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L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties Feature

This drama looks like a great virtual fantasy by Guo Jing Ming starring the forever famous Fan Bing Bing, super hot Kris Wu, Wang Yuan (TF Boys), William Chan, Yang Mi, and so much more!

The tone is so dark and creepy…shiver shiver… But for those of you that want to see the evil take of all of these actors and more… it’ll be interesting to see how all of these actors who usually play the pure, honest guys do it all. Otherwise, stay away to maintain your pure perceptions of your idols lol. Besides all the evilness of the characters, it turns out that they can still fight a battle of honor for the truth…because the Dark Lord is rising…

Of course, the ensemble is complete with an eng-subbed trailer!

All links for raws and the eng translation are available under LORD on the Features page.

Drama Synopsis: 

The legendary, mythical continent of Odin was separated into Water, Wind, Fire, Earth; the four countries. Every country has someone well versed in the arts of the Soul, among you all, the seven most powerful become monarchs (Wang Jue). The ordinary Qi Ling from the Water Nation, was somehow received as an apostle from the one of the seventh ranking, Yin Chen. After he is embroiled in this turmoil, the mysterious secrets of the Water Nation gradually come up to the water’s surface.

In this mysterious world of Odin, the seventh ranked Yin Chen from the western country of Aslan, finds his own apostle, Qi Ling but finds that Gilgamesh, a first ranked king from the previous generation may still be alive, so while he searches relentlessly, at the same time, the dead monarchs become new attackers. Te Lei Ya also receives a killing order for Yin Chen and Gui Shan Lian Quan. All of the monarchs fight a battle of imminent honor for the ultimate truth.

I have never read the book, so when this term came up 王爵 (wang jue), I just interpreted it as monarch. So just so ya all know “wang jue”=”monarch” Also, the original text was also in second person. If you’ve read the novel feel free to spoil me lol

Apostles are people who are taken as “disciples” by the high ranking monarchs.

I have included all concept photos below of all the actors/characters.

Fan Bing Bing as Gui Shan Lian Quan

A staggering unparalleled beauty. The most beautiful thing in the dream, is you. In the fifth nobility and the sixth nobility. You are at once both the fifth and sixth ranking monarch; the original fifth ranking monarch was your little sister from the previous generation. Her looks are pretty, she is a girl with a strong personality, with a good tenacity.

Kris Wu as Yin Chen

Yin Chen is a relatively introverted person. He is the chief of ice and snow-the pale snow at the end of the world, the desperate night, and the sweet innocence. He is currently a monarch of the seventh rank, and was an apostle in the past generation. Warm, two-faced (outwardly kind, but inwardly evil), and full of feelings, he has always believed that his own king, Gilgamesh is still alive.

Chen Xue Dong as Qi Ling

The story doesn’t begin from you, but destiny pulls you to the end. You use your last stance to save the last killing spree that stretches for thousands of miles. Eternal glory; lonely forever. Now he is the seventh ranking apostle, the ordinary boy who grew up in his village, pure and kind-hearted, and his looks are handsome.

William Chan Wei Ting as You Ming

Your crimson pupils, sleeping naively in his savage dreams. You go along unaccompanied, cruel salvation under your black wings. Your confusion caused you to wipe out the world, you began to be always silent. Now, you are a monarch of the second rank, brutal, cold-blooded, a killer, but you are in love with the fourth ranking Te Lei Ya.

Amber Kuo Cai Jie as Te Lei Ya

The glamorous, pure; bloodthirsty, compassionate; selected and then abandoned; dark, flashing, you. The unique you. She is currently a monarch of the fourth ranking, most of the time she is a spiteful sexy woman, but when she strikes, she is extremely cruel, which is also rare in female monarchs.

Yan Yi Kuan/Yan Kuan as Gui Shan Feng Hun

Glory is your armor, loyalty is your blade. The powerful army’s cry is the last oath you left to the world. In the previous generation you were the fifth ranking monarch, and have already died. Gui Shan Lian Quan is your sibling.

Lin Yun as Tian Shu You Hua

You are the mermaid in the dream, swimming into everyone’s dreams. In the last generation you were the sixth ranking apostle and the sixth ranking female monarch, you were born as a high ranking Princess-capricious, pampered, reckless, selfish, arrogant, has a little girl’s temper, and has a good impression of Qi Ling.

Wang Yuan as “Pale” Youth 

All of the craziness, all of the anxiety, everything, exists because of you. I hope you are stunning, I hope you are shocking.

Yang Mi as Shen Yin

Thousands of illusions, accompany the world; snow covered dust. She tries to manage the spirit inside her body. Her body has many mysteries. She used to be a cheerful girl, longing for a simple life.

Wang Duo as Qi La

He is currently the third ranking monarch. Last last generation he was the first ranking monarch, he has even more refined feminine beauty than the female beauty of all the monarchs. He specializes in precisely controlling every second of his soul power, he is like a perfect artist when he manipulates the soul force.

Li Zhi Ting as Ni Hong 

Under your bloodthirsty killings, it was your silence like the night that felt like a warm tenderness. Blood and corpses piled out of the aftermath, but your gaze still stops behind her. Destroying everything, beheading everyone; you are only willing to wait for her. A fourth ranking apostle, with primal animal instincts and the innocence of a child.

Eng Sub Trailer:

All translated content via Baidu


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