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Cute Fluffy New Trailer for When A Snail Falls in Love~~


Just when I thought this week would go by without any subbing…another trailer comes out!! I have mixed feelings about this all…for one…more work. But for another…badass Wang Kai and another preview on our innocent lead, Xu Xu… If this isn’t called cute I don’t know what is!  <(^-^)> My heart might burst with all the fluffy new moments and stills that have come out!!

The drama is officially set for October 24!! I wanna watch this…but too bad I’ve already got my eye set on Princess Weiyoung and I’m still watching…that other drama from July. Lol. It’s coming along…one minute at a time… Maybe when I have time next summer I’ll watch this. No spoiling later!! >_<

More stills~~

Aww Xu Xu…aren’t you enjoying the beach a little too much? Okay maybe not… judging from that expression.

Soo boss!!

Aww cuute!!

Zhao Han, Xu Xu and Ji Bai’s friend.

Yao Meng

Quick look behind the scenes::

Haha can I just end with this picture?

Cute Trailer Moments:

Don’t you love how Ji Bai just picks up Xu Xu by the scruff?? Cuute


And apparently Xu Xu is…that tall…according to Ji Bai as he puts his hand on the car to gauge it for himself…I’m guessing they haven’t kissed yet… Lol.

《蜗牛》定档10.24 王凯王子文打造甜宠画风

Eng Subbed Trailer:


5 thoughts on “Cute Fluffy New Trailer for When A Snail Falls in Love~~”

  1. Let me be the awkward one and ask all the strange questions:
    1) (REALLY VERY IMPORTANT TO ME) can you please please please find out the names of the songs used in the trailers for the snail? I think it’s 1 song in the 1st one, 1 in the 2nd, and 2 in the 3rd; it might be extremely difficult, and they could also be orchestral music composed especially for the trailers, but since you speak Chinese (and I don’t), I humbly request of you to aid me in my search for these music pieces that have me watch each trailer many times a day, just so that I can listen to them again (not that the trailer does not have the same effect on its own, but you get the idea)
    2) In the 3rd picture before the end in this post, do we know what brand Xu Xu’s shoes are? Like, idk, I NEED THEM NOW!!!
    3) Do we know what brand the cellphones they use in the series are??

    I don’t think the words I know are enough for me to explain how much I have fallen in love with this series… Please answer and don’t go away because of the awkward questions, pretty please…..


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