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Hunan’s 2017 Early Drama Official List and the Golden Eagle Awards~~

Guess it’s time to write another post up! Hunan recently released a list of dramas coming out in 2017 and the Golden Eagle actor awards is still hot in China. I should have posted this earlier…but…

This post also acts as a preview to some of my upcoming features (as I only post features when first trailers/teasers come out).

And of course, with more dramas comes more adaptations (due to that Chinese trend). Thus, with every drama I have included a link to Shushengbar, the ebook, the Baidu, and more! Only 3-5 of the dramas below were actually original…#creativity.

First off, happy late birthday to Zhao Li Ying! It was October 16! Best wishes~~

And the golden eagle award goes to….

Remember that survey I posted last time? If you do, it should come to little surprise that Hu Ge and Liu Tao are among the winners…

Audience’s favorite actor: Wang Lei (平凡的世界)~Roughly Eng translated to (Ordinary World), Hu Ge (Nirvana in Fire)

Audience’s favorite actress: Tong Li Ya (Ordinary World), Zhao Li Ying (Journey of Flower)

Best Performing Arts Award: Li Xue Jian (Hey, Daddy) and 《少帅》(“Young Marshal”)

Most Popular Actor and Actress award: Hu Ge (Nirvana in Fire), Liu Tao (Legend of Mi Yue)

Best Director: Zheng Xiao Long (Legend of Mi Yue, Red Sorghum)

Best Screenplay: Wen Hao Jie (Ordinary World)

Excellent Dramas: 十送红军、马向阳下乡记、历史转折中的邓小平、王大花的革命生涯、All Quiet in Peking、Ordinary World, Legend of Mi Yue、Army One、破阵 (Pozhen)、Whirlwind Girl、Hey Daddy

If any dramas didn’t have an official eng title I put them in Chinese. Feel free to go to Baidu and search them up…google translating the synopsis if you happen to be interested. All of the ones in Chinese are nationalist/republic dramas. Is that a coincidence or what? Hmph. Well that’s what you get for having no English title!!! >_<

Tiffany Tang Yan was chosen as the Golden Eagle Goddess, and gave Yang Yang the favorite actor award on the night of the ceremony.

Hu Ge’s actor award!

Hu Ge X Ariel Lin presenting awards.

Liu Hao Ran, Wu Lei and all our fresh tender meats!! Lol.

Hu Ge’s cut scenes…

Yang Yang’s cut

Zhao Li Ying’s moment!

And Tang Yan’s shining moment!

Ok now let’s get into adaptation land!!!!!!


2017 Hunan Channel Dramas 


Fan Bing Bing “Win the World”

~No male leads confirmed~ (So don’t ask me who that guy next to her is) Lol.

Image result for 赢天下

Drama Synopsis:  A widow in the Qin Dynasty becomes one of China’s first entrepreneurs. She was regarded as “big sister” to Emperor Qin Shi Huang.


Zheng Shuang, Chen Xue Dong “Rush to the Dead Summer”

Author (of the book): Guo Jing Ming



Drama Synopsis:  The story was set in an imaginary city called Qian Chuan. The author uses ten years as the timeline, describing the doubt of the youths who are in secondary school and just entered the society.The novel begins in a city known for tall camphor trees. The youths study in the high school and the story begins in a warm summer. Lu Zhiang used to be an outgoing and kind boy, but after his mother died of cancer, he changed into a quiet boy. Fu Xiaosi becomes a well-known artist because of the Jingchuan Art Competition. Li Xia,who likes Fu, finally wins the affection of Fu. After finishing their education, they all part company each going his own way. Li Xia goes to Beijing for further study with Fu, Lu Zhiang goes to Japan and Cheng Qiqi goes to Shanghai. The world of adults is complete. They fight for their dreams and pursue their goal. However, in the face of Lu”imprisonment”, Cheng’s betrayal, Li’s departure… They are faced with incredible problems. Everyone is changing and they become doubtful about the pure of love and the origin of friendship. (wikipedia)


Zhao Li Ying, Lin Geng Xin, Dou Xiao, Li Qin “Agent Princess”

Author: Xiao Xiang Dong Er

0068cmkzgw1f8u03boagcj31kw11xwl4 0068cmkzgw1f8u03jqu3zj31kw11xdlw f7246b600c338744e5782e77590fd9f9d72aa07f

Drama Synopsis: The story takes place during the chaotic times of Western Wei, where innocent citizens are often kidnapped and turned into slaves. Slave girl, Chu Qiao (Zhao Li Ying) is thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She’s saved by the Prince of Northern Wei, Yan Xun (Shawn Dou). Afterwards, she’s sold into the house of Zhuge and witnesses the deaths of her siblings. Not accepting her fate, Chu Qiao escapes the dungeon with her younger sister and catches the attention of Zhuge Yue (Lin Geng Xin), who was also in charge of taking the lives of some of her family members (dang…). He takes care of her and trains her in various things while she develops a deep friendship with Yan Xun over the course of 10 years. During the battle with Western Wei, Yan Xun loses his whole family and Chu Qiao is willing to die to save him and sends him back to his court. However, after that incident, Yan Xun grows ambitious and cruel to avenge for the things and the people he lost. He doubts Chu Qiao and takes advantages of her loyalty and love many times before she finally explodes. Disappointed with the man she once loved, Chu Qiao works with Zhuge Yue to bring Yan Xun down and end slavery, becoming a successful military strategist/female general in the people’s hearts. [Translated by Kappy@AVV]

Be sure to check out A Virtual Voyage posts here.


Wallace Chung, Ma Tian Yu, Sun Yi “Liang Sheng, can we not be sad?”

Author: Le Xiao Mi

08_1473315818242182 908f19ad43cda4817e9841776f84deed

General Synopsis: 

Liang Sheng and Jiang Sheng are siblings. Due to family pressures and dismal living with each other, they unwittingly fall into an emotional whirlpool, devoid of all ethics, the little sister completely dependent on Liang Sheng.

Faced with this love, the author’s brush strokes are so elegant, so light, but it is also sandwiched between self-deprecating and despair, so much so, that even Jiang Sheng feels that their feelings are the world’s funniest joke. This is the desire of all people in the world: Love.

So pure, no regrets, so real.


Wallace Chung, Angelababy “A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated”

The official English title of the drama is “General and I” However, I thought most of you guys would know it better as the title I put in blue.

Author: Feng Nong


Drama Synopsis: Chu Bei Jie (Wallace Chung) is an enemy general with whom Bai Pingting (Angelababy) falls for. However, she must choose between love and loyalty.

One is a soul who seemingly destroys peace while the other aspires to be the sword that saves. Between them, lies a mountain of hate…

Which of the two most cunning people on earth cast the trap and just who captured the other?


 Hu Ge “Hunting”

503d269759ee3d6d96cfd87f44166d224f4ade7d c75c10385343fbf2433ff897b77eca8065388f77


Ahahaha…literally the only thought on my mind is to get as many pics of Hu Ge up there as I can 😛

General Synopsis: A business man rises to prominence while also gaining the heart of his girlfriend. A story of love and fate, and how one overcomes it by maintaining his dignity and honor.

^Ok I know that synopsis sounds drab but it’s the basics only, okay? >_<Anyways, it seems there are a lot more conspiracies involved with it all. Excited to “see” Hu Ge back on the small screen (if I have time to watch it lol)


Tong Da Wei, Liu Shi Shi “If We Can Love Like This”

Author: Qian Xun Qian Xun (Searching 1000s of times)


Drama Synopsis: A pair of married man and woman’s sudden suicide thought this could end it all, but unexpectedly tragedy has only just begun – their loved ones, Geng Mo Chi and Bai Kao Er encounter each other at the funeral. Facing the same betrayal, they also choose to revenge against each other, but unexpectedly fell in love, destined to be battered and tortured. Just when they decided to embrace each other, heaven didn’t give them a chance as his terminal illness make him leave, who will complete the unfinished love for him? Just then, another man Qi Shu Li appear, can he give her the love? Two man compromised at the last minute, who know fate would not let them go. Two man, only one can survive to safeguard this tormenting love, is it her true love or the other one, not till last, whom will walk towards wedding, whom will move towards funeral…


Ma Ke, Qiao Zheng Yu, Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi “Song of Phoenix”

Author: Hai Qing Na Tian E

1e30e924b899a901e57d03bd1a950a7b0308f5f5 09fa513d269759ee82273840b5fb43166c22dfc2 8694a4c27d1ed21b513f766eaa6eddc450da3f42 a5c27d1ed21b0ef47a2fc1d5dac451da80cb3e71

Drama Synopsis: Warring states period, warlords contend against each other. The famous genius, and taleng Qu Yuan (Ma Ke/Jackson Yi), falls in love with a slave girl, Mo Chou Nu (Viann Zhang). Thus, in the Chu country that has been torn apart by conflict internally and externally, the two begin to fall in love, but cannot stay together forever. In order to break the shackles of fate, the two defy the family status that binds them, and cherish the love between them. In the struggle against enemies and elites for the palace, the country goes into chaos. At this point, Qu Yuan is burdened with a new mission, as he goes step by step to save his country, with a resolute spirit. He is determined to save his country, but returns, powerless. Qu Yuan finally despairs and submerges himself deeply in the Miluo River; Mo Chou Nu then takes a boat to go faraway, where she never again steps into the pugilistic world.


Chen Qiao En, Tong Da Wei “Love Actually”

07eb7418-a30c-4793-bc14-3208b6510ccc chen_qiao_en17

General Synopsis: IT engineer, Ding Ren Jian (Tong Da Wei), struggles with a high level, elite, white collared worker, An Qing Huan, who is willing to unleash her emotions and do anything (Joe Chen Qiao En). The two people begin from the wrong step, through numerous scenes, misunderstandings, ridicule, conflicting values. In the end, the two people counterattack and find each other.


Huang Xuan, Dou Xiao, Xu Lu “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy”


Drama Synopsis: In twilight years of the Duan Dynasty, Sixth Prince Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan) was born. Because his mother is a spirit, he is not loved by the Emperor, and lives in seclusion and loneliness. He happens to obtain an antique painting of a spirit demon and befriends the being trapped inside (Panxi). Both promise to escape to the world’s most beautiful place. Muru Hanjiang (Shawn Dou), son of a general, was elected to be the prince’s friend since he was young. Their peaceful days end when the eight tribes rebel. The Muru army fails to protect the royal family and is then exiled, breaking the friendship formed between the two families – Muyun and Muru. A few years later, a new rebellion threatens the royal family and this time, adult Muru Hanjiang is the only one capable of protecting them. Pain and sorrows of past wounds now manifest in the new generation. (via viki)

For the Eng Translation…no idea why but apparently you have to click an “OK” button for adult content and whatnot. Only then will you be allowed to read the chapter. No idea what’s up with that but I clicked on it and nothing bad popped up, but I only looked at the prologue… don’t say I didn’t warn you though 😛


Yang Mi and Huang Zi Tao “Les Interpretes” Second Part “Mr. Interview” aka “Negotiator”

Huang Zi Tao was just confirmed for the cast really recently~~

Author: Miao Juan

Drama synopsis: Yu Lei is a Korean language translator and negotiator specializing in Korean business development in China. The agency was established in the formal signing of the free trade agreement between China and South Korea, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, is committed to promoting the development of trade between China and South Korea. In a project negotiations, Yu Lei met Dahl Group’s Li Xiuxian. Li Xiuxian has an extraordinary talent in business but is unwilling to inherit the family business due to her deep knot with her father. The two continue to have conflicts, but with the depth of contact, the two eventually break the prejudice, from disgust to love. Li Xiuxian from heaven was knocked hell, Yu Lei to come forward. Li Xiuxian has misfortune in the family, tasting the cold and warm, resolving the knot with this father and has developed the Dahl Group to become a mature and stable group at the helm. When Yu Lei let go of his heart, but found that this love across the country, he rediscovers himself through many difficulties and complications, discovering a well matched love.

Umm the book sequel to Les Interpretes seems to be in the same universe as Les Interpretes, but in the perspective of Cheng Jia Ming? So what’s up with all this? I don’t think this is an adaptation, but I have included the link to the ebook just in case 😉


Guo Bi Ting, William Feng Shao Feng “The Starry Night, The Starry Sea”

Author: Tong Hua

7e3e6709c93d70cf75d8f657f0dcd100baa12b4d 5882b2b7d0a20cf4ab9504667e094b36acaf9906 91529822720e0cf3d85d52e80246f21fbe09aa7e

For some reason this drama seems so magical in its own way. Love the stills!

Drama Synopsis:This is a beautiful fairytale of the night sky and sea. Let dreams and romance play out in their entirety in the expansive ocean under the vast, starry night sky.

Shen Luo used to think that because she had no expectations of romance and was unlovably practical, she would never fall in love with a man she should not. So it was hard to believe that even though puberty had ended many years earlier, she found herself in such a dilemma. Although Wu Ju Lan was not a scumbag, liking him was not much better than liking a wastrel. He was like a dandelion dancing in the wind; no matter how beautiful he was, it did not change the ugly truth that he was a man without roots, without family, without anything to his name.

The only necessities in life are clothing, food and accommodation, fire, oil and salt. These things, be it a house or a car, be it jewelry or clothes, can be bought with money. Even if one could not afford the pricier options, there were always cheaper alternatives. However, there would never be a second Wu Ju Lan in the world; she will never find a similar man to love. Since she had the courage to face the possibility of a lifetime of singlehood, why didn’t she have the courage to pursue someone she fancied?

She was not the sort of person who was able to abandon her pride for love. Neither was she the sort who was willing to harbour an unrequited love. If she loved the wrong man, even if it pained her tremendously, she would let go of her feelings for him. But, if that person refused to leave her side, her only choice would be to stay together till death parted them! (Synopsis from Shushengbar)

Book Teaser:

Under the moonlight, a dead god brandished his sword, preparing to kill a boy’s life.

The boy asked: “How can I not die?”

Dead god said: “Find a maiden. As long as she is willing to give her life up and give you the soul, you can live.”

Boy: “How can I make a girl willing to give up her life and give me the soul?”

Dead god: “You only have to gain her heart, and make her fall in love.”

Boy: “How can I get her heart?”

The dead god laughed, said: “It’s simple. Use your heart in exchange for her heart.”


Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai, Kimi Qiao Ren Liang “Stay With Me”

Author: He Nian Er





It will be so sad watching, knowing that Kimi is no longer with us! >_< In any case, this drama has all of the great actors. Let’s hope the storyline isn’t portrayed as clichely as it seems it will be… *ominous*

Drama Synopsis: After an accidental drowning, Li Wei Wei a famous fashion designer loses parts of her memory. Whereby her memories stop at when she was 23. The boyfriend she remembers has now become her ex and rival, and instead a stranger is her fiancé. Li Wei Wei does not believe that she broke up with her ex Chen Yi Du and investigates the reason to as why they did. Her fiancé Qi Cheng, in order to protect and rekindle his relationship, uses all methods to prevent Wei Wei from investigating. During her investigation, Wei Wei discovers that due to the hectic lifestyle of adulthood, she has lost the innocence of her original dreams. It was this very reason as well to as why she and her Ex broke up. The now 30 years old Li Wei Wei has decided to change her lifestyle. She plans to regain her most pure emotions and dreams as well as finding true love.


TFBOYS Roy Wang Yuan, Karry Wang Jun Kai, Jackson Yi “Our Times”


– Title is English translated…not official-

Drama Synopsis: A story about three young boys’s youth, their passions and the most wonderful times of their life.


Peter Sheng Yi Lun, Dilraba Dilmurat “The Beautiful Her”


“A woman that has become ‘ugly’ vs. a guy who has become ‘hot'”

All I have to say is if that is ugly, I am definitely at least 10 times uglier than that.

[The super in depth drama synopsis with all the (possible spoilers) This is the synopsis from Baidu] Drama Synopsis: Li Hui Zhen has always been beautiful as a child, but after she grew up, she became ordinary, also becoming known as a ‘walk on girl’. Her good childhood friend Bai Hao Yu (Peter Sheng) goes abroad to study, wanting to find Hui Zhen again. In order to not let his expectations go down the drain, Hui Zhen lets her best friend, Xia Qiao (Li Xi Rui) meet him instead. Bai Hao Yu didn’t realize that Xia Qiao was a fake. After Hui Zhen finds work at a magazine, she bumps into Bai Hao Yu…and he just happens to be a high ranking person in the company. He has already sent away many “short setbacks”. The “highly cold” Bai Hao Yu is very serious towards work. Hui Zhen is also subject to this attitude. The reporter, Lin Yi Mu (Zhang Bin Bin) makes fun of Hui Zhen on the surface, but helps her secretly. Between Bai Hao Yu and Xia Qiao, Bai Hao Yu realizes that Xia Qiao is way different from what he remembered Li Hui Zhen was like. Hui Zhen gradually overcomes her unsatisfying work performance and grows. Bai Hao Yu realizes that Hui Zhen in his workplace is a lot more like the Hui Zhen he remembers. After Bai Hao Yu finds Xia Qiao is not the real Hui Zhen, he returns to the real Hui Zhen’s side. Lin Yi Mu begins his pursuit from then on, creating a conflict with Bai Hao Yu. The magazine suffers a decrease in sales. Lin Yi Mu makes a move and lets Bai Hao Yu interview him. It turns out he is a very famous writer, trying to experience life from the office to work. Hui Zhen’s work experience becomes a comic and is a hit with the netizens. In the end, Hui Zhen and Hao Yu get together.


Lu Yi, Zhang Feng Yi “The Name of the People”


Drama Synopsis: A drama about policemen and prosecutors eliminating corruption at its roots.


Zhang Dan Feng, Su Qing, Bao Wen Jing “Special Service Elite”


Drama Synopsis: Lin Yi Huai (Zhang Dan Feng) comes to fulfill his heroic dream of joining the SWAT team, to become a glorious firefighter. Zheng Zhi Yong (Su Qing) comes in constant conflict with the captain of the SWAT team, Lin Yi Huai. Throughout their many rescue operations and obstacles, Lin Yi Huai gradually comes to show off his talent and he and Zheng Zhi Yong come together.

Official pics from the Hunan showing are below:

Want more information on some of the great dramas you’ve seen here? Go to A Virtual Voyage at avirtualvoyage.net to learn more, gush, and fangirl/fanboy!

Drop a comment and brighten up my day! Haha which dramas are you looking forward to? And is it just me or does Hunan have some of the best dramas? Lol. It’s probably just my actors/actresses bias… 😛

Next adaptation post coming up will include a special corner on Ding Mo adaptations as well as info on more adaptations!! Hoping to bring adaptationland to life ~~ ^_^


2 thoughts on “Hunan’s 2017 Early Drama Official List and the Golden Eagle Awards~~”

  1. EDIT Hunan’s New (More Official) “Youth” Drama List for 2017:
    Zhao Li Ying, Lin Geng Xin “Princess Agents”
    Wiliam Feng Shao Feng “Starry Sky, Starry Sea”
    Peter Sheng, Dilraba “The Pretty Her”
    “Love Weaving Through a Millenium 2”
    《浪花一朵朵》 by Jiu Xiao Qi
    “My, Mr. Mermaid”
    《不一样的美男子 2》
    Zhang Han, Yang Mi “A Different Pretty Boy” 2
    Something about Fencing
    “Exceptional School”


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