So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Part 2 Chapter 5

Weekly update! Hopefully I will be able to get to Chapter 6 this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zheng Wei has a new profession: Blind dating and making fun of her dates. Lol. Continuation of Ruan Ruan’s new future!

Five days later, Ruan Ruan returned to S City to work. After not seeing her for a few days, her colleagues all felt that she had become clearer, more elegant. No one knew that in these past few days, some Yu Yong had left her.

Later, Zheng Wei answered a lot of Zhao Yu Yong’s phone calls. He asked her what Ruan Ruan’s new number was. Zheng Wei only said: “As a fellow human being I am ashamed of you and me.”

Maybe Zhao Yu Yong didn’t love Ruan Ruan at all. In that time, his phone basically drained Zheng Wei’s phone battery daily. And what if he did had loved her? Besides Ruan Ruan, there were many more things he loved. When Zheng Wei ignored the call, he called again. After a long time, slowly, he began to call less and less. Finally, it became silent. Just like our hearts, that used to have a passionate fire burning in our minds, so hot that it cannot be released, so hot that we cannot wait until we find someone to share it with. We would never think that it would also become cold in the future, so cold that we can only hug ourselves carefully, lest this warmth also disappear.

The third year that Zheng Wei was at Zhong Jian, she was 25 years old. As a 25-year-old woman, whose work is stable, appearance is good, and both physically and mentally healthy, does it seem strange that you don’t have a man by your side? Zheng Wei didn’t thinks so, but basically everyone by her side thought like this. Auntie Li had called her into her office to talk about heart matters. Whether they were talking or not, it all had the same meaning, You have grown up and should begin a family. Even Zhou Qu began to half jokingly say, What type do you want? Er Fen has so many young talents, that if you can’t find a good one, then forget about it. There’s One Point, Three Points…..Fourteen Points, Strategies, Tertiary Industry, Design Institute……Zhong Jian has 5000 bachelors, very fertile, choose anyone. There will definitely be someone compatible to you. Don’t be such a drifter.

  • Just so you know, back from the gala, ZW got into one of Zhong Jian’s branches (I guess to put it simply) Er Fen can also be translated to Two Points. So…I guess that’s just to explain all the “Points” because it’s actually a branch of Zhong Jian.

Zheng Wei showed negligent eyes. ‘There are billions of good males on the planet, if I want to pick one I can pick one at any time.’ While saying this she defended herself, ‘A 25-year-old woman’s youth is still long, why must I pick?’

Zhou Qu’s reply was, When I look at you I am uncomfortable

Everyone all said, Zheng Wei, when I look at you drifting around alone, I feel uncomfortable.

Many times, when we have become accustomed to some things, then we don’t know what is bitterness. Just like a poor person who has never seen a prosperous life, and doesn’t know that he/she is poor even to death. Zheng Wei was always alone. She would eat alone, shop alone, watch moves alone. Sometimes she would follow a group of people to have fun and get drunk. In the end, she returned alone, slept alone. She didn’t know what was wrong about this. It was only that when other people were reuniting over the holidays that she would feel alone sometimes. On the road from her housing unit to the office to the apartment, she had accompanied herself and walked on it many many times. She knew every mango tree. This one’s fruit was extremely sour. That one still hadn’t bid fruit after three years. She was always laughing and happy, so weren’t her days all like this? Until she saw too many consistent expressions directed towards her. They were all uncomfortable for her. Only then did she find that she was actually pitiful.

When did it begin, that she had felt so strongly on this point? It was a light, normal summer. She went to the supermarket and came back. When she stood on the bus, she met many pedestrians that were crossing the road. The bus driver immediately braked, and made her body fall forward. It was in that moment that she saw another girl who was immediately stabilized by her boyfriend in his embrace. Zheng Wei had always been agile. She immediately held the hand rail and stabilized herself, not humiliating herself in front of other people, but when she held that cold metal support tightly in her hand, she inexplicably had the desire to cry. She even shot a malicious look at the girl next to her. Wasn’t she (ZW) just as pretty as her? Wasn’t she just as smart, brave, and kind? But she didn’t have her luck.

It was common situation that couldn’t be a common petty thing again. It made Zheng Wei feel that she could no longer be single. In this world, where was the sovereign treasure. She had never thought of protecting anyone from the cold, but only followed her instincts. At least, she would always bring the person she loved to her side, but when she thought to here, she found that maybe tomorrow, maybe Yu Yong would never appear again–and after he appeared, it might not be an illusion.

So when Auntie Li said habitually, “Wei Wei, why don’t I introduce a boyfriend for you.” Zheng Wei immediately replied, “All right, when?”

Auntie Li had always been thoughtful and meticulous. She was surprised that Zheng Wei had changed her mentality, and seriously asked Zheng Wei’s parents’ conditions, her background. It hadn’t been three days when she had already arranged Zheng Wei’s first blind date.

That time, the person Zheng Wei met was He Yi. Auntie Li did not have any new ideas at all and put them directly in a law-abiding Western restaurant. After a few words, she left. Almost every matchmaker was like this, Zheng Wei didn’t feel it was weird. She only felt it was strange that in her first blind date, Auntie Li put her with such a big fish [1]. He Yi was very well known, the manager of Zhong Jian was also very well known. President He only had one son. He Yi was the youngest manager. Really, Zheng Wei knew him. Two years ago, when she followed Zhou Qu to the construction site, it had been He Yi who received them. Later, He Yi was sent as a technical support in the construction project in Bangladesh. He went for two years so the two people were not very familiar with each other.

  • [1] Big fish refers to a big catch; a very rich and prosperous person.

After Auntie Li left, the two people didn’t say anything to each other. Each of them was contemplating the right topic, He Yi first said, “Sitting like this is really weird. Let’s say whatever we want.”

Zheng Wei nodded her head, serious. At that time, should she ask what he has been chasing after and his hobbies? At the most superficial level, she should ask about his constellation blood type, but for her opening she blurted out, “Do you like America?”

After she said this, she was amused by her own nonsensicality. He Yi also laughed with her. After the two laughed for a while, Zheng Wei asked, “What are you laughing about?” He Yi said, “I’m laughing that I don’t know what you’re laughing about.”

He Yi didn’t like America. He liked perfect things and all beautiful girls. He liked to play, and knew how to play. He pursued novelty, and didn’t have a set temperatment. Maybe this was what made him rush to get married. In a lot of older people’s hearts, a man that created a family was mature. He Yi’s temperament was right and proper with Zheng Wei’s character. Quickly, President He’s young boss son didn’t live at the suites at home, but applied for an apartment. He”just happened” to live a floor above Zheng Wei which put the whole building in an uproar. Everyone saw that it seemed Zheng Wei had (what Zhu Ge [2]) said to be a young master’s wife’s fate. However, Zheng Wei was out for the whole afternoon, and made an apointment with He Yi to play chess in her apartment, while she made an excuse to go buy drinks. Then, she didn’t return. She watched a few old guys play cards in the corner until nighttime, because she knew, Wei Shao Yi was also resting at home today.

  • [2] Zhu Ge- Refers to a famous strategist of his time and is comparable to Sun Tzu. He lived in the Three Kingdoms era of China.

Even her, such an uncaring person could sense it. Every time Wei Shao Yi was at home, He Yi would especially come downstairs to play chess with her. When Wei Shao Yi passed by, he would be like in high spirits, a child pretending to be calm. Zheng Wei and Wei Shao Yi didn’t fight again in the next days. But their relationship hadn’t changed extremely. She didn’t hope for Wei Shao Yi’s love. Could He Yi get his wish; would Wei Shao Yi fall in love- it was all destiny. Only she (ZW) knew clearly, He Yi was not the person for her (ZW).

Later, He Yi ‘s pursuit of Wei Shao Yi became more obvious. Zheng Wei’s colleagues all felt sorry for her. Auntie Li turned into steel. The rich boy was off the hook. But only she was like Auntie Zhou, Auntie Wang, and Auntie Yang. They continued to give Zheng Wei more guys, and would never forget their hobbies of matchmaking and marrying people off.And Zheng Wei was too eager to end her single career. As long as the other person wasn’t very far off the mark, she would not refuse to these arrangements. She met doctors, lawyers, accountants, civil servants, small bosses….. of course there were also the numerous construction industry elite. In Zhou Qu’s words, In that period of time, she was about to sweep G City’s young talents clean. From all of these people, she had some that liked her but she didn’t like; some that she felt were good, but the other person felt indifference. Even more meetings led to eventually forgetting each other.

No matter who sat in front of her, she would forever begin with that sentence: Do you like America? Some people said they liked it, other people said they didn’t like it. Some other people were baffled. Zheng Wei felt this was like a cold ironic joke. But, at times, life is dark humor.


Yes I need a break from translating!! Lol.

Zheng Wei thinks about how finding a guy is actually so hard. She just can’t find one no matter what! The big fishes can’t come into her net and the small fishes just swim out (refer to the analogy made in the first footnote).

But even though she hasn’t found her goal yet, she keeps the blind dates lively by playing tricks on all her blind dates. Apparently one of her blind dates was a doctor who called her Miss Liu when he sent her home. Lol. There’s also been a small boss of a noodle shop who gave her two months of free coupons for free food that she couldn’t finish. So her blind dates are pretty successful if you ask me 😛 If I could get free food I would soo blind date. Haha.

-End of summary-

In that period of time, Ruan Ruan called her, and always asked “Where are you?” Zheng Wei would always laugh, “Don’t ask where I am going, I am not at a blind date. I am on the way to a blind date.”

Her craziest blind date was an office director of the G municipal party and government organization, thirty-five years old, unmarried. He has a house and car. Zheng Wei had no doubt he was a virgin. She was wearing a black suit, black tie, hair neatly thirty-seven points of the man eating bland steak, listening to his endless praise for the Japanese/Korean [3] females that helped their husbands to take off their slippers, denouncing premarital sex , She finally switched the topic when it became unbearable. “What do you like to do?”

  • [3] No idea where this came from but…dramas?

“Birds, I like to raise birds. Usually after work, I don’t like to go out. Outside, it’s always foul, especially the young people now are a mess. Birds’ calls can make me feel at peace. What about you? You seem very quiet, what small animals do you like? Do you like birds?”

Zheng Wei suppressed her laughter and said, “No, I like cats.” She put down her utensils and seriously said, “You like to play with your birds after work. I like to play kitty [4]. Don’t you think we are fated?”

  • [4] 咪咪 (mimi) Um this can also refer to…breasts…apparently

She mimicked Stephen Chow’s voice and laughed loudly. She had made herself amused, and in the end, she only remembered that after his still shock, “Bird Lover”‘s mouth was still halfway open.

The serious consequences of this thing was that Auntie Li told her that she wouldn’t be caring about these sort of things in the future. While Zheng Wei talked to Ruan Ruan on the phone, she almost burst into tears from laughter.

Ruan Ruan also laughed, she said, “You are really muddled. What wrong did the other person do? Love can be aestheticsm. A blind date is a deal. Everyone puts their most important requests onto the table, and as long as you’re compatible, it’s good. If you aren’t compatible then forget it. Why do you have to suffer, and you must trick him?”

After the laughing died down, Zheng Wei said, “Forget it, maybe this method isn’t suited for me. Ruan Ruan, why do you want a man? Why not get together with me.”

Ruan Ruan was silent for a while, “Wei Wei, I think I will get married soon.”

Ruan Ruan was getting married. After Zheng Wei’s great incredulousness, she felt this was like a dream. Her marriage partner was a doctor called Wu Jiang. The two people began from being friends until they were sure they wanted to marry. They had met a total six times.

“Do you love him?” Zheng Wei asked. Actually her heart already had an answer. A person who she had only met six times. How much love could there be.

Ruan Ruan said, “He’s pretty great. In his early years, in order to study, he didn’t care about feelings. Later he returned to China, and his job has always been busy. He’s like me where marriage and finding a partner is the main subject. Even though we haven’t known each other for a long time, I believe he will be a good husband. The sixth time we met, he knelt and asked for my hand in marriage. I think I didn’t have any reason to reject it. Maybe I passed by him (ZYY). I may meet a better person, just like it’s to find my own partner. Loving him will probably not be that hard.”


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