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Les Interprètes Chapter 53

More foreshadowing~~ The suspense is real! Another long chapter ahead for you guys. I take back what I said about preparing Chaps 54-55 too this week, although I may do it if I have time this weekend. 😛

Chapter 53

Translator: Tranzgeek


  Qiao Fei

We were off for October 1 now. I slept at my house for two days until I exhausted my food supply. Only when everything ran out, did I wash my face and go downstairs to buy things at the supermarket.

In front of the yogurt platform, a brand was having a promotional.

Promoting things- usually sales were not good. I had a look, the waiter took a cup for me to taste. It was mint flavored yogurt.

I said: “Ah, like toothpaste, who would like that flavor?”

The waiter looked at me, mysteriously smiling: “After you eat it, your breath will become fresh and very interesting. Think of it, who wouldn’t be willing to kiss someone who has brushed their teeth.”

This was very reasonable.

I remembered, being with Jia Yang before. One day, he ate all the mint ice cream and wanted to kiss me. His mouth had a very fragrant taste.

As I indulged in my memories, I made the waiter misunderstand. She grabbed one and gave it to me: “How is it? Buy three, get one free.”

“Thanks. I am single.” I laughed as I rejected her, and pushed the cart to leave.

  • She says she is single to imply that she won’t be able to finish so much ice cream. Hmm maybe other reasons too but I think ^^ is main.

I wanted to go buy chili sauce, and eat it with cucumbers when I went home.

Someone called me, it was a stranger’s number.

I picked it up: “Hello?”

“Xiao Qiao comrade.”

“Hello, Huang Wei De Chief Engineer.”

“Whoa, you could tell who I was in an instant?”

“Haven’t you seen what I do?”

Lao Huang laughed in the phone: “Do you have time? Let’s go out and I’ll treat you.”

“You are currently here?”

“Otherwise why would I find you?”

“All right.”

No matter who it was, only a lonely person appeared, not to mention, he was my enemy in France. Lao Huang, this person was really fun and interesting. I happily accepted the invitation, we decided to eat at a Spanish club.

I organized my house a bit, sat in a taxi to go there. When I got there, Lao Huang was already there. Across from him was someone with his back towards me. His back made me feel very familiar and intimate.

Lao Huang hugged me as soon as he got over and said: “Qiao Fei, your color is great.”

“I’m on break, I sleep well.”

I said these words to him, when someone turned, and stood up.

“He, you should know. My doctor, good friend, Doctor Cheng Jia Ming. You guys talked by phone before.” Lao Huang introduced us and said to the other person, “Jia Ming, this is my blood-related little sister, Qiao Fei.” (TL: Ok I’m pretty sure he’s kidding about them being related)

Right, this face, this name, I knew them all.

We had met each other before, at the beach outside the city. That day Jia Yang had gotten drunk. His big brother picked him up.

When we were on the phone before, I interpreted for him and the French doctors. Cheng Jia Ming said your voice is a little familiar.

As of now, I was across from Cheng Jia Ming. I shook hands with him, seeing his face just as cool as Jia Yang’s face.

Ah such a complicated matter. I didn’t know how to begin.

I could only pray this person didn’t have such a great memory as I did.

“You say you are an exchange student? Are you working now?” As he sat down to drink stuff, Cheng Jia Ming asked me.

“I’ve graduated. Right now, I am working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” I answered honestly.

“No wonder you don’t go over to my place.” Lao Huang helped me pour some tea, “Where are you interpreting now? I know, you may go abroad again right?”

“Before October 1, I have always been learning to determine if I should stay in the high elite interpretation bureau or go abroad. After October 1, we will be split up.” I said.

I saw Lao Huang put a spoonful of sugar in his black tea.

“Oh, Lao Huang, don’t you have diabetes?”

“So loud, do you want to tell everyone here?” Cheng Jia Ming said.

I looked at him: “You are his doctor, you don’t even care?”

Lao Huang laughed, drinking his tea, seeing how Cheng Jia Yang would combat me.

“Care about what?” He said.

“Controlling the diet, making sure one is healthy.”


“A long life of 100 years.”

“Do you think you can?”

“No, it’s not this. But at least you will live longer, live a little more comfortably.”

“What counts as comfortable?”

It was finished, I could not keep up.

“What do you think counts as comfortable?”

“As long as I can eat, drink, play, sleep, it is comfortable.” Cheng Jia Ming said, “He is sick, I only care about giving medicine, therapy. Whatever he wants to eat, as long as he is comfortable it is okay.”

Whoa, that was all right. Sometimes, I really couldn’t look down on the mid-youth.

He was very satisfied as he looked at me, smiled, and only said to Lao Huang: “Did you see that? She is still a child, so see through.”

“Aren’t you a hepatobiliary doctor? You switched right? Were you a lawyer before?”

“Are you saying that my mouth is better? Maiden?” Cheng Jia Ming pointed to himself as he said this, even more happy.

“I am saying you are good at making excuses, especially at making the black into white.

Lao Huang laughed loudly, waving his hand to call the waiter over to order food.

Lao Huang’s taste included cholesterol high, fat high, high-calorie Spanish food, baked eel with fat oil, with white wine, drink a bottle of their own. He used half of the liver to get his blood metabolism flowing. When I saw this, I was struck silly.

A female singer was singing a Spanish song, a male and a female were dancing. They danced a very hot and beautiful dance.

Cheng Jia Ming was sucked in by the female singer, listening to her voice.

I also felt this song was very good, I asked: “What are they singing.”

“Happy Life.”

“Then how do you understand Spanish?”

Cheng Jia Ming watched me: “Why didn’t you see the projection next to the stage?”

Really, I was absentminded and actually didn’t see the projection next to the stage with the lyrics and translated Chinese.

Cheng Jia Ming ate quite a bit, grabbed the pen that he brought wherever he went and wrote down some things, giving it to the waiter. He paid money and said to him: “Give this to the singer, and help me send a bouquet of the flowers she likes.”

Lao Huang saw this: “Jia Ming, your nature really does not change.”

The man laughed lightly: “Didn’t you hear the song they’re singing? Happy life, happy life.”

His fingers were slender, the goblet with red wine in the palm of the hand gently turned, the side of his head looked  at the beautiful singer. She received his flowers and money, smiled to him. He nodded,and raised a glass of wine to the woman.

Next was the dance. The singer became Cheng Jia Ming’s partner. The two of them danced. He was really good at dancing.

How was I to exercise restraint, I could not control myself and looked at him carefully.

This man’s face was so similar to Jia Yang’s.

High forehead, straight nose, thin flying lips, white transparent color.

But it was only, the other person, would not be like this. Saying things casually like that, laughing dissolutely, dancing beautifully, nothing else in his eyes but his own happy life.

Lao Huang drank about enough. He nagged at me: “Qiao Fei, big brother will be going off to Shanghai now. In the future, I will come see you again. You too, if you go, definitely look for me.

Little sister, you are really good, you are cool enough.


“Don’t you feel, I am like a boy?”

“Oh, right, that’s right, you are like a small buddy.”

Most of the people thought this. I sighed.

A song ended, Cheng Jia Ming kissed the singer’s hand, walked over, looked at me, and looked at Lao Huang.

“I’ll send you guys back.”

“Back?” Lao Huang said, stood up, his body swaying, “Where else are we going to play?”

“You have talent. The maiden still needs to rest.” Cheng Jia Ming patted his back, “Let’s go, let’s go, Lao Huang. We are going to return.”

Cheng Jia Ming and I sent Huang Wei De back to his hotel. Before we left his room, he grabbed some medicine for Lao Huang to eat.

We went on the elevator together, downstairs.

In the elevator of the high class hotel, the walls were shining brass, like a mirror, but it had a soft luxury light.

I looked at myself, Cheng Jia Ming looked at himself.

Then we looked at each other.

“Qiao Fei, how old are you?”

“Ah!” I looked at him, “Who asks these things?”

“Last last year I was 29.”

“Then I won’t tell you either.”

“It’s a little weird.”


“Why do I feel you are like the branch secretary from my junior high school.” He seemed like he was talking to me, but also talking to himself.

My heart thought, Uncle, when you were in junior high school, I hadn’t even graduated from kindergarten okay?

“You’re so old now, why can’t you remember the classmates you had in middle school?” I asked him, word by word, emphasizing the word “old”.

He had never been told off by anyone like this. Seeing my expression, he looked like he had eaten a fly.

“Really, you brought back my memories of her……”

“W-h-y? No, please, teach……” I waited for him, to see what this person would say.

“She controls everything, Mom in my classical matters.”

As soon as I heard this, I felt these words were truly ridiculous, so I laughed, and stopped fighting: “This is the first time I heard the words ‘Mom in my Classical Matters’, hahahaha…. Small phrases, are very sharp ah.”

The elevator reached our destination, we went out.

We went out of the hotel. Cheng Jia Ming said: “Get on my car. Where’s your house?”

I stood: “No need, thank you. There is the subway. I’ll take the subway home.”

“It really is that you are younger. Getting mad so easily? As for what? Come, I’ll send you.”

“Really no need. Thank you, Dr. Cheng.

Lao Huang isn’t here. I don’t sit on strangers’s cars.” I said.

Cheng Jia Ming stood next to his car, a very interesting smile on his face.

“I also am not familiar with you, but, are we really strangers? Qiao Fei.”

I couldn’t understand the meaning of his words.

There were words inside these words ah.

I looked at him.

At this time, his phone rang.

He said sorry to me, opened his phone: “What?

…… what time?

…… now?

…… ok, I will go there immediately.”

He said to me: “I’m really sorry. I have some matters. I must go immediately.”

I nodded, feeling like something serious had happened: “Okay, go quickly.”

He went on his car and said to me again: “Really sorry, I cannot send you off. Something happened in my family.”

I sat on the subway, thinking about Cheng Jia Ming’s words. He said, with a heavy tone, something happened in his family.

My stomach was a little hurt. I used my hand to press it a bit, really, I hadn’t eaten anything before, but the pain gradually intensified. In the end, I shrunk into a ball on my seat.

I clutched my stomach, going home, puking a mess, staying on the toilet, until I couldn’t straighten my waist, until I puked all over the place. Xiao Deng was scared, and supported my back: “Fei Fei, how are you? I’ll send you to a hospital.”

I waved my hand and touched the wall, standing up. When I saw my face in the mirror, devoid of all color, only seeing my black eyes, this was not right ah. I had never had this kind of problem.

I suddenly thought of something, my abortion. When I gave up on me and Jia Yang’s child, Jia Yang told me, in another place, he had basically been pained to the point of blood seeping out his stomach.

A huge fear enveloped me in an instant.

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this series. I really look forward for the upcoming chapters. Just wanted to let you know,a lot of my friends are reading your translations too. I winder when will jia yang find out about the abortion.


    1. Haha thanks for all of your support and I’m really glad you and your friends are enjoying the novel so far!!😄 I know, this chapter really got me thinking! Don’t want to spoil anything!!! 😆😆


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