So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 27.3

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Waaah. Don’t blame me for leaving off on a cliff hanger. I know I said I was excited for growing up but now that the crucial moment is finally here, I can’t bear it >_<

That night, the dormitory put out the lights. Zheng Wei lay on the bed and suddenly heard Li Wei Juan yell, “Ai ya,” she said, “Zheng Wei I forgot to tell you, this morning when you just left, there was a guy who called you. I said you weren’t here and he asked if I knew where you were. I said that I thought you had gone out with your boyfriend. He said “Oh”, and didn’t say anything more.  He didn’t even leave his name. Do you know who was looking for you? ”

“Who?” Zheng Wei looked slightly bewildered as she stared at her mosquito netting, “it wouldn’t be Lao Zhang right?” Lao Zhang had already graduated for half a year, and would still call to harass the small Zheng Wei.

Li Wei Juan laughed,  “Impossible, how can I not recognize Lao Zhang’s sound? Today the person who called was very mannered when be spoke.I daresay I never answered this phone call. Quickly tell your sister what more resources you have, if you have more resources, don’t forget your big sister is single. Absolutely don’t let all the fertile water flow to someone else’s soil [1].”

Zheng Wei doubtfully said: “The problem is that I also don’t recognize that person.  Whatever, if he really had matters on hand he will call again.” She thought about it. She still didn’t have any idea and put this matter behind her.

At the same time,  in the guy’s dormitory,  Chen Xiao Zheng was also not sleeping.  He was at his table, finishing up the last modification on that small house model.  He watched it. This was sone thing that he had used a lot of time to build, using his heart, but, now even he didn’t believe that this house could shelter his love, and protect them from the wind and rain.

He suddenly thought of what Ceng Liu had said to him on that day. She pointed to the school construction on the multimedia building, and said, “Do you see it, those people wearing construction helmets. Besides the migrant workers there are a few people that are like you, a few years in university, getting a degree in architecture. This society is so realistic. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t have connections or a good background, you will also have to boil (in the hot sun) at the construction site. Of course, maybe one day you will achieve success. But when will that day come? Maybe one or two years. Maybe three to five years. Maybe even longer……who knows? So, A Zheng, you have to think clearly. Not all paths can be retaken if you go the wrong way.”

Reality was such a cruel thing. It would always come upon you when you least expected it and little by little it would crush your faith. Destroying the commitments that you originally thought you could fulfill. What was growing up? When a child learned that a diamond was more expensive than a pretty piece of glass, he or she had grown up. He should have understood this more than anyone else.

The girl that he loved, was so innocent. She loved every tiny interesting thing, and did know of any worries. She was the Jade Small Flying Dragon who marched forward fearlessly. Her guy should give her the most spacious part of the sky. But as for him, he only had a piece of a broken roof. Of course, as long as he was willing, he believed she would definitely always stay be his side. Never leaving, never giving up. but after the sweetness of love dissipated, would she change into a haggard woman because of his trials? He was at a standstill. If this day came, he would hate himself–he was more afraid that when that day came, he would hate her.

Every word his mom said had been very cruel, but she was right. His choice had always been between himself and Zheng Wei. He looked at the small house and reached out his hand slowly to dislodge a piece, creating a crack–actually his choice had already been in his heart.

Before May 1, the train station gave ticket sales 10 days in advance. The berth was hard to get, Zheng Wei stood in line for a whole afternoon in the crowd, for nothing. In the end she was still pretty clever. She thought of Lao Zhang who had already became a member of the community. Lao Zhang, this rascal, had always been slick and smooth. Of three of the nine schools of philosophy [2], he knew many people. Zheng Wei’s call was answered immediately. His mouth was full of promises. It hadn’t even passed two days, when he had really gotten two tickets for G City to Nan Chang. As soon as they reached Nan Chang they would be in Little Flying Dragon’s territory. How they needed go to Wu Yuan from there, were all very easy matters.

Zheng Wei’s hands held a ticket that she had gotten from Lao Zhang. She happily returned to the dormitory, pushing open the door while yelling: “I am laughing very happily, I am laughing very happily.”

“Yo, so early and you’ve already gotten your honeymoon tickets into your hands?” Zhu Xiao Bei saw her eyes and eyebrows that were all laughing, and couldn’t help but make fun of her.

“Of course. I didn’t only get the tickets, I even already planned out what we’ll be doing over the next seven days. I want to bring him into Wu Yuan, up the Lushan Mountain, and let him experience our beautiful lakes and mountains. Of course, I must go pay a visit to my father and my mother, and his future mother-in-law and future father-in-law.” Zheng Wei was not shy in responding.

Ruan Ruan also laughed at her, “It’s said that you people from Jiang Xi (A province from Southern China) number 1: know how to read books, and number two: know how to raise pigs. You should let Chen Xiao Zheng experience that.”

Zheng Wei’s mood was great, very generous. She waved her hand and expressed disdain with their fussing, and sat on the stool next to the phone, “I must first call A Zheng, and tell him I have already gotten the tickets.”

She had only dialed the phone halfway, when the dormitory door was pushed open. Zheng Wei unhappily watched her walk over. Li Wei Juan’s face was full of sweat when she rushed in.

“What sort of crazy student is this, we’re about to graduate. You have to even destroy the door that we can’t bring with us?” Zhu Xiao Bei said.

However, Li Wei Juan looked like she had a burning butt [3], “I won’t bother with your pointless arguing. Zheng Wei, something big has happened. I heard some very scary news…….”

[1] Don’t let all the fertile water flow out of one’s soil: This means,

[2] Of three of the nine schools of philosophy: Just an emphasis of how many people Lao Zhang knows. Think of it as an exaggerated 1/3 of the whole world (if the nine schools of philosophy make up a whole community)\

[3] Burning butt: Refers to the fact that Li Wei Juan has many urgent matters at hand.


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