Status Update

Hello again guys!

This update will cover my week schedule, Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter, the weibo column, and all my other translation projects’ schedules due to the change in my schedule this week.

Haha I just had to bold Siege in Fog. All Siege in Fog fans gather!

Usually I only do these once every two weeks but I guess it’s different this week.

First off, this week I have two upcoming big tests so not a lot of posting until Friday…

Anyways here’s my schedule for this week and new updates:

Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter

Yep you heard me. I’m going to post a Siege in Fog Pilot Chapter for those of you who have been wanting to read it for a while now. Depending on the ratings I may pick it up after To Our Youth That is Fading Away. If there are firstly, not that many views; and secondly, not that many likes or comments, I will not be continuing it.

Pilot Chapter will be posted hopefully by next week. Since chapters are reaaaaallly loooong …maybe for the pilot I should just post a portion of the first chapter (which will take less time)? Do you guys want to give me some feedback on this? Otherwise I will just take my time leisurely translating chapter 1. Lol. I feel like pilot chapters should be full chapters though otherwise I’m giving u guys a ripoff.

Weibo Column

Ok just so you guys know I am really running out of creativity when it comes to these things. Ideas please?

Otherwise, I will just be posting whenever I feel like it and not weekly because weekly is a little hard to make things fresh every time. Do we have any weibo addicts out there that would be willing to contribute? Lol.

To Our Youth That is Fading Away

Haha were you happy when I posted so much over the weekend? I bet many of you are screaming to meet Lin Jing! Haha just kidding. In any case, it will take three years for Zheng Wei to meet her old LJ. T_T It’s good that Chapter 5 is short. I’ll be translating that over the weekend.

Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student)

You can expect 1-2 updates per week, each updates being half a chapter, from me. I’ve already committed to translating it on volaretranslations, so that schedule is not going to change. I will be updating on Saturday and Sunday mainly.

Les Interpretes

Next chapter will hopefully be out by this week. Hopefully translation spree can be set for September 17 in US time.


6 thoughts on “Status Update”

  1. Siege in Fog !! oh happy tears
    Thank you so much for for planing to post the first chapter.
    I’m addicted to angsty romance novels. My heart wanted this so much .
    I can’t wait to read it and I agree with you the first chapter should be Full.
    please take your time translating.I hope more fans will read and comment.
    and good luck with your tests.


  2. I vote on the full chapter of Seige in Fog so we’ll just wait patiently. Thank you for even considering it after TOYTIFA. There may not be many readers as of yet, but I’m sure the few of us will be very loyal (and forever grateful^^)

    Good luck on all of your upcoming tests dear. I wanna hear that you’ve aced them all! Then I won’t feel bad that you’re spending time translating when you should be studying..keke.


    1. I’ll be doing the full chapter no worries! If you guys don’t mind the translation speed I may be able to translate it during TOYTIFA…but I’ll have to see how much time the first chapter of SIF takes to translate before I decide if I can do it or not.

      Thanks for the good wishes! I will sure need it! Especially tomorrow….*ominous dread* Oh well I’ll do my best and hopefully everything will go okay!


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