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So Young 2: Never Gone Full Movie Synopsis

Since Never Gone has been super hot for a while now, I’ve decided to translate one of the videos on YouTube that actually talks about the whole plot with full scenes in 11 minutes. I actually discovered this video a little recently, but it was created by a YouTube talkshow that just kinda does drama recaps and movie recaps in 10 minutes (more or less). *False alarm* last time when I sent you guys the full movie link (^_^|||)

I’ve lost my motivation for subbing longer videos since after Legend of Chusen because the  19 minute trailer of subtitles was so time consuming and I cannot do that again 😛 Anyways, I will not be embedding my subtitles in the video and I will also not be putting the times down next to each subtitle. You can rant about my lack of technology skills because I really do know that I don’t have the talent 😛

To understand more about how”poor-inefficient”me will be organizing my subtitles, read below:

New Method of Formatting Subtitles

First off, for your information there are subtitles underneath all Chinese videos like Capture

If the subtitles underneath the Chinese video show these subtitles under a particular scene

(at time frame 3:00) 我爱你 

(at time frame 3:01) 但是我必须离开你 。

Then, I will translate it like:

I love you

but I must leave you.

Instead of…

3:00/3:01 I love you but I must leave you

I will leave out the timings because the subtitles will appear in chronological order anyways…each new line of translated subtitles will indicate that a new line of Chinese subtitles has appeared and when the Chinese subtitles pause, I will also indicate this by leaving a gap between the translated subtitles so as to transition into the next scene.

This is just so that you can follow along with the video provided. If you don’t understand what I tried to explain above, comment below on what you don’t understand (be specific) and I will try to help. If this method doesn’t work out, in the future I will try to be more motivated and actually put the times next to the subtitles 😛

As I mentioned above, the creators of the video I am about to share with you is a talkshow that also summarizes other Chinese dramas and movies. Here is the link to their channel for people who understand Chinese.

Wow I really love love love the image that the creator of the video made. Anyways…on to the subtitles.

0.22 Their story begins with the summer sun and ends with the summer sun

Now beginning from 0.29:

The story must begin

from a girl from a small town.

She is SU YUN JIN AAA.PNG (If I put something in all caps, that means that it appears like the image I have next to SU YUN JIN)

Bringing with her, all of her parents’ hopes

in a home that has love and everything else

she goes to

enter the high school in the more urban city in an unfamiliar environment,

But her bad grades,

and her father’s illness

increase her stress and pressure

making her very depressed.

One night on her sophomore year,

the Su Yun Jin who decides to go into the Language and Cultural classes

bumps into a stranger in the hallway.

Because of one sentence of the other person’s mockery

“Only failing girls and girls who are bad at their books

will choose Language classes.”

she looks back at those people hatefully, and

Su Yun Jin, decides to choose the Sciences.

And it is this choice

that brings her an earth-shattering

heart wrenching romance


Going into Junior Year

the classes are assigning seats

and Su Yun Jin sits in front of a wealthy boy.

And he is


Cheng Zheng isn’t only pretty good looking

but his grades are also exceptional.

He is the Knight in Shining Armor of the whole school.

The people by his side

are as exceptional as him.

The people close to him include

the class flower (the prettiest, most popular girl)


and the one worth hitting

is a part of the wealthy class


Compared to this,

Yun Jin isn’t only an introvert,

her only friend is one from her dorm


And unintentionally,

someone bullies Yun Jin.

Yun Jin then becomes Cheng Zheng’s interest and delight.

Cheng Zheng, who sits in the last row

even if he has things to do, he will always poke Yun Jin’s back.

But everytime Yun Jin does something big,

Cheng Zheng will criticize her.

Before the final,

Cheng Zheng puts his foot underneath Yun Jin’s chair again.

Yun Jin lifts the chair

and fiercely stamps on his foot.

And it is in these interactions that the two become huge rivals in the classroom.


The final is looming overhead

and it’s not like no one knows of how Su Yun Jin is doing.

At this time,

the exasperated Cheng Zheng

offers some makeup tutoring for her

which helps her grade.

And their relationship now has a kind twist.

After an argument at the sports field

their relationship

completely breaks.

That night there was self-studying

Yun Jin suddenly felt

she had reached that day of every month (menstrual cycle… guys)

So after the break

Yun Jin takes a pad and sticks it in a book

and rushes out.

She hasn’t walked far

before Cheng Zheng

snatches the book out of her hands.

Yun Jin tries to grab her book, panicked,

and tries to pull it down

when the pad falls from the book.

The long sufferings/mockeries that she’s experienced from school

and her uneasiness at her father’s illness

brings her to tears.

Yun Jin grabs the pad

and fiercely throws it at Cheng Zheng’s face

rushing out of the classroom.

Cheng Zheng chases after her

and finally catches up on the dormitory path

to Su Yun Jin.

But when he grabs the other person

he is startled by the tears on Su Yun Jin’s face.

And Cheng Zheng always wonders from then to now

why he is infatuated with this girl

but before his brain can come up with the answer

his body has already begun its actions

leaning towards what he believes is right

and under this guise, Cheng Zheng

began his pursuit

in the hallways of when the two were sophomores.

Not long afterwards,

Su Yun Jin’s father dies.

As of now, she only wants to get a good grade

to make it up to her father.

Facing Cheng Zheng’s confession of love,

she says that she will consider it after the Gao Kao (Chinese SAT)

and Cheng Zheng doesn’t bother her anymore.


The crucial period

of the Gao Kao has ended

and he has always been waiting for the female lead’s answer.

Cheng Zheng hopes

that Su Yun Jin will go to Beijing with him.

In the darkness of the night,

the girl kisses the boy.

And this kiss

is a new beginning for the boy,

but for the girl

this is the end.

Cheng Zheng

Good bye.


After the college results,

Cheng Zheng gets into Jin Hua without much effort

but Su Yun Jin chose

a small college in the south, 18000 km away from Beijing.


brings a new beginning away from the silliness in high school.

Yun Jin slowly begins to be more aware of herself,

and while volunteering,

she is confronted by an exceptional senior classmate

who begins to talk with her,

and this person is

Shen Ju An.

After a short time, May 1st comes

and Yun Jin prepares to go with Shen Ju An

on a fun trip out of town.

But Cheng Zheng,

suddenly appears.

The three people can only go together to go to the temple.


they all make their individual wishes

on the Temple Book.

When Shen Ju An goes to buy water,

Cheng Zheng suddenly hugs Yun Jin and says

‘I used to try to forget you

but I really can’t do it.’

However, Yun Jin’s conflict

causes Cheng Zheng to kiss her aggressively.

The boy only wants the girl to know his pain

but the girl

only feels the boy’s clingyness.

After they walk out of the temple,

Cheng Zheng treats the two people to a meal.

And the angry Cheng Zheng

makes Su Yun Jin drunk

and asks Shen Ju An

if he only found his new job from knowing Zhang Yue

Early morning the next day,

Su Yun Jin, who wakes up in the dormitory

quickly receives Shen Ju An’s

news that he wants to breakup.

The mad Yun Jin

goes to Cheng Zheng’s house

but is only pressed down on the couch by Cheng Zheng

and the passionate Cheng Zheng

who ate Yun Jin’s tofu

tells her that the real reason why Shen Ju An asked for a breakup

was because the drunk Yun Jin

kept yelling one name

Cheng Zheng.

And it is like this

that the disappeared love

collide with Yun Jin’s brightness in sophomore year.

It’s the break now

and her mom brings up remarriage

and Yun Jin has also told the truth to Cheng Zheng.

She confesses that she likes Cheng Zheng

but she loves herself more.

She’s afraid that after she pays everything,

she will lose everything.

So she is afraid to be with Cheng Zheng.

Yun Jin’s words pain Cheng Zheng tremendously.

Thus, in the later year,

the two people don’t meet again.


The light passes

and in the blink of an eye it’s springtime of senior year.

And a disease

spreads throughout the country.

Yun Jin’s neighborhood

is set to be the region hit more heavily,

and is quarantined.

The students can only use their phone

to contact the outside world.

She sees her dormmates receiving calls continuously

and Yun Jin only then realizes how pitiful she is.

No one cares about her.

And she doesn’t know who she cares about.

Like she is standing on a lone island

and forgotten by everyone.

So the only thing she can do

is wait forever.

And at the moment when Yun Jin is about to give up all hope

a phone call comes.

She thought it was her mother

but heard a voice she even dreams of in her sleep

Cheng Zheng.

On this lonely island,

Su Yun Jin finally waits long enough

for her floating salvation

for her lifesaver.

The second day when Cheng Zheng appears before her eyes,

Yun Jin feels very touched

that in the national epidemic

someone comes so far for her

and only asks her one sentence of

‘Yesterday, why did you cry?’


he hasn’t come over for too long

before Yun Jin finds

Cheng Zheng has a fever.

In this moment,

she finally understands

how scary it will be to lose him.

Their fights before

and the distance between them (in both status and distance) doesn’t matter anymore.

The hospital says that Cheng Zheng doesn’t have anything major

and after this life and death trial,

the two are finally sure of their love relationship.

And what happens later happens like it should.

The following night

under Cheng Zheng’s red face,

the two people part with their 20 years of virginity,

and give their complete selves to the other person.


Graduation quickly comes,

to live in the same city, Cheng Zheng

lets go of a great job opportunity

and stays in Yun Jin’s current city.

The two people begin

a dreamlike beautiful life,

but the happy moments are always short.


a trial comes near.

In a phone call, Yun Jin finds out that

her mom has a disease.

For her treatment,

her husband who works at Cheng Zheng’s company

used some public funds

and owes a huge amount.

The burdened Yun Jin

can only borrow money.

She can only go

request some money from her ex-boyfriend, Shen Ju An.

Right when they are living peacefully,

after Cheng Zheng finds out,

he is hurt and goes to vent his anger.

He finds Shen Ju An and creates a huge commotion

about the borrowed money.

But the moment he faces that person,

all his emotions come tumbling out.

With these new developments,

Yun Jin gains more responsibility from her superior,

and work is busier than ever.

She always is on overtime

and even gets drunk.

This makes Cheng Zheng very unsatisfied.

In his imagination,

he has always hoped that Yun Jin can let this go,

and accompany him forever.

But Yun Jin has also been scarred.

She keeps on working hard,

and acts as an independent woman.

Only in this way,

will she be able to be the same with Cheng Zheng

and be worthy of his love.

The price,

brings the two people to more conflict

like a volcano that may explode at any moment.


Finally one day,

facing Yun Jin’s return,

full of alcohol,

Cheng Zheng fights hugely with her.

And the two people are brought to a passive aggressive stand.

Until another school reunion comes along,

and the utterly drunk Cheng Zheng hugs Meng Xue by his side.

He wants to use the worst method to make Yun Jin jealous,

but Yun Jin only moves aside peacefully.

This move,

even Meng Xue thinks it is very dopish.

The person he loves so bitterly,

is actually someone he isn’t sure if she loves him back.

Meng Xue’s deep words

sink into Cheng Zheng.

When he gets home,

the first thing he says to Yun Jin

is something that hurts one’s heart.

“You don’t love me.”

Finally, under these circumstances,

the two people who have already been through the thick of it all

choose to breakup.

Su Yun Jin and Cheng Zheng

still lose each other in the end.

It turns out that people who knew each other’s bodies,

and were so intimate to the point of becoming one person,

can also be divided.


It’s already passed four years,

and times are dull.

Through Su Yun Jin’s effort,

she becomes the company’s

deputy chief.

And Cheng Zheng is also doing well.

after his last pursuit,

he has always maintained his single status

and his life is very smooth.

Until he receives an invitation to the wedding of Meng Xue.

At the wedding,

she meets Cheng Zheng

and his pregnant girlfriend, ZHENG XIAO PENG

She used to think the two of them would never meet again,

but in the days later,

Cheng Zheng always appears in her life.

He moved into her upstairs to live.

And often comes downstairs, asking Yun Jin to make noodles for him

Yun Jin used to think that time would wear away everything.

But when Cheng Zheng reappears,

she realizes that their old memories

still exist.

But as of now,

the two are separate.

The guy in front of her is already going to be a dad to another child.


when Cheng Zheng comes downstairs again,

Su Yun Jin refuses

and the two fight again,

and the childish tempered Cheng Zheng

says that he cannot let go of her after so many years.

But Yun Jin tells him a painful truth.

That year, when Su Yun Jin left Cheng Zheng,

she was already pregnant.

She decided to have the child,

but a mishap occurred,

and another mishap occurred during the surgery.

She didn’t just lose her last connection with Cheng Zheng,

but she might not be able to have another child again.

After Cheng Zheng knows the truth,

he disappears for a year.

At that time,

when they meet again,

he also finally

tells her that Xiao Peng was only someone he found to be his fake girlfriend.

Now, he is truly asking if Yun Jin can be together with him again

but Yun Jin closes her heart.

How does she dare to

go through this emotional love relationship again?


The days pass quickly,

it’s now October 19th,

the day of the Goddess of Mercy.

Yun Jin returns to the temple she went to before,

and here,

she finds the book that Cheng Zheng wrote his request in

and finally sees

Cheng Zheng’s request that year was only three words,


and it is these three words,

that open Yun Jin’s closed heart.

After Yun Jin’s mom’s death,

the story reaches its pinnacle.

When she is sending off another relative,

Cheng Zheng keeps staying by her side,

making Yun Jin feel,

that the two of them were already together in the beginning.

She decides

she will hold Cheng Zheng’s hand

and never let go.

During our younger times,

we lost each other.

But as of now,

he is always there.

But it’s still good,

that through many twists and turns,

it turns out that you are still here.




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