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#Yang Yang 9/9 Happy Birthday# and flaunting his popularity via Weibo rankings


Hello all Yang Yang followers… Happy birthday Yang Yang! His huge fanbase for his birthday on weibo is here! I added some weibo rankings to just give you the numbers on how popular he really is…he’s in all the ranking lists and all the ranking lists are top 10’s. #Yang Yang 0909 Happy Birthday# is currently no 4 ranked of all popular weibo topics~ Enjoy! 

Total Rankings: (All points are out of 100)

  1. Yang Yang- 94.92 points
  2. Wang Bao Qiang- 90.42 points
  3. Zhang Yi Xin- 87.46 pts
  4. Lu Han- 87.28 pts
  5. Zhao Li Ying- 86.48 pts
  6. Yang Mi- 86.07 pts
  7. Li Yi Feng- 84.9 pts
  8. Wang Jun Kai- 84.34 pts
  9. William Chan- 83.91 pts
  10. Wang Kai- 83.9 pts

“Xiao Nai’s strength and power!”

Fan Love: (out of 20 points)

  1. Wang Jun Kai- 20
  2. Ma Tian Yu- 18.42
  3. Wang Kai- 18.23
  4. Lu Han- 18.09
  5. Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi- 17.87
  6. Yang Yang- 17.69
  7. Huang Yin Yu- 17.46
  8. Jiang Jin Fu- 16.14
  9. Liu Tao- 16.14
  10. Godfrey Gao- 16.07

“Jiang Jin Fu, Happy Birthday! September 2!”

“Remembering Li Chuan! Godfrey Gao touches the hearts of everyone this summer!”

Weibo Mentions:

  1. Yang Yang- 15
  2. William Chan Wei Ting- 14.7
  3. Lu Han- 14.1 pts
  4. Wang Jun Kai – 14.08
  5. Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi- 13.8
  6. Zhang Yi Xin- 13.64
  7. Li Yi Feng- 13.62
  8. Wang Yuan- 13.53
  9. Quan Zhi Long- 13.4
  10. Hai Qing- 13.29

“William Chan Wei Ting: I’m only Big Senior Brother (Legend of the Ancient Sword) and Zhang Da Fo Ye (The Mystic Nine).”

Weibo Interactions: (out of 15)

  1. Wang Bao Qiang- 15
  2. Yang Yang- 14.72
  3. Zhang Yi Xin- 14.32
  4. Xie Na- 14.2
  5. Zhang Jie- 14.2
  6. Li Yi Feng- 13.96
  7. Lu Han- 13.77
  8. Chen He- 13.77
  9. Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi- 13.72
  10. Joe Chen Qiao En- 13.68


Overall, very impressed and happy with the rankings! You go Wang Kai (and Yang Yang)! I’m also very satisfied with Jackson Yi’s performance but everything else is a little expected. I mean, Li Yi Feng will obviously be on the platform as well as Lu Han. I’m a little surprised at some, and disappointed in others (Hu Ge 😦 ) Anyways, overall I am very impressed with Yang Yang’s popularity and hope that he keeps going on to be in more and more adaptations!

To Wang Kai I must say “Fighting!”

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