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Deng Chao the selfie wizard with Yang Yang and more Stills of I Belonged To You

Time to gush over the cast (especially Yang Yang). Really loving the cast and their looks! I Belonged To You will be coming out on September 29!! More photos have been released. For your information, I did repost some photos because they weren’t big enough to drool at ;P lol



“Our selfies are the best ❤ <3…cool….and then ferocious”

“My selfies are the best”

Here’s how all these selfies came to be:

Heart to heart talk- man to man

“Hello all! Even though Deng Chao has been blocking me for the past two photos I’m right here in case you missed me!”


Yeah…there are a few thousand more posters like those with the book as the main character. Well moving on

Zhu Tou X Yan Zi; Fattest guy in the school and the most popular girl in the school- best ship ever

Cute Yang Yang X Adorable Bai Bai He

AHHH the molestation of beloved Yang Yang!

Does this remind anyone else of Romeo and Juliet when Juliet is on the balcony lol

Deng Chao X Zhang Tian Ai…

Awwwww. Love the effects!!

Via 01//02


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