I called her name. She slowly turned her head to look at me. I heard her tell herself: “It isn’t real.”
“Then what counts as real?”
I went up and hugged Qiao Fei.

How long had I missed this body?

We stumbled into the room. I held her face, kissing her as if I were biting her, entangled together.

My lip had some shady taste on it. I didn’t know whose blood it was.

I felt I hated her.

In the darkness, Qiao Fei didn’t make any sound, fighting with me like a small animal.

I heard my breathing as a sound of ripped clothes emerged.

I pushed her to the wall, my hand touching her skin- mutual incineration.

When I penetrated her body, her fiery smooth skin wrapped tightly around me. My body wouldn’t lie, it wouldn’t be like this woman whose mouth said yes, while her heart said no.

I lifted her legs on my waist as my hands fiercely kneaded her. Will you still not call out? My mind only had one thought. I wanted her to be in pain, and I wanted her to be as crazy as I now was.

I hugged her legs, one moment deep, one moment thrusting.

Her hands were pressed on my neck, her fingernails caught in my flesh. I only felt the spiciness of the pain, but, wasn’t it better this way? My blood water flowed with the juices of her body. At least this part of our body would allow us to escape. Forever together, never to be separated.

Her body leaned back, her head at the wall. She felt pain, and the corridor instantly gripped me. I rushed to go up, pressing her against the wall. We shook with another intense xdx tide.

This time it felt as if we were fighting because this time, I exhausted all of my anger.

Qiao Fei pushed me aside. She slowly got up and leaned against the wall to go to the bathroom.

I found my own cigarettes, lit it, and deeply breathed in.

I heard the sound of water.

I stood up, taking off my clothes. Then, I opened the bathroom door. I saw Qiao Fei standing underneath the shower.

Her body was beautiful and clean. Only her neck, shoulders, breasts and arms were deep and shallow from my kissing and intimate actions just now.

She didn’t hide and quietly looked at me.

I walked over, and stood under the water with her.

Eye to eye, heart to heart, body to body.

I slowly, little by little kissed her without any clothes between us. My hand lingered on her body.

I knew I was rough, but my heart grievances had long sank into my body, with nowhere to vent. So, I could not help myself.

I used one hand to hug her legs, while the other hand touched her face. I asked her: “Did it hurt just now?”

She didn’t speak, shaking her head, water on her face.

I held her with my kiss, my tongue sinking into her mouth. Under the sprinkler our tongues were entangled so we could not breathe. If it were like this, dying wouldn’t be anything bad, I dazedly thought.

Qiao Fei leaned backwards. We still separated, severely wheezing.

I gradually squatted as I kissed her neck, breast, lower abdomen, until the rose budded.

This was where all my passion and happiness lay.

She was a little conflicted for a moment. I hugged her legs. Let me do it, Fei, let me love you.

I let go of Fei’s body, warmly sending her off. Exploring this woman that once belonged to me,with her fine folds, silky muscles, and her internal hidden mystery of the bumps and valleys. I fit perfectly.

We reached the peak yet again, tightly hugging each other. I thought, I will never separate with her ever again.


If you are not reading this from tranzgeek.wordpress.com then you are reading this without the consent of the translator. This translation belongs to tranzgeek.wordpress.com.

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